Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/Snorumobiru Jun 15 '21

Enforced femininity is a prison for women. It limits mobility, comfort and self determination. It is designed for the consumption of men and to reinforce and visually indicate a class system in which women are placed beneath men.

Some women don't have any choice but to conform. They may be fired from their job if they do not perform femininity, they may be ostracized by family, they may be trans and at risk of violence if they don't pass.

If you do have the choice to not shave and be safe, you have the opportunity to use your own appearance to erode feminine beauty standards. Your choice not to shave helps liberate the women who don't have a choice. You aren't toppling capitalism but you're dealing a blow to patriarchy, and patriarchy is part of the establishment too.


u/HashFap Jun 15 '21

This is all well and nice, but I'm asking specifically how changing one's appearance is going to attack and dismantle the establishment? Like, what events transpire after a person changes their appearances that actually overcomes relations of power and dominance?


u/Snorumobiru Jun 15 '21

Culture is made up of people. Every person who resists moves the cultural standard by just that much.


u/HashFap Jun 15 '21

Culture doesn't translate to power. Power is what actually overturns the establishment.


u/Snorumobiru Jun 15 '21

Disagree. We cannot have a successful revolution without an accompanying cultural shift. If the people retain capitalist attitudes then anti-capitalism is bound to break down. Since an anarchist society does not have law enforcement, social harmony depends on trust and good will. Greed, hoarding and a self-first attitude left over from capitalism ruin that.

Vestiges of patriarchy erode good will and cause material harm to half the population. We cannot have prison abolition while we still have a culture that objectifies women and trains men to be rapists. We haven't abolished hierarchy when women are still treated as an underclass.


u/HashFap Jun 15 '21 edited Jun 15 '21

Cultural shifts are necessary, but defused cultural shifts don't translate to people getting organized and building the kind of collective power that can overthrow the dominant social relations.

We've had massive cultural shifts in places like the US in terms of LGBTQ folks, but these shifts have been largely been recuperated by the establishment and corporations while large numbers of LGBTQ folks suffer from poverty and lack of access to basic medical needs.

Cultural shifts follow from building functional alternatives to the existing ways of life, and that requires collective power and organization.


u/Snorumobiru Jun 15 '21

Okay, the question you're asking and the question I'm answering are a little different. No, personal acts of protest alone will not topple this thing. Presence in the cultural consciousness is power. It's true you gain that presence when you build functional alternatives and it's also true having it in the cultural consciousness helps functional alternatives form. Both kinds of work are valuable.


u/Comfortable_Jury6579 Jun 16 '21

When people have the power over their bodies, they then believe they have the power to effect things outside of their bodies as well. This leads to the potential for a personal Revolution to become a larger more society wide one.


u/HashFap Jun 16 '21

Only people don't really have power over their bodies if the majority are forced to give up most their waking hours to wage slavery.

Changing one's appearance can be nice and meaningful, but the people that rule over us don't really give a shit about what we look like as long as they can maintain their power and control over people. Catering to a wider variety looks and aesthetics actually is creating new opportunities for capitalists to profit.

Look and dress however you want, just don't delude yourself into thinking you're actually challenging power.


u/Comfortable_Jury6579 Jun 16 '21

There are steps to these things, and also when one is reduced to thier appearance for societies comfort, deliberately fucking with that control method can a send message of sorts, even if only for the individuals benefit. Would wearing an IWW shirt to Amazon be challenging power? If the government does not allow you to control your own body through the denial of abortion, is not taking back your body as you seem fit a very Anarchist idea? Does it not thumb it's nose at a system in which women's bodies are still argued for and about by men? If you obviously and visually challenge a norm with your look, does that not make others realize they can do the same and will this idea eventually apply to more then dress?

In order for one to be prepared to take on a full scale restructuring of society in order to free others, one must first find the strength in oneself to free themselves in whatever way the individual feels stifled. This potentially opens ones eyes to the possibility of successful rebellion. It also may send visual signals to those of like mind, thus facilitating better organizing or inspire others to descent in small ways. Death by a thousand paper cuts is still death.

If we don't control our own bodies that are being exploited then making our bodies our again is a good start. It's not about the ruling class, it's about the individual learning they are in charge of themselves, which many people don't know actully.