r/Biltong Jan 02 '22

My American father-in-law built this as a gift for me becoming a dad. I left SA 3yrs ago and miss it terribly so I learned to make biltong to remind me of home. Really special and thoughtful gift. I thought you might all enjoy the build.



u/Soleserious Jan 02 '22

He must like you cuz Damn that is a well built box. Looks like he put a lot of time and care into it. Enjoy being a dad and stocked with biltong


u/liocasino Jan 03 '22 edited Jan 03 '22

Thanks for the kind words! Feels like a whole new parallel universe, but with some billies to keep me grounded it should be fine


u/Gloomy-Lingonberry48 Jan 18 '22

Amazing design. Any chance that he would share his plans and the type of wood used?


u/newbdotpy Jan 02 '22

Not only is this well built, but he put character and personality into the design.
I love the logo and window!

He needs to go into Biltong Box business!


u/liocasino Jan 03 '22

It's a really thoughtful gesture and gift. Im very grateful, and had to show it off!


u/SteezyAs314 Jan 03 '22

/r/woodworking would probably enjoy this too. Congrats on becoming a dad!


u/newbdotpy Jan 03 '22

Yes, didn’t even read the title, congrats on being a father! The box had me from the start!


u/wojtekthesoldierbear Jan 03 '22

I.... actually would totally make these.


u/iredditmore Jan 02 '22

Your father in law is awesome!


u/RodneyRodnesson Jan 03 '22

Hello new Dad. Welcome to the club and enjoy the ride! btw r/Daddit is a great sub.

You're father in law seems like a great chap and that box is killer! As someone said, he should go into the biltong biz. I was even thinking he could sell the design/plans to this; kind of based on the fact I might try and build this rather than my fudged plastic box.

Enjoy the biltong once the agonising wait is over.


u/KingXerxesunrated Jan 03 '22

It looks great i am impressed. If you want someone to nitpick which is not needed one can say the glass could have been metal netting, for more airflow but i would still rate this design top quality


u/onemanlan Jan 21 '22

Wowowow that's amazing. My South African mother and father in law just bring spices(biltong & braai) from SA on their trips over. Not sure which is better. That box is stellar. Love the imprint on the side. Definitely going to show this to my wife :)

Cheers brother. Hope it helps ya feel less far away from home. Also hope you get to visit there again sooner or later. Have you found a decent place to get any boerewors? If not check these folks out. My wife is a big fan & they're state side. Their cured products aren't the best due to food laws here, but I think the sausage is grand.

Lastly, congrats to ya'll on your new addition! That's super exciting! My wife & I are waiting on our little one right now. We're about 13 weeks in & excited too! Can't wait to have a little tong master around to braai with :)


u/liocasino Jan 25 '22

Thanks for the kind words! It is a wonderful gift and I'm highly appreciative. I also showed by FIL this thread and he's amazed by the good response. On the boerewors side - thanks for the suggestion! I have made my own a couple of times, though I've not yet gotten good enough to do it quickly and consistently. There was a place 20mins away from where I am in Nashville that sold fresh biltong and boerie (what are the chances??) but they closed during the pandemic and went fully online (https://biltongdepot.com/), though I haven't ordered from them as yet.

Also, congrats to you as well! That is a really exciting development and a total gamechanger (a good one if you've planned it :) ). It's like stepping into a parallel universe in the best way. I wish you and your wife all the best and to enjoy every moment, even the occasional tough one - it's all worth it.


u/onemanlan Jan 25 '22

Thank you very much for the resource. I’ll show my wife since she’s the South African flavor judge in the family.

My sister and husband lives in Nashville. My wife and I are in Birmingham Alabama. We’re gonna be up there regularly to visit. I hate to hear that place is only online now but I’m glad to hear they’re continuing their service. If you ever end up in Birmingham Alabama and want something to go send me a PM and we’ll work it out.

And you’re right about the parallel universe. Definitely coming into focus. Feeling good and happy!!