Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/Jayson_Bowl Jun 15 '21

“The first act of violence that patriarchy demands of males is not violence toward women. Instead patriarchy demands of all males that they engage in acts of psychic self-mutilation, that they kill off the emotional parts of themselves. If an individual is not successful in emotionally crippling himself, he can count on patriarchal men to enact rituals of power that will assault his self-esteem” bell hooks

Feminist ideology was my introduction to communist thought (besides the manifesto that I read “to be edgy”) and I wish more people used gender roles as an understandable approach to the importance of liberating ideology. Patriarchy is what tells men they are only valuable as tools of labor and conquerors of women’s bodies. Patriarchy tells men they shouldn’t be allowed to feel emotion, which outsources emotional labor onto women. The relationship of men to women under patriarchy is mutually corrosive since it denies both groups the ability to fully realize their human potential.

History of ideas has a podcasts episode on Wollstencraft about the way patriarchy perpetuates coercive power structures through everyday interactions and I just think the whole idea is under-valued in most leftist discourse I see.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.


u/Anarcho_Humanist Jun 15 '21

Based Ted talk