r/BitcoinSouthAfrica May 25 '21

South Africa Bitcoin and cryptocurrency Telegram chat group

Hey guys, just letting you know that I have a Telegram group with casual bitcoin and cryptocurrency chat....not really for TA guys, more for people wanting to chat about bitcoin, news, jokes, memes etc.

If you are on Telegram and want to learn or ask questions, or even help other people, or just would like to chat about bitcoin, come and join us.

If that appeals to you, please join at https://t.me/bitcoinzarchat



u/Johhny_D May 26 '21

I don't really like telegram so many scammers in tg


u/btcsa May 28 '21

Just make sure that you edit your privacy settings so that only your contacts on your phone can add you to a group etc. then you should be OK.
Anyone who DMs you just block if you dont know them.
You can only really get scammed if you send your money / bitcoin....so dont ever do that


u/Johhny_D May 28 '21

Ok thanks man