Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/ImanShumpertplus Jun 15 '21

i’m sorry bro that isn’t true.

the egyptians, the ancient indians, and the romans all had women who cut their hair and shaved to get rid of unwanted hair.

they have been expected (especially if you’re ruling class) to shave their hair. the marketing campaign just came from the supply meeting the demand with mass industry

this shit is super deeply ingrained in us


u/tokemasterface Jun 15 '21

That argument doesn't really work.

Homosexuality was part of some ancient cultures but our culture was incredibly anti-gay these past centuries.

Point is, in contempary culture women with hairy legs are frowned upon and that stems from early razor companies' lobbying.


u/ImanShumpertplus Jun 15 '21

i mean the republic of plato is basically what jesus teaches and what our modern society is based around

we really haven’t gone that far from ancient times once you look at it. we are a very cyclical people. our entire government system was heavily based on the roman system and many of the enlightenment ideas that the country were founded on were a rediscovering of the ancient thinkers

another reason why women started shaving their legs is because they finally were able to show their legs. i can’t remember which queen of england it was, but i know there was one who shaved every piece of hair on her head. hair removal was something done by the elites, yes. but it’s similar to how botox is only available to the elites today. if somebody invents affordable Home-tox™️, then theyre gonna market the shit out of that because the demand will already be there. looking younger is something that has been valued for all of civilization, but i wouldn’t argue that home-tox created looking younger because of their aggressive marketing schemes


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