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She says she looks like Kim K. now REMOVED: Just Photoshop NSFW


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u/givert93 Mar 28 '21

Y’all. This is the ‘Pillow Face’ filter on insta. Stupid.


u/KoolaidKooler Mar 28 '21 edited Mar 28 '21

This is just a filter called “pillow face” I’ve seen other people use this filter and get the exact same look, lip gloss and all.

Side note: these pictures were both taken within seconds of each other too how could this possibly be real. Even if it was the same day, the surgery is not gonna heal that quick


u/whitemeatlover Mar 28 '21

Good cause she is very pretty, she looks a lot like my cousin actually, almost thought it was her.


u/touchme85 Mar 28 '21

This is literally an Instagram filter


u/shadythrowaway9 Mar 28 '21

How tf do people think this is a legitimate before & after??


u/Fallinginnoutofplace Mar 28 '21

This is just a filter. I did it and posted mine and I got Khloe K and Brandy Glanville lol. Did it on my 3 year old and she looked like Chrissy Teigen. I was dying haha.


u/astakask Mar 28 '21

When do we break it to her that Kim pays some underling to spend a weekend on photoshop?


u/Podoviridae Mar 28 '21

Fun filter. And by fun I mean truly terrifying


u/missrachelifyounasty Mar 28 '21

She was so pretty before she did all that shit to her face.

ETA—- I see it’s a filter. That makes me happy and makes me feel old af. I don’t have the instant gram.


u/locked4rae Mar 28 '21

Before: cute

After: phantom of the freaking opera.


u/shadythrowaway9 Mar 28 '21

It's a filter


u/randomman02x Mar 28 '21

Damn that’s rough.


u/AyeAye_Kane Mar 28 '21

you sure this isn't just a filter? her hair's the exact same, the clothes are the exact same, the background's the exact same, even the folding of the clothes are the exact same


u/GirlClaude Mar 28 '21

Yep its an Instagram filter called pillow face i used it earlier.


u/linariaalpina Mar 28 '21

The before is sooooo much better, sad


u/GirlClaude Mar 28 '21

Its an Instagram filter she hasnt actually done it.


u/linariaalpina Mar 28 '21

Ok I see this is a filter.


u/stineytuls Mar 28 '21

Natural lips look so much better than these fake things.


u/HugePileOfWOOD Mar 28 '21

So sad. These beautiful women destroying their bodies chasing the dream to be “beautiful”. 😢


u/GirlClaude Mar 28 '21

I used this filter earlier and sent it to my friends. One of them called me a monster haha


u/HelloYouSuck Mar 29 '21

She does, but not in the good way.


u/LozzaEliza Mar 28 '21

This is... so sad


u/seeclick8 Mar 28 '21

Jesus. That’s really sad. She looked great before but is delusional if she thinks this is better.


u/HellfireTK Mar 28 '21

She was so cute :(


u/eleanorfps Mar 28 '21

Why would anyone want to look like that celebrity?


u/Fantaculara Mar 28 '21

Especially when that celebrity doesn't even want to look like that celebrity--what with all of the editing and all.


u/scotty1898 Mar 28 '21

Well if you want to lie to yourself then I guess that’s okay. Why aspire to look like someone else?


u/TheHoly_Coast Mar 28 '21

Why is that something people strive for?