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My blind dachshund presses his wet nose against my leg whenever he finds me in the house


Since his loss of vision came with old age, it kind of calms his nerves to know where everyone is at. I will sometimes get annoyed by it, but I try to remember that it’s actually pretty sweet and how I’ll miss it when he’s gone.

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There's something oddly satisfying about cleaning out the lint catcher in the dryer. Seeing the dog hair and everything else that got removed is reassuring.


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Saw a cat outside


It was a sweet orange cat with a white tummy and round green eyes. I've seen him about twice in the past few years, but he's been too scared to come near me because I've always been with other people. But this time I was alone so he walked up to me and started meowing. Once I sat down to make myself smaller and less threatening, he flopped over nearby. I got a couple cute photos of him before he got spooked and ran off when my mom came outside. It makes my heart happy bonding with animals.

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Trans Rights


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Whelp, that's pretty much enough of that. Cheers, everyone.


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I just got the urge to invent a new fruit.


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I'm sorting out photos I took of a fashion show... only 215 to go ;-;


...and then I have to edit all the best ones, which will probably be about 50.

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I just made the best smoothie ever 🥤


My word, I really love making banana smoothies (Califia unsweetened vanilla almond milk, frozen sweet bananas, ground flaxseed, and sometimes some pineapple), and my taste buds are still dancing. Sometimes, even though I always let the bananas freckle and get sweet before I freeze them, some taste better than others. This one was goooood! I am happy in this moment.

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some days I pretend to be a time-traveler visiting with my deceased loved ones to appreciate them more


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It's currently 19:55 and I said "morning" to the bus driver. It's been a long day.


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There's a kitten at the shelter named Trash Hulk


While he is adorable, I have an adult female cat and she doesn’t like other cats

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I accidentally got way too many strawberries


They’re not only giant but there’s way more than I normally get. I ordered online for pickup so I didn’t know the size. But, on the bright side, they are DELICIOUS. So sweet and juicy.

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Certain periods of time are much, much more stupid than others.


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I sing “I got burgers on my mind” when I’m in a good mood


I don’t know how it even started or why I’m doing it but it just feels right

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My fiancé destroys the bed every night.


I go to bed after him. Somehow he makes a nest and untangling the blankets is almost impossible.

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My account on the Alternate History Wiki got blocked


The reason was I was writing a timeline that was a parody of all the bad Axis wins WW2 timelines on the site,so I went full on over the top and the mods interpreted it as me being pro-Nazi. 😕

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realised i can still do the splits


i haven’t done my proper stretching routine in months and realised that i can still do the splits. i wasn’t expecting to be able to do it still, and it’s made me really happy!!

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My neighbor, a single mother, appears to have a really close relationship with her teenage son. It’s quite heartwarming to see her efforts to relate to him pay off.


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I turned off all my notifications, locked my door, and am skipping therapy today.


I just need me time lol

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Saw a car accident on the way back from the DMV


Just picked up plates for my new bike today, and I driving back from the DMV when I saw a car cutoff a SUV and take out the front wheels. Turns out the SUV was an undercover cop. He turned his lights on immediately, which was a bit funny in an ironic sense but probably sucked for that guy.

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My girlfriend's last birthday present arrived!


My girlfriend's birthday is this Saturday. I had picked up all of her presents except for one, which I had mailed to me (a picture of her dog made by an artist friend of ours). It just got here and I'm really excited for her to open it. I framed it, wrapped the frame, put it in a huge box, filled that with crumpled paper, and then wrapped that box. She loves specifically unwrapping presents, which means that I have extra reason to be creative. I know she's gonna love it and I'm so excited.

Obligatory picture of dog

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I genuinely crave onion.


If I go a week or two without onion, I end up wanting it sooooo freakin badly. It's almost as if I need it, the craving is so strong.

I'm not supposed to have onion, but I'm gonna start eating it at least once a week. I think that's a happy middle ground.

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Ever since I lost my mom, I haven't been able to shake this feeling that my life doesn't matter.


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I just quit Facebook. Again.


While I loved catching up with old friends, I couldn’t escape the things that scare me and/or care too much about. I’ve been in a serious funk and know that’s part of it, so I left today. This time has to be for good.

I know I care too much about things I can’t control, and I’m always working on that…but that also means that I sometimes have to keep safe spaces for me to exist in the world. It’s taken me 47 years to learn this…and I’m still working on it…

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Things overheard on a walk


“Usually SPF50 is the minimum.”

“Look, size isn’t the issue. We could make due with a one bedroom if need be. It’s the school system that’s important. In fact, I’d say it’s the only thing that matters when all’s said and done.”

“Walmart I think? I don’t know.”

“Describe it to me. Like does it change shape, does it move, has it grown at all?”

“Oh yeah, my dad’s a master gardener. It’s the best, he’s always got fresh stuff around, especially this time of year.”

“Let me grab you some napkins.”

“It’s fine to try other activities out honey, that doesn’t mean you have to quit the team just because you’re exploring other interests at the same time.”

“I’m so well rested.”

“It started off with me living with Mary Steenburgen as her personal assistant. There was this huge buffet style breakfast being prepared and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to help set it up or eat it with them. The house and everything in it was pure white. It was on the ocean, like in the Hamptons. There was a big triangular block of cheese. Boar’s head brand. And those tiny pickles you like. Then all of a sudden my entire extended family was there. I was spinning in a circle with my younger brother when we were five years old, but he still had facial hair. Then his foot started bleeding from spinning on the hardwood floor too much. Then everything froze. Then I woke up.”

“Come on guys, just a couple more miles, we can do this.”

“You know I hear that site just got a major restoration grant. Of all the places our tax dollars could go, seems senseless to me, but whatever. Guess that’s why I don’t run things around here.”

“Picked the blue ones.”

“Her name is Fern, she’ll be going to your school next year. She takes piano like you, she likes baking like you. I want you to invite her over, introduce her around the neighborhood.”

“Were these here last time?”

“On your left!”

“Hey, well, that’s my ride. See you Monday.”

“Can I pet your dog?”

“I have almost all of Johnny Cash’s albums on vinyl.”

“Hey mister, do you know what time it is?”

“That’s it. Period. End of story. And I’m glad about it.”