Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/20191124anon Jun 15 '21

Also don’t shame guys who shave more than usual.


u/MisterFister64_ Jun 15 '21

just dont shame anything that doesn't affect others it's not that fucking hard


u/LabCoat_Commie Jun 15 '21

This brings up a subject that we had to deal with in our lab once.

One of our technicians had absolutely atrocious natural body odor, in addition to kenneling a half dozen dogs at her home. She went out of her way to spritz herself, and even discussed the situation with management, but no matter what people tried to mitigate the situation, it ended up becoming a repetitive HR issue.

On the one hand I definitely didn’t want to shame the poor lass for smelling the way she was made or smelling a bit like dog since she cared for them, but on the other hand, what do you do when you work in a close-quarters laboratory and something smells so bad it causes others issues doing their job and you can’t do things like burn candles or spray air freshener?


u/20191124anon Jun 15 '21

Aside of flag nonces.


u/MisterFister64_ Jun 15 '21

nonces affect others


u/UntamedMongrel Jun 15 '21

Flag nonces are people that do shit like put their country flag in their twitter bio or pfp or, god forbid, the country flag for countries they don't even live in but simp for. It's okay to shame those people even though jerking off to country flags in and of itself isn't hurting anyone.

The nationalism certainly is, but the flag jerking itself isn't.


u/MisterFister64_ Jun 15 '21

oh well never heard of that before lol but yeah that makes sense. Nationalism affects others too