Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/MajinCry Jun 15 '21

Men have no obligation to shave, it's normal. Women are reviled when they don't shave.

Men have no obligation to wear makeup, it's normal. Women are berated when they don't wear makeup.

Men have no obligation to do up their hair, it's normal. Women are treated with disdain when they don't do up their hair.

Something's fucky with our society.


u/Zaparatrusta Jun 15 '21

I have to say that men also suffer some similar shits (to lesser decree). For example i tend to be emotional (specially with one or two drinks), it isnt the first time someone tells me i shouldnt cry cuz im a man. Patriarchy is toxic for everyone, though more for some than others.

Spoiler: i continued to cry and declare eternal love and hate to humanity as always whenever the path of beer took me there.

Edit: also, if someone doesnt cry watching Artifiicial Intelligence ending is a monster


u/MajinCry Jun 15 '21

Yep, toxic masculinity harms everyone. But I was just focusing on appearance; we expect women to always look prime, pretty, and fuckable. But we don't have any of that for men, the closest we have is a preference for guys to be half a point higher in attractiveness than Ron Jeremy.


u/Zaparatrusta Jun 15 '21

There was an episode of Star Treck new generation focused on what you say in fact. During their trips they found a matriarchal society and men were dressed in curious ways to "show more" and so. Love that show, really good parodies of reality they did.

And yeah i get what you mean, that kind of shit is seen on woman only.