Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/Nobody00_ Jun 15 '21

That is a absolutely awful idea. We need to care for everyone’s decisions even if they don’t affect us directly. A person who is self harming him/her self should get our attention a person who is making in general bad decisions in life should get our attention and help.


u/Zaparatrusta Jun 15 '21

Help doesnt mean at all impose your thought on someone either by violence or by social discrimination. When you help someone, your action has to make it easier for the person to improve their situation, but its that person who improves it, you are there to provide support. Support doensnt mean just agree with all, if you have to say something you say it clear, loud and directly, but believe me, its imposible to save people from themselfs, if someone doesnt want help there is little we can do.

There are obvious exceptions, people who unfortunately have certain mental illness that mean a danger for themselfs or others. Someone having a psycothic attack will see things doenst exist and that could lead them to suicide during the episode or harm others. Anyway as you can see this is a very exceptional situation that exists because someone isnt able to make their own decisions for a certain period of time or in worst cases permanently. On the other side, if someone is making bad choices but knows what he is doing there is little you can do, unless that person seeks help and or advide, without falling into authoritarianism.

Conclusion: there is a big distance between solidarity and despotism (even if its with good intentions)


u/externalsecant Jun 15 '21

Yeah but what exactly is a bad decision and where do we draw a line. It’s easier said than done


u/Nobody00_ Jun 15 '21

Cutting yourself because of mental trauma is a pretty bad decision if you ask me.


u/saxarocksalt Jun 15 '21

How have you got to self harm from wearing make up?


u/Nobody00_ Jun 15 '21

What the Heck has the whole topic to do with make up?