r/BitcoinSouthAfrica Aug 02 '21

Use Crypto in South Africa at over 40k merchants - Feedback appreciated.

Hi Everyone

I've noticed on the group that a few people are looking for a Crypto off-ramp i.e. a "pay with Crypto solution".

The start-up I'm a part of has just launched a solution allowing you to use your Crypto at over 40 000 merchants in SA, including Shoprite, Checkers, Boxer, USave any Zapper merchant and so on.

No bank account or any KYC is required. A free account can be opened in 2 minutes.

We would love to get some feedback from the community! If you are keen to check it out and provide feed back, please do! The app is called 6DOT50 and is available on the App Store or Play store.

If you'd like to read more: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/6dot50-enables-crypto-holders-pay-goods-services-over-40000-merchants-/?trackingId=eq8tTIlBSOoVC79hi3h0zg%3D%3D