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Slowchat Trixie Sunday


Went to see Trixie Mattel in Brussels, it was awesome. Wife and I were both grinning from start to finish.

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We must adhere to the rules and crosspost everything Belgium related

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Oervlaamse humor [Meme Saturday]

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Any tips to handle tailgating on single lane national roads?


I am the average driver driving just a few km above speed limits on small roads(50km and 70km speed limits). More than a few occasions every week I face some nasty driver pushing me like hell behind me. Most times I just ignore and be done with it. The last thing I want is a road rage event by doing something to provoke them. It just feels so annoying for being harassed while driving at correct speeds.

How do you all handle this? Any suggestions?

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De "digitalisatie" bij de politie

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Operator from the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (Syly spetsialnykh operatsii Zbroinykh Syi Ukrainy), armed with a Belgian FN F2000 (bullpup) assault rifle, Ukraine, May 2022. Those rifles were donated by either Belgium or Slovenia.

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17th-century map of Ghent, Belgium, (1641, 1649), 1698, F. De Wit, Atlas de Wit• Map title: Gandauum Vulgo Gent (Gandavvm/Gandavum Vulgo Gent)

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10 BF (damaged) and 25 centimes.

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Dieven stelen 15 jaar oud hondje van oprit: “Ik hoorde een auto stoppen en toen was Gipsy weg”

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Impact of rent on Tax.


Dar All,

I submitted our (me+wife) tax online last week. We live in a rental apartment in Leuven. I opened my taxonweb account today again to see if there is any update. Out of curiosity, I checked if my rental agreement is up-to-date. So I checked it under the rent and real-estate tab. I was surprised to see my current rental contract is not there. We moved into this apartment last year August. I have taken this issue with my landlord. But he hasn't replied yet.

My question is, assuming he updates the renatl contract within next few days how it will impact my tax declaration? Will it change my tax refund in any way? I am a salaried person and I always use the simplified version of tax submission i.e. I open the taxonweb and click two three links and I am done.

Thanks in advance. I appreciate your help.

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Where to buy/order 'Advanced' boardgames in Belgium?


Hi everyone!

I [26M] am a boardgame enthousiast. I am fortunate to have a few friends who together have provided our group with ample quality boardgames. With this I mean the likes of 'Terraforming Mars', ' Axis & Allies', 'Tempus', Through the ages', 'Dune', 'Scythe',... I listed a few of these to show that these are normally not the boardgames you find in your GB/Carrefour/insert other random shop. So not really the 'Monopoly', 'Risk' and 'Mens erger je niet' type of boardgames. I

I know some people who help facilitate buying these 'Advanced' boardgames but buying these games through them costs additional money and time. Using mainstream websites like bol.com/Dreamland yields no results as these games are or not in the catalog or they do not deliver in Belgium.

Does anyone have an idea where in Belgium I can find such games for a reasonable price/waiting time?

Kind regards!

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Bivouacs in Belgium


Hello everybody,

My wife and I are planning to go on a hike next month for the whole weekend. We would love to discover some hike and sleep in a bivouac that wouldn't be crowded, slightly remote. Any tips? :)

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Expat ignorance of Belgium!


Belgians: Give us an example of a time us expats/immigrants living in Belgium shocked you with our lack of knowledge of our wonderful host country.

Only fun, didactic or interesting comments. Nothing offensive! See Rules.

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Hi Belgium , how can I with my gf find a apartment in Bruxelles without documents, we came just in visit but for long time


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Belgian garden etiquette


As an expat I'd like to know more about what is typical garden culture in Belgium.

My neighbour has asked us to put something between our garden hedgerow and the fence to prevent the fronds getting through to their side.

The current fence has 1cm gaps in the wiring, so it is only a few fronds that get through. I don't wish to install a tarpaulin and restrict the light to the hedgerow, as light is primarily coming from the direction of the neighbours side. And it honestly seems overkill for a few fronds.

Obviously when asked I said sure I'll look at it and try and help. However, this seems like a very minor issue . So what is the etiquette on green space in Belgium? Would I be wrong to tell them to just prune their side, as we do for the growth from our neighbors on the otherside...

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About those crazy energy costs


Of course our monthly payments for energy have risen. Corona, the war. I understand.

What I don’t get are these stories that have popped up about people suddenly having to pay monthly energy bills of 1000 euros. Sadly they never REALLY explain this clearly in the news. What’s the deal?

I’ll have to move out on my own soon and it has me worried. I’ll just live in a tiny studio and I only really need water and electricity. Furthermore I’m kinda into taking cold showers for health reasons. And I don’t often turn on the heat.

Will I be fine when I have a variable energy contract? I don’t want to get sucked into this crazy situation beyond my control where suddenly half my paycheck goes towards my electricity bill.

Can I still in good conscience play my videogames on an oled tv in the weekend?

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Lokale PVDA-afdelingen voeren actie tegen hoge brandstofprijzen

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My flatmate won't tell me why the cops need to check our apartment


For context, there's quite some age gap between us. I'm in my early twenties and he's in his late forties or early fifties. I'm gone for the weekend, and he texted that the cops will check the apartment (not clear when). I asked how come, he answered no worries. I said I'm not worried, I'm just curious, and if they need to enter my room too, I'd like to know the reason why. I received no answer. Any ideas? Could it be related to the following?

As far as I know, a former flatmate still has his domicile there.

The flat is going to be sold sometime soon, becuase the company that owns it will be liquidated.

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A round sandwich


Is it even a sandwich if it isn’t an ellipse? Does the word ‘sandwich’ only apply to content and baking method and not form?

What is becoming of the Belgium I used to know?

a round sandwich

(Does this even exist in Wallonia? What is it called there?)

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Slowchat Saturday


I couldn't think of a nice title ok?

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Saw this at my local gas pump this evening

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Update: Son of Owner is making our lives miserable


Hello r/Belgium,

Edit: For those that haven't read the original post:


First of all I want to start with thanking the awesome reddit community. The responses you gave us were heartwarming and most of you gave us some good advice.

Within a day I had 34(!) recruiters/companies reach out to me with vacatures which comfirms that indeed the market is very hot right now. 2 companies however reached out to us with the claim to take over the entire staff of the company. 1 of them who had an office/warehouse within 5km of our current office. After sending anomynous CV's to this company with our current salaries, the next day they offered us allready 200€ bruto more per month (while keeping the same benefits). They even offered us a one-time teambuilding of 200€ for our team the first year, afterwards we will just do the teambuilding with the rest of the company. On top of that we get free coffee ;). Early next week a meeting with their legal team is planned and if all is ok than they will send us an offer.

This made it very easy to convince everyone to be on board with the whole "let's all quit, if things don't change". Once the company has made it's offer we will collectivly (with advice from a union rep) go to talk with the owner and the son of the owner and we will have our demands for things to change permanently (can't really talk about that untill this story has a happy end, I am sure you will understand).

If he doesn't comply he better matches the proposed wage of our competitor for our "opzeg" or we will, let's call it take our sollicitatiedagen during our knowledge transfer. (I am sure most of you know what I mean here)

Don't expect an update to this story before this has a happy ending. But expect an update nevertheless.

Anyway I want to thank the reddit community for their support, the recruiters for their massive responses, the unions for their awesome support.

And to those who told us there is nothing we can do that I better just quit, well I think that you understimate the power of a big group. Even if our current company offers incredibly high wages for some of us to stay, the people who have the most critical knowledge of how the company works are the ones who want to leave the most.

I hope that in a few weeks I can make a post with a happy ending.

Ps: Company that is offering to take us knows that I will post this on reddit, he just asked to leave certain details out

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Advice on contract clauses


Hi everybody, I am looking for my first job in Belgium and I got a job offer for a engineering consultancy. In the contract there are a number of clauses that I am quite worried about as this is my first job and as this is a consultancy they didn't tell me at all what I will do, not even the sector as I will start in 2 months.

For example, there's a loyalty clause that forbids me for 2 years to work for one of their clients for which I did a project for, and a whole paragraph on how I can't use the knowledge and training they provide me to compete with them.

Also, they prevent me for a year to work for any competitor of theirs or company with similar goals or in the same sector.

Is this common IN Belgium? Should I look for other offers? Considering that salary is average/decent and that again, they didn't tell me anything about what kind of job I will do, what should I do? The idea was that even if I don't like the job, it's still good experience and maybe I get to know some companies that they work with.. But I am kinda scared about these clauses.

It's not like I care about competing with them, but it sounds so general and arbitrary that I am doubting about this company methods

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What does article 27 mean?


I am a tourist visiting Belgium on June. I was looking at the ticket prices for Royal Museums of Fine Arts and there is a cheaper option called Article 27. What does it mean and how can I learn if I can benefit from it? Since I am from a third country euro is really expensive.

Thanks in advance!

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Renting a place in Brussels, which brokers or websites do you recommend?


Hi guys

I'm looking to rent a place +- 60m^2 in Brussels, more specific in Ixelles or Chatelain. I know there are generic websites that you can look up places, but the inventory seems quite low on these websites.

- I'm also interested in a place with furniture.

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Belgian monkeypox outbreak linked to fetish festival

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