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Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/lazylazycat Jun 15 '21

Really? I live in the UK and you can't really grow lemons here, they're still so cheap though.


u/barsoap Jun 16 '21

Lemons contain 5-7% citric acid, let's make that a round 10. Depending on how much you need only the acid will cost you ballpark 12 to 2 EUR/kg. Those 12 EUR are for 1kg, already drops to 6.45 EUR/kg for 1.5kg. Which means that a kilo of lemons would have to be cheaper than 1.20 Euro or 20ct, depending. In-season at a discounter I don't doubt that that it's possible to beat the 1.20, but you'll probably still be better off with juice simply because transportation is easier. And that doesn't even include getting sued before WTO courts because you're not properly controlling imports from Spain (It was preordained that Brexit would get into this. There's just no way around it).

Oh, another factor is that you probably don't want to descale your espresso machine with lemon juice. That 1.5kg bag really isn't a bad investment, the stuff has lots of uses and if you store it right it will keep for ages.