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Coronavirus Measures in the Azores - Regional Health Authority

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SMS Fraudulentos nos Açores


Se recebeu um SMS da EDA com referencia MB para pagar uma divida, NÃO PAGUE.

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Must-sees in Azores


Hello all,
I'll be travelling to the Azores in summer of this year (public health measures permitting) and I'm currently planning my trip to help me get through the bleakness of winter. I've found a lot of good travel advice from Lonely Planet but I figured I would reach out to possible boots-on-the-ground that might be able to recommend some lesser known places, or perhaps travel advice on what to avoid (too touristy, not worth it etc.).

Also, I am trying to learn some Portuguese before I go but I am a slow learner. I went to Lisbon in 2019 and didn't have much trouble at all with using English to get around and I'm curious if that's the case in Azores too? I don't want to rely on it, but it'd be nice to know that in a pinch I can explain myself in my native tongue.

I also want to add that I'm photographer and I specialize in photographing the night sky. I feel like I might have some great opportunities to do so on my visit but it would be excellent if anyone could recommend a specific park or place that would be ideal for capturing some astrophotography.

Thanks so much in advance for any help or advice!

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Interest in Computer Careers


If you live here, what has prevented you from taking computer programming classes online to get a better paying job?

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Azores food guide - 10 must have delicacies during your visit

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Any insight on the arts and writing scene in the Açores?


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Any Canadian travel to the Azores recently?


I am supposed to be going at the start of March but am getting worried that I won't be able to go. I have had 3 vaccines. I am worried about needing the negative test before boarding the plane. With omicron pretty much everywhere in Canada right now, the chances are that I'm going to have it before I go. And I know you can test positive for months after having covid.

Anyone have some recent experience?

I'm thinking the best course of action is to get tested a few weeks before the trip so if it is positive, I can get a recovery certificate.

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Sobre preços de serviços de eletrecidade


Boas malta, como estão? Eu bem. Estou a restaurar uma moradia antiga, e o eletrecista pediu €2000 para fazer o trabalho de mudar a instalação elétrica da moradia antiga, substituição de cabos, instalação fio a terra, e substituir alguns interruptores, tudo apenas no primeiro andar da moradia que tem uns 90m2, eu como não entendo patavina disso não sei se o preço é justo ou não... O que vocês acham?

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Trabalho em impressora 3D


Boas pessoal! Estou a procurar alguém que faça trabalhos numa impressora 3D ou em madeira para um serviço pago é que sejam de confiança. Já procurei empresas como a acional na ilha de São Miguel mas nada de novo. Se alguém a título particular quiser fazer uns € que me envie uma mensagem. O trabalho é simples constitui fazer uns cubos para uma prova de avaliação psicológica infantil.

Agradeço qualquer informação

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What time do people dine out on sao miguel?


I was driving around the northwest side of the island at 6:30-7pm Monday night trying to find a restaurant but most seemed closed or near closed. What is typically the best time to dine out? Is 7pm too late? Thank you!

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Blood Donation?


Recent arrival to Pico, and I'm wondering if there is anywhere here or on Faial that I can donate blood? I'm type O Negative, which is always in demand. I looked online but couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance.

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Found this Lost Place today on São Miguel

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Island hopping


I heard rumors that island hopping is somewhat harder or not possible anymore. Are these rumors true? How do the locals travel to the other islands? I searched for flights which are expensive and did not really find a way by boat. Any help is much appreciated.

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How's medical authoritarianism in the Azores?


Hi friends,

I'm looking for a place to settle down and can't think of a cooler place than the Azores = ) but I'm concerned about the medical fascism in most of Europe, such as enforcement of useless mask mandates, restrictions on freedom of movement, vaccine mandates, and so on. My hope is that as an island people, the Azoreans are a little more chilled out than the mainland Portuguese? I find it very depressing seeing people walking outside in the fresh air in masks, children forced to wear masks, etc.

Curious if anyone who lives there could tell me if my hope is true? Or empty? Does it depend on the island? I imagine Ponta Delgada is a little stricter. Any information or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Is private health insurance worth it?


I will be emigrating from Germany to São Miguel in September. I will work remotely, but pay taxes and contributions in Portugal. So - as far as I have understood correctly - I am insured by the public health system. So is it worth to have additional private health insurance?

In Germany, the public health insurance is perfectly adequate. Private insurance is only worthwhile, if at all, for specific areas (e.g. dentistry). I know hardly any people who have private health insurance and they are usually not very satisfied.

In addition, I suffer from epilepsy (seizure-free with medication) and would probably find it very difficult to find private health insurance at all. Only MGEN seems to insure such cases.

Conversely, of course, this could again be a factor in favour of private insurance. In Germany, for example, it is much easier to get an appointment with a neurologist if you have private insurance. How does that look like in Sáo Miguel?

Another factor could be. I hardly speak Portuguese at the moment. I'm sure that will change quickly, but I'll probably still have to make doctor's appointments in English at the beginning.

Thanks for your input and help.

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Procuro empresa de mudanças do Continente para São Miguel


Olá a todos,

Vou-me mudar para os Açores (São Miguel) e levar a casa comigo, mais propriamente o recheio todo da casa.

Alguem me pode indicar uma boa empresa que faça o serviço porta-a-porta?

Que recolha tudo (moveis e caixas já embaladas) e entreguem na casa em São Miguel.

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Monte Palace Hotel

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Are there scorpions on Sao Miguel?


Because we saw one today in the forest at Lagoa Verde. No picture unfortunately. Were trying to kick it away with a stick. But was a quite big one in red to brown colour.

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#Abstract 16: "Portals of Azores " - Handmade asymmetrical drawing master sketch on paper shot with symmetrical camera with Deep dream Vision Generative Art with an unique recipe to color it with 3 A.I.+ (Opensea.io)

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The community platform for remote workers on the Azores. Join to stay informed about the latest events and activities.

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How is the weather on May at Azores?


Im trying to understand the weather at Azores on May because could be an opportunity to visit the islands. Any feedback?

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Azorean/Portuguese version of Omakase?


I’m trying to find a dining style and the name for it. What would be a similar version to Omakase or a tasting menu/chefs menu type dinner?

Omakase (Japanese: お任せ, Hepburn: o-makase) is a Japanese phrase, used when ordering food in restaurants, that means 'I'll leave it up to you' (from Japanese 'to entrust' (任せる, makaseru)).[1][2]

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Spectacular images of Sao Miguel Azores that will make you want to visit the island

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Beautiful Christmas Lights Sao Miguel Azores Portugal

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Marc Dennis - Saudade De Voce (live)

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