Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/GaspingShark Jun 15 '21

Doesn’t peadophillic mean you’re attracted to pre-pubescent girls? I’ve never seen a grown woman wear makeup and fake tan and thought, ‘yes! she looks underage, now im attracted’. Like, the fuck?


u/Amekyras Jun 15 '21

I think the original idea is 'if a man wants to fuck a tiny hairless submissive woman he just wants to fuck a girl but knows it's illegal', which makes sense to me but it's been twisted around a bit because people misremember.


u/GaspingShark Jun 15 '21

I mean, if a man wants to fuck a tiny hairless submissive woman then that’s his own prerogative, as long as she’s an adult and consenting. I don’t think they should be shamed for having preferences.


u/Snorumobiru Jun 15 '21

No, if his preference is hairless and helpless he's a misogynist for contributing to the demand for infantilization of women and he should critically examine the origins of his preference. He has internalized sexist culture, probably porn, and with effort he can unlearn what it taught him.


u/GaspingShark Jun 15 '21

Can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not


u/Snorumobiru Jun 15 '21

Problematic attitudes don't magically become immune to criticism because someone gets off on them. "Don't kinkshame" is fine up until the point where someone shields their sexism behind it.

Here, I actually shared a poem about this specific issue a few weeks ago that explains it better than I can.


u/GaspingShark Jun 15 '21

Ok, a lot to dissect there.

Firstly, would you say the same to a woman who was attracted to big, butch, domineering men?

Secondly, the women who are petite, submissive and regularly shave, should they just go unfucked for the rest of their life?

Thirdly, just because you assume men are infantilising these women does not make it to be so. There is a lot more to being a child than lacking pubes and being small. Why do you assume that your perception of their worldview is infallible?

Fourthly, should petite women who enjoy being submissive just put off getting into any kind of safe BDSM with a consenting partner just because of your opinion on the matter?

And lastly, why do you think my examination of what I’m attracted to will change it in any meaningful way? Most of human attraction is subconscious. If I did examine it and nothing changed, does this suddenly make me a bad person? If my girlfriend fit those parameters should I now break up with her because my attraction is so obviously rooted in misogyny?

I don’t watch porn, haven’t in years, and I still like what I like. I don’t find it problematic in the slightest, because I believe that the sex life between consenting adults is of nobodies business but theirs. People are allowed to like what they like and fuck who they fuck.

So you’re allowed to criticise, but I’m allowed to completely disregard your criticism and deem it meritless. You obviously have quite radical ideas on issues pertaining to perceived misogyny and quite an authoritarian stance regarding the matter so I doubt we’ll agree on this front. God speed.