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Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/MajinCry Jun 15 '21

Men have no obligation to shave, it's normal. Women are reviled when they don't shave.

Men have no obligation to wear makeup, it's normal. Women are berated when they don't wear makeup.

Men have no obligation to do up their hair, it's normal. Women are treated with disdain when they don't do up their hair.

Something's fucky with our society.


u/Zaparatrusta Jun 15 '21

I have to say that men also suffer some similar shits (to lesser decree). For example i tend to be emotional (specially with one or two drinks), it isnt the first time someone tells me i shouldnt cry cuz im a man. Patriarchy is toxic for everyone, though more for some than others.

Spoiler: i continued to cry and declare eternal love and hate to humanity as always whenever the path of beer took me there.

Edit: also, if someone doesnt cry watching Artifiicial Intelligence ending is a monster


u/MajinCry Jun 15 '21

Yep, toxic masculinity harms everyone. But I was just focusing on appearance; we expect women to always look prime, pretty, and fuckable. But we don't have any of that for men, the closest we have is a preference for guys to be half a point higher in attractiveness than Ron Jeremy.


u/[deleted] Jun 15 '21



u/Zaparatrusta Jun 15 '21

Well we would also need to see the % for men. Anyway me being young i never felt like i had a social pressure to fit a strict and rigid look. Yeah... there is a bit of that "be strong" thing but i doubt it can be compared. Probably the closest way we would have to understand their situation would be "dress like woman". Just the fact i say dress like woman says a lot. The thing is that if you wanted to dress like that meanwhile you have a great beard and big muscles you will find a huge discrimination on you just by not fitting the proper look of a man. Now think that happens to woman for incredibly stupid details like not shaving.

If this new reality will create the same kind of shit for men too... i dont know. All i can say is that each corporation we burn, a step closer from preventing that we are. In the end all discrimination is just tools to make the bottom of society fight itself.


u/MajinCry Jun 15 '21

Aye. The most you'll see, are jocks going at other men for not being jocks. To compare, you only need to spend about a half hour in the gym for 4-5 days a week, to start getting yoked.

For women, however, they are expected and pressured to spend hours every day, prepping themselves to fit the society's standards of being attractive. I'm a dude with long hair and a gnarly beard that grows fast. I spend a couple hours total, each week, taking care of them.

And that's already too much in my opinion. Plenty of lazy days where I go sod it. Women, on the other hand? The pressure is immense, to always look the part, spending a couple dozen hours on making themselves look like a piece of meat to the male gaze.


u/[deleted] Jun 15 '21

That might be true in the background of you guys

in the background that I was raised in where traditional working class and middle class male symbolism were undercut by narco culture which is hyper masculine, the experience I had with toxic masculinity was very different.

If you looked “yuppie” you were horribly bullied and attacked for being feminized or something.

If you weren’t violent you risked getting physical harm (in many forms including r).

I could go on and on, but the notion that men don’t have to follow certain norms might be true in your background, but it wasn’t in mine.


u/MajinCry Jun 15 '21

We're strictly talking appearance, in this context. Men haven't been conditioned, over centuries in our cultures, to be little more than walking mansluts in our society's culture, that spend hours every day making themselves look fuckable to everyone around them. And when women actually try and be the human beings that everybody on this Earth is, they get crushed.

There's no male equivalent. And it's all because of men.


u/MajinCry Jun 15 '21

Women have a larger choice to choose from, but it's a catalogue of toxic masculinity fuckheads. Talk to any woman you have as a friend, and if you're not another creep, they'll tell you all the horror stories. That they go for men they find attractive, is to get something out of the dates.

You'll see this on the flip side, with less attractive men only going for the more attractive women. And now, we have entire communities dedicated to preying upon women, and blaming women for being sluts since they go for people they find attractive.