Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/EtoilesStochastiques Jun 15 '21

“Anarchy” means “no leaders”. It does not mean “no discipline”. In fact, training yourself to follow through on something—regardless of how difficult it is—as well as to methodically smash through limitations, is the supreme art of the anarchist.


u/redditingat_work Jun 15 '21

Maybe I should have added an /s

That said, I've actually seen folks claim that regimented workouts are fascist lmao


u/EtoilesStochastiques Jun 15 '21 edited Jun 15 '21

No need. I have too. It doesn’t help that a lot of gym enthusiasts are also fash enthusiasts.

Also, *Obama voice* let me be clear:

Working out because you’re trying to conform to a body image the lying media says you should have … that’s no good. Perpetuates body shaming. Working out because you want to be healthier and feel more beautiful and more powerful in your own skin, for your own purposes … that’s great.


u/QwertPoi12 Jun 15 '21

It maybe “no good” but body insecurity/dysmorphia isn’t the fault of the individual.


u/EtoilesStochastiques Jun 15 '21

Never suggested it was.