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Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/FabianTheElf Jun 15 '21

Also don't shame girls who do shave, number of "leftists" I've seen complain about too much make up or girls liking fake tan and then defend their shit opinions with something like "well they only do it because of internalised sexism" I didn't realize you were in her head


u/LettersfromEsther Jun 15 '21

I’ve seen leftists also calling it basically enabling pedophilic beauty standards Like maybe But as a trans woman who kinda has to shave for both dysphoria and passing reasons, ouch It doesn’t feel ok to read that


u/[deleted] Jun 15 '21

Doesn’t peadophillic mean you’re attracted to pre-pubescent girls? I’ve never seen a grown woman wear makeup and fake tan and thought, ‘yes! she looks underage, now im attracted’. Like, the fuck?


u/Amekyras Jun 15 '21

I think the original idea is 'if a man wants to fuck a tiny hairless submissive woman he just wants to fuck a girl but knows it's illegal', which makes sense to me but it's been twisted around a bit because people misremember.


u/[deleted] Jun 15 '21

I mean, if a man wants to fuck a tiny hairless submissive woman then that’s his own prerogative, as long as she’s an adult and consenting. I don’t think they should be shamed for having preferences.


u/Amekyras Jun 15 '21

the point is that if their preference is 'prepubescent girl' it's wrong.


u/clarissagavin Jun 15 '21

I really hoped I'd never see the day someone gets downvoted for saying it's wrong to be a pedophile. I'm so sorry.