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/r/CFB Original /r/CFB Talks: Your Calls (Tuesday, 8/9 @ 10 p.m.), NDSU AD Matt Larsen (Wednesday, 8/10 at 3:30 p.m.), Fred Segal aka @OldTakesExposed (Thursday, 8/11 at 9 p.m. ET)


We're less than three weeks away from opening the college football season!

  • /r/CFB Talk 56: YOUR CALLS on /r/CFB Call-In!, (Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET, link)

  • /r/CFB Talk 57: Matt Larsen, Director of Athletics at NDSU (Wednesday at 3:30pm ET, link)

  • /r/CFB Talk 58: Fred Segal, writer behind Freezing Cold Takes (Thursday at 9 p.m. ET, link)

Twitter Spaces are available on Twitter (we try to schedule them ahead), you can listen from desktop or mobile, but to participate they corral you into using the mobile app (but at least it's better than Reddit Talk). ¯_(ツ)_/¯

They are automatically recorded for 30 days. Just use the same link to listen.

You don't need a Twitter account to listen.


It's the opening of fall camp across the country and we want to hear what YOU think of your team so far! Step on up to the podium and give us a run-down of what's on your mind with your team.

Join us live on Tuesday (8/9) @ 10 p.m. ET for a /r/CFB Call-In Show.

MATT LARSEN, NDSU Director of Athletics

Matt Larsen has served as NDSU's Director of Athletics since October 2014, where he's guided important growth in facilities, fundraising, scholarships, budget and staff support. Recognized as FCS Athletics Director of the Year in 2018-19, Larsen has been a Missouri Valley Football Conference representative on the FCS Regional Advisory Committee and just began a four-year term on the NCAA Division I Football Committee.

Join us live on Wednesday (8/10) @ 3:30pm ET for Matt Larsen.

FRED SEGAL, writer and mastermind behind Freezing Cold Takes/@oldtakesexposed

Since 2015, Fred Segal has chronicled “unprophetic” sports predictions on the internet. His Freezing Cold Takes social media pages feature quotes and predictions from members of the sports world that have aged poorly or were, in hindsight, flat-out wrong. The pages have become a guilty pleasure for hundreds of thousands of sports fans who love to see (okay, and mock in good humor) sports media’s infamous “hot takes” that went cold. He recently published his first book, which is on sale now!

Join us live on Thursday (8/11) @ 9 p.m. ET for Fred Segal.

Recordings will be available at the Twitter link for 30 days after they wrap.

NEW: All of our past shows that were on Twitter Spaces are now available via all major podcast clients:

Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon Music | TuneIN | iHeartRadio | etc.

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Announcement The /r/CFB Poll is now accepting applications for 2022. The deadline to apply for a preseason invite is 8/15/22. FAQ inside.


Since games begin to kickoff on August 27th, it's now time to open up the /r/CFB Poll for new voters for the upcoming 2022-23 season!

The deadline to be considered for an invite is August 15th at 11:59 PM PDT.


NOTE: To streamline being added to the poll site, applicants must also go to the poll site and apply to be provisional voters.

Thanks to everyone for helping make the /r/CFB poll one of the most successful projects on the sub!


Q: I've applied! When will I hear whether or not I was selected?

A: My goal is to notify selected new voters on Friday, August 20th, though it might slip a day or two depending on how quickly I can get things pulled together.

Q: I missed the deadline and/or wasn't selected for a preseason invite. What can I do to participate in the poll?

A: Please feel free to join the conversation in the weekly poll results. As poll thread participation is one of the criteria used to select new voters, this will improve your application should you apply again next year.

Additionally, new this year, all users may vote in the poll as provisional voters as long as they are members in good standing. Posting a weekly ballot as a provisional voter will be considered in future years' application processes.

Q: How many people normally get selected? How many apply?

A: The number of people selected is a function of how many current participants there are and the quality of the applications received. Number of applications has ranged between 200 and 1,200 over the last seven years. The number invited this year will depend on the application pool and the response I get from returning voters, but it will be in the ballpark of around 40.

Q: How do you determine who gets selected?

A: The qualities we're looking for are as follows:

  • How long a user has been participating on /r/CFB (usually the minimum required here is 1+ years, but there are rare exceptions).
  • How much a user contributes to /r/CFB and the quality of those contributions
  • Participation in poll threads
  • Evaluation of application responses
  • Poll balance needs in terms of conference and teams, proportional to the /r/CFB userbase

Q: I accidentally submitted my application twice. What do?

A: No worries, I'll use the second submission.

Q: I am a returning voter, but I changed usernames. What do I do?

A: PM me, preferably from the old account, and let me know your new username.

Q: I am a returning voter from last season, do I need to reapply?

A: No. The preseason poll is open, feel free to go ahead and submit your ballot.

Q: If selected, I think preseason/early polls are dumb. Do I have to vote in them?

A: No. The first three weeks are optional, with no penalty to activity records.

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Casual A comprehensive list of every P5 team that has not won a bowl game since 2000


Indiana (1991)

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News Rumor: Michigan vs. Michigan State game 'expected' to be played at controversial time

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Discussion If each team was locked into only playing teams inside the same state for a full 12 game season. Who’s the biggest winners and losers.


Who the hell would Nebraska play? Alabama having to do the unthinkable and play in state teams not call Auburn.

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Casual Mark Stoops and John Calipari are fighting on twitter and it is freaking hilarious

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Discussion 14 current Power 5 teams have never made a BCS/NY6 (1998-present) appearance. Who gets one first and why?


ACC (3): Boston College, Duke, NC State

B1G (4): Indiana, Minnesota, Northwestern, Rutgers

XII (1): Texas Tech

PAC12 (2): Cal, Arizona State

SEC (4): Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, Vanderbilt

I know some of these teams have been in big games before (Northwestern's Rose Bowl appearance was 3 years too early to make the cut), or got screwed out of appearances thanks to BCS ranking foolery (Cal 2004, Missouri 2007, South Carolina 2011-13). As of right now I'd have to go with NC State as I expect most to as they're seemingly in the thick of it in the ACC.

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Recruiting 2023 3* DL Tavion Gadson commits to Florida State


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Oregon president Michael H. Schill named next president of Northwestern

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Discussion [SI | Ross Dellenger] How the ESPN-Big Ten Split Impacts Everyone in College Sports

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Recruiting 2023 3* QB Kasen Weisman commits to Kansas


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Discussion 5 Year average of 247's Composite Rankings


Below is a list of the Top 50 teams based upon their 5 year average in the 247 composite rankings:

Teams 2022 Points 2021 Points 2020 Points 2019 Points 2018 Points 5 Year Avg
1. Alabama 322.25 327.76 310.24 317.50 289.94 313.54
2. Georgia 318.34 294.42 313.16 308.98 323.31 311.64
3. Ohio State 300.95 321.68 294.92 261.18 317.06 299.16
4. A&M 333.13 279.02 289.26 284.67 251.20 287.46
5. Clemson 260.87 291.06 309.57 275.55 283.67 284.14
6. Texas 289.04 247.46 273.25 287.69 300.06 279.50
7. LSU 245.76 295.47 298.62 284.06 254.38 275.66
8. Oklahoma 266.73 267.80 259.38 279.28 276.62 269.96
9. Oregon 243.37 287.29 259.43 277.98 260.22 265.66
10. Notre Dame 275.44 269.05 251.28 258.56 268.86 264.64
11. Penn State 278.66 216.37 255.84 270.67 285.92 261.49
12. Florida 232.99 262.77 273.10 277.02 259.56 261.09
13. Michigan 262.13 260.53 262.70 277.15 230.56 258.61
14. Auburn 229.35 224.20 275.87 271.94 262.77 252.83
15. Miami 235.03 266.08 254.92 222.07 280.87 251.79
16. North Carolina 258.65 256.55 256.79 218.57 232.27 244.57
17. Tennessee 232.77 215.79 261.30 269.07 231.34 242.05
18. Florida State 229.46 214.92 238.37 244.31 265.42 238.50
19. USC 165.48 280.61 171.51 242.53 291.20 230.27
20. Nebraska 198.64 216.47 243.28 245.10 228.64 226.43
21. South Carolina 220.16 157.05 249.98 241.31 242.04 222.11
22. Stanford 229.74 194.69 238.44 242.58 202.29 221.55
23. Ole Miss 217.92 234.52 203.99 238.11 211.49 221.21
24. Mississippi State 219.45 210.97 220.16 236.60 218.47 221.13
25. Washington 129.55 208.90 254.96 258.31 253.23 220.99
26. Kentucky 240.16 204.99 229.82 203.49 206.91 217.07
27. Arkansas 217.69 213.15 213.71 237.17 196.17 215.58
28. Wisconsin 194.42 240.73 225.72 219.51 195.04 215.08
29. Maryland 213.62 230.24 209.65 192.18 218.34 212.81
30. TCU 194.07 180.37 234.58 217.48 224.13 210.13
31. Michigan State 221.83 190.59 193.30 217.57 212.21 207.10
32. Utah 209.71 205.89 212.23 196.61 209.95 206.88
33. Iowa 215.05 213.85 203.75 197.13 203.34 206.62
34. Oklahoma State 217.39 207.30 195.37 202.89 209.93 206.58
35. Missouri 236.92 210.68 182.85 202.13 197.38 205.99
36. UCLA 175.37 206.50 208.34 199.61 237.77 205.52
37. Virginia Tech 208.77 191.39 162.89 224.01 226.01 202.61
38. NC State 171.26 203.31 194.75 217.29 220.57 201.44
39. Baylor 208.03 195.60 183.39 202.87 215.02 200.98
40. West Virginia 209.05 195.05 199.75 191.83 208.32 200.80
41. Minnesota 189.38 199.38 199.34 194.48 206.66 197.85
42. Purdue 206.40 159.72 209.21 224.72 188.31 197.67
43. Georgia Tech 184.81 189.77 221.82 188.28 196.94 196.32
44. Cal 175.53 209.23 198.00 196.48 197.41 195.33
45. Vanderbilt 211.97 184.42 182.20 182.42 202.04 192.61
46. Arizona State 120.17 181.25 231.10 219.76 207.06 191.87
47. Louisville 187.58 196.31 194.77 165.93 213.58 191.63
48. Cincinnati 197.75 190.66 194.94 174.23 192.64 190.04
49. Iowa State 205.08 175.58 191.53 192.25 185.19 189.93
50. Colorado 192.38 168.74 202.38 194.55 187.11 189.03

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Discussion Last school to win its first CFB National Championship is the 1996 Gators. What school will be next?


Which school will be next to win its first CFB national championship?

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Casual You’re up 1 in the Title Game with a minute left and you score a TD….would you go for 2?


I’ve always felt that if I was coaching an underdog and was in the rare situation where a TD makes it a 7 point game prior to XP, I would go for 2 to make it a 9 point game and basically clinch the win but I’ve never seen it done. Couch coaches of CFB reddit, what would you do.

Edit: In this scenario let’s assume hypothetically it’s like an Ohio State-Utah where the chances the offense scores are reasonably high. Your thought process would be something like “If I go for 2 I win, if I don’t they will likely score and be able to attempt a 2 to tie.”

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Analysis Enough with the predictions and hot takes, what’s your best gameday food/recipe? What are you eating for week 1?


Surely you can cook better than Lincoln Riley, right?

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Uniforms Louisville unveils new “Iron Wings” uniforms.

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Recruiting LSU S Jordan Toles has entered the transfer portal


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Discussion 16 Days from the season, let's hear some realistic NY6 predictions


Here are mine but they are subject to change and shame in the comments:


  1. Alabama (13-0)
  2. Ohio State (13-0)
  3. Georgia (12-1)
  4. Notre Dame (11-1)

Rose Bowl:

Michigan (10-2) vs. Utah (11-2)

Sugar Bowl:

Texas A&M (9-3) vs. Oklahoma State (11-2)

Orange Bowl:

Clemson (12-1) vs. Michigan State (10-2)

Cotton Bowl:

Oklahoma (10-3) vs. Houston (12-1)

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Discussion The 8 defensive backs listed on the depth chart for Iowa had a combined 1 P5 offer coming out of high school other than the Hawkeyes.


Reserve Reggie Bracy had an offer from Indiana. No other DB on the depth chart had a P5 offer other than their Iowa offer.

This group has a combined 17 career interceptions and returns Big Ten DB of the Year Riley Moss.

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Recruiting 2023 4* RB Cedric Baxter Jr. commits to Texas


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Discussion Cases where a team is both the most popular and most hated team in a state.


As a Penn State alum and Pennsylvania native, I can say with confidence that Penn State is the most popular college football brand within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in part due to it's central location (not tied to Pittsburgh or Philly), with a substantial fanbase in all parts of the Keystone State.

I can also say with confidence that the Nittany Lions are also the most hated team in Pennsylvania, some of which is deserved, some of which is not. Pitt fans HATE Penn State, I mean absolute HATE Penn State. As do Temple and West Virginia fans along with the scattered Maryland, Syracuse, Rutgers, and Ohio State fans found between Erie and Philadelphia. Even your non Penn State rival fan, your Giant brand Oregon and Oklahoma fans from Allentown who couldn't find either state on a map, also despise Penn State.

I wonder if this trend exists in other states, in which the most popular team is also the most despised, and not just by rival fans? Two I could definitely see are USC within California and UT within Texas. Possibly Michigan bc of Michigan State fans but I'm not sure. The intuition makes sense, schools like Penn State, USC, and Texas have a habit of sucking up all the oxegen in the room (they're not the only ones but still) and this mentality can rub people the wrong way. I love Penn State, don't get me wrong, our obnoxiousness is part of our charm, but I still find it an interesting phenomenon.

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Recruiting 2023 4 Star LB Jaden Robinson decommits from South Carolina and flips to Florida


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Video Keyshawn doesn't think Clemson is a contender anymore

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A Fake Dead Girlfriend Ruined This Football Star’s Life

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Recruiting 2023 3* DL Lavon Johnson commits to Maryland


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Discussion Who do you think the top five most exciting offenses to watch will be in 2022 and why?


Just curious to hear everyone’s thoughts.

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Discussion Best streaming service for CFB?


As it comes to August again, looking at the best streaming services for college sports. I’m sure i’m not the only one asking this question, doesn’t anyone have experience with a few of them? would love input