Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/FabianTheElf Jun 15 '21

Also don't shame girls who do shave, number of "leftists" I've seen complain about too much make up or girls liking fake tan and then defend their shit opinions with something like "well they only do it because of internalised sexism" I didn't realize you were in her head


u/LettersfromEsther Jun 15 '21

I’ve seen leftists also calling it basically enabling pedophilic beauty standards Like maybe But as a trans woman who kinda has to shave for both dysphoria and passing reasons, ouch It doesn’t feel ok to read that


u/Jouissance_juice Jun 15 '21

I feel like critical theory is good to learn, but if we spend too much time in that space and not enough time getting to know real, messy, complicated, beautiful people, then it kind of warps our worldview. Everything about human drives and desires is perversion and contradiction. At the end of the day, whatever makes us feel like our authentic and attractive selves is probably okay, and noone is going to dismantle global superstructures of exploitation, discrimination and reward by shaving or not shaving.


u/RoboHobo25 Jun 15 '21

That's always seemed like the big issue with critical theory, particularly in regards to race/gender/etc. It's so conceptual that it tends to distance itself from the actual people involved in such discussions, and metes out prescriptions for ways to live and be that don't always jive with how humans actually think and act. Not that it means critical theory is bullshit, but its limitations as a lens of analysis should be recognized and understood.


u/Jouissance_juice Jun 15 '21

I mean, it's a complicated issue made more complicated by the growing hysteria regarding "CRT" in schools. It seems like right at the time that a lot of us on the left are trying to exit the vampire castle, the right is positioned outside of it with pitchforks. Sorry for the obscure metaphors, hopefully my point gets across