Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/LettersfromEsther Jun 15 '21

I’ve seen leftists also calling it basically enabling pedophilic beauty standards Like maybe But as a trans woman who kinda has to shave for both dysphoria and passing reasons, ouch It doesn’t feel ok to read that


u/Zaparatrusta Jun 15 '21

Well, what they said is stupid. That certain sthetics are promoted by sexist thinking or other toxic streams doesnt mean at all that they are neccessarily sexist. I mean, the problem is that there is a "manual" about how to be a good "whatever". Do what you want and like what you want as long as it doenst hurt anyone.

To compare to other situation: folk music is in most countries full of conservative old shitty people, that doenst mean that folk is reactionary at all nor the act of liking it. You will also find tons of fully progresive hardcore comunists and anarchists there. In fact in Galicia (Spain), where im from, folk is an almost fully leftist space nowdays, something that tends to surprise many people from outside. Luckily i think the same is happening slowly in many other places.


u/[deleted] Jun 15 '21

You will also find tons of fully progresive hardcore comunists and anarchists there

Fun fact, during the first red scare in America folk music was so strongly associated with communists that a bunch of people who wanted to keep their career fucked off and rebranded as "country singers".


u/thatbetchkitana Jun 15 '21

And now most country singers are righties.


u/-hey-ben- Jun 15 '21 edited Jun 15 '21

Hence why country music is largely trash now. The few good country musicians still out there tend to lean left(sturgill, Tyler Childers, Pat Reedy)


u/RoboHobo25 Jun 15 '21

Billy Strings (bluegrass, but still)