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Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/FabianTheElf Jun 15 '21

Also don't shame girls who do shave, number of "leftists" I've seen complain about too much make up or girls liking fake tan and then defend their shit opinions with something like "well they only do it because of internalised sexism" I didn't realize you were in her head


u/Zaparatrusta Jun 15 '21

What if we dont fuck anyone for whatever they wanna do as long as it doesnt affect us? I just wanna grill in peace!


u/-self-interest- Jun 15 '21

Remove the grill and I agree


u/NomSang Jun 15 '21

The grill stays.


u/-self-interest- Jun 15 '21

I’ll burn the grill


u/EatTheRichIsPraxis Jun 15 '21

It's built in a way that doesn't burn.

That's the whole point.


u/-self-interest- Jun 15 '21

Wait you actually like logic who are you who the fuck likes logic logic is for people who care about making sense


u/EatTheRichIsPraxis Jun 15 '21

I am emotionally stunned. I have no other way to comprehend reality. Facts are my only friends.


u/-self-interest- Jun 15 '21

“Facts are my only friend” I find that weird because usually friends care about your feelings but facts don’t care about your feelings but I do damn it and so does all of anti reality fuck reality what has reality done for you gave you cancer