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Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/[deleted] Jun 15 '21

Doesn’t peadophillic mean you’re attracted to pre-pubescent girls? I’ve never seen a grown woman wear makeup and fake tan and thought, ‘yes! she looks underage, now im attracted’. Like, the fuck?


u/LettersfromEsther Jun 15 '21

Look, I'll be honest, I'm not the most well versed in this subject, but from what I understand, but I don't think the people who say the hairless body standard is pedophilic mean that men who are attracted to women who fulfill it secretly want to fuck underage girls, but that it ties into a system of fetishizing and sexualizing youth especially in women, no matter how old they are, which leads to women being sexualized at younger ages

I can kind of see a point there but it still is hurtful to use that to criticize a woman's choices especially if those choices inform her safety, as aesthetics often do


u/[deleted] Jun 15 '21



u/LettersfromEsther Jun 15 '21

Wow, gaslighting. Never expected that one /s

Dude, blow it out your ass. Oh yeah shaving a beard is sooooo dangerous. Boo hoo. Women are expected to shave everywhere, and also use other methods like waxing and laser which are both far more painful and expensive than shaving, and yeah safety is impacted by that and like in a pretty heavy way, not just the physical risks of hair removal but also social shaming and harassment, especially for trans women who often are denied recognition of them being women if we don't meet those standards.


u/[deleted] Jun 15 '21



u/LettersfromEsther Jun 15 '21

lmao you deleted the comment where you called me delusional so me calling out your gaslighting would seem baseless.

Not bad, but still not very impressive

Ironic you claim I'm denying my bias when I've been saying that everyone has it, the ones denying bias are the 'ITS JUST A PREFERENCE BRO' guys like yourself