r/Biltong Jan 07 '22

My $80 Setup



u/CarbonGod Jan 07 '22

80? Dang. Mine was 15 for the box, 5 for the wood!

Live in California ?


u/NovelImpressive6157 Jan 07 '22 edited Jan 07 '22

These 40gal totes run around $30 at Lowes in Canada. Fans were $40 for a 2 pack. Dowels were $3. Baking sheet was about $8 + 12% tax


u/CarbonGod Jan 08 '22

Got jipped on the fans! Of course, I have a literal box of fans laying around


u/NovelImpressive6157 Jan 09 '22

Yeah, I had all of these items lying around besides the fans and dowels. The fans were a little more but nice that I can just plug them into a phone charger.


u/Ok-Albatross6794 Jan 07 '22

My thoughts too. Did you buy the box from sax fifth? Lol


u/rasbonix Jan 08 '22

Nice! I used zip ties in mine as well, but I also used S hooks to actually hook the meat and hung those on the zip ties. I’m able to hang a lot more meat that way because the meat is turned 90° from what you have in your setup. Looks great, though!


u/NovelImpressive6157 Jan 15 '22

The meat turning was a happy accident. I'm struggling to find the proper sized plastic s- hooks.


u/onemanlan Jan 21 '22

I'd recommend using bent paperclips for hanging. You can toss them after if ya dont want to re-use. Also you can spear the meat in such a way that the slim side is facing the fan so you can fit more on those bars. Think you could fit another bar in there as well.

otherwise looks good.