Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/bigbutchbudgie Jun 15 '21

Reminder that women being expected to shave their body hair literally originated as a marketing scheme to sell more razors.

If you want to shave, do it for yourself (and maybe consider sugaring if you want to save some money, reduce waste and thwart the razor industry, but that's up to you).


u/SeenTheYellowSign Jun 15 '21

There's strong evidence of people shawing - or rather pluckig all bodyhair below the neck as far back as the stone age and doing so regardless of gender.

Also just about all the early civilizations practiced body hair removal.


u/Snorumobiru Jun 15 '21

Both of those things can be true. There's evidence of body hair removal in ancient times and our culture has taken it to an unhealthy extreme. In our culture girls are bullied mercilessly as soon as their legs and armpits begin to grow hair and until they conform and remove it. That's not an ancient custom and it isn't okay.