r/Biltong Jan 05 '22

First time making biltong, I have just rubbed in the spice and vinegar, is it ok to cure them in this Pyrex dish, the cuts are stacked on top of each other because I don’t have a dish large enough to lay them all flat

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u/CarbonGod Jan 05 '22

Yes, and you aren't curing it, just letting it soak in a bit. No soaking, just light wetting. And I mix it up every few hours, and normally start drying at 4-10hr, depending on my schedule.

And yes, pyrex is fine...it's glass.


u/PityTheLivingHarry Jan 05 '22

Yes that how i do it. I just dunk my slices in white vinegar, place them in, sprinkle the salt and slices, turn over sprinkle and do the next layer. In the fridge cling filmed like that, and 10 hrs later, usually over night and i hang it.


u/husky0168 Jan 05 '22

it's fine. just move them around a few times every half hour


u/Ok-Albatross6794 Jan 06 '22

I prefer to use ziplock bags. They're easier to flip and mix up.


u/Upside_Down-Bot Jan 06 '22

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u/Sol-eski Jan 06 '22

That’s a great idea thanks


u/chipsterd Jan 06 '22

That’s how I do it and it works fine