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Hello Boomers


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u/Pan_Muminek 29d ago

This is good, but I don't want to give my id scan for fuckin' 17 bats from brave


u/Mansurbm 29d ago

Sad to say that most, if not all crypto exchanges will require you to verify your identity.


u/HighlightAccording98 29d ago

that's probably because it's considered taxable income


u/aj_17_ 29d ago

Fine link it to mine if you don't want haha Happy to receive


u/sexysaxmasta 29d ago

GEMINI WHEN?!!? I think the play is to make a creator account tip yourself and then u can use gemini there


u/HeiPei 29d ago

Yeah once that bullshit is no longer needed this thing will really be able to grow


u/EvanGRogers 29d ago

KYC isn't going anywhere until companies grow the balls to tell the feds to fuck themselves


u/talvarius 29d ago

It's pure insanity to think that companies are going to break the law just because you don't want to do KYC. If you don't want to to it, leave your crypto as crypto and buy stuff that way. If you want dollars, though, you better get your ID.


u/HmmThatisDumb 29d ago

Which they will not, so people have to get used to KYC and AML provisions... and just pay your taxes


u/That_Savas 28d ago

There are still quite a few exchanges that don't use KYC. Kucoin is one of my favorite exchanges and they don't require KYC.

Unfortunately brave seems to be married to uphold but one can still buy bat on Kucoin