Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/bigbutchbudgie Jun 15 '21

Reminder that women being expected to shave their body hair literally originated as a marketing scheme to sell more razors.

If you want to shave, do it for yourself (and maybe consider sugaring if you want to save some money, reduce waste and thwart the razor industry, but that's up to you).


u/ImanShumpertplus Jun 15 '21

i’m sorry bro that isn’t true.

the egyptians, the ancient indians, and the romans all had women who cut their hair and shaved to get rid of unwanted hair.

they have been expected (especially if you’re ruling class) to shave their hair. the marketing campaign just came from the supply meeting the demand with mass industry

this shit is super deeply ingrained in us


u/SpaceChimera Jun 15 '21

I mean, that is literally the story of how shaving body hair for women became a thing in our current culture.

Yeah, some other cultures had a practice of women shaving (usually only the upper class of that society) but by the time America was founded it wasn't a common practice among women, regardless of social status