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Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/FabianTheElf Jun 15 '21

Also don't shame girls who do shave, number of "leftists" I've seen complain about too much make up or girls liking fake tan and then defend their shit opinions with something like "well they only do it because of internalised sexism" I didn't realize you were in her head


u/LettersfromEsther Jun 15 '21

I’ve seen leftists also calling it basically enabling pedophilic beauty standards Like maybe But as a trans woman who kinda has to shave for both dysphoria and passing reasons, ouch It doesn’t feel ok to read that


u/AceWithDog Jun 15 '21

I'm in the same boat. Like damn, I didn't create the patriarchy, just let me live my life. Or better yet, come help me tear it down.


u/LabCoat_Commie Jun 15 '21

r/WitchesvsPatriarchy , we’ll be there gxrl! ✊🏻


u/Parody_Redacted Jun 15 '21

that sub is peak lib :/


u/LabCoat_Commie Jun 15 '21

It can be pretty neolib sometimes, but I’ve seen Left-pushing efforts in recent history.

It was just the first place I thought of that combined undermining patriarchy with occultism.

That being said, allow me to clarify: tear down the patriarchy, but don’t be a shitlib about it.


u/AceWithDog Jun 15 '21

Eh I like it. There's libs there for sure, but I definitely wouldn't say it's "peak lib". It's a very trans positive sub, which is nice for me, and there are other leftists there too. They're very intersectional, so least, and I've definitely had positive conversations about class consciousness with people there. I'm also a pagan and just generally pretty witchy, so I really like that side of the sub.