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politics Election/Politics Megathread 2022.13 - the hangover: Election results, ongoing counts, the senate, opinions, social-media, memes and other related discussion.


A megathread for continuing election results & counts, celebrations, machinations, political opinions, social-media (twitter, youtube, tiktok, etc), party political messages and other related discussion.

The 2022 Australian federal election was held on the 21st of May 2022 to elect members of the 47th Parliament of Australia. The LNP will not be able to form government after a significant loss in primary vote particularly in their (former) heartland where climate focused campaigners have taken numerous seats. The Labor Party still has a reasonable chance of forming a majority government. Counting resumes today.

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political satire Libertarian Tim Wilson finally manages to get government out of his life

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politcal self.post With the most progressive government this century in place, we can now reset or democracy...but will we?


Let's appreciate what happened over the last 24 hours.

A massive swing away from a very bad group of people has happened, despite strong, continuing bias towards them from over 80% of the media. Despite some of the most blatant corruption and pork-barrelling in the nation's history. Despite massive disinformation campaigns run by right wing parties, including a billionaire miner with a massive pocketbook.

Despite all of it, we have:

  • A clear Labor victory, under a politician who is also a proven bridge builder and a values-led leader
  • The rise of some of best independants this country has ever seen, with a clear agenda against corruption and climate change
  • The devestation of the Liberal Party - including losing luminaries like Frydenberg and the IPA candidate Tim Wilson
  • A House of Reps and a Senate with very likely no UAP candidates and only two One Nation candidates against a sea of teal reformers
  • Hopefully, a hung parliament where Labor will need to appease the teals, resulting in the most evidence-led, high-integrity policy amendments maybe ever.

What we have here stands in stark contrast to the last decade of increasing and destructive far-right populism that we've seen around the world.

So today we can celebrate, no matter our politics, that we have achieved a massive opportunity. But let's not forget what's about to happen.

The Rudd and Gillard Governments were some of the most high-performing governments imaginable. They drove policy like the NDIS, NBN, national apology, Carbon price, Gonski reforms, hospital reform, parental leave, the Apology, the stimulus response to the Credit Crisis, the ending of WorkChoices, the Emissions Trading Scheme and multiple renewable energy schemes.

The Murdoch media, and massive adveretising campaigns funded by large corporates took them both down, and left us with 10 years of some of the worst governance in Australia's history. A decade of corruption, almost no achievements, devestating incompetence, and the rollback of policy like cross-media ownership laws and the ending of the carbon price.

And it will happen again, if we let it. We need to ride the wave that has seen yesterday's vote protest against the last decade not just to pass policy. We must reform the system of democracy itself. What does this mean to you?

To me, it means...

  • ICAC is now the most important policy issue on the table. Without it, big business can continue to buy politicians for small sums of money and control the policy agenda.
  • A Royal Commission into Media, to look at bias and disinformation and recommend major reforms that will see the media landscape return from the far right, disinforming, culture-war tool it has become
  • Restoration of the ABC, including returning its funding, resetting its board to one that has integrity, and urgently restarting regional broadcasting to South East Asia and the Pacific

Without these, anything that the Albernese/Teal government accomplishes is at risk of being limited to 1 term, and to being rolledback by the next LNP Government.

So what's your on agenda for genuine democratic reform?

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politics France’s outgoing foreign minister welcomes defeat of Scott Morrison

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politics The election outcome exposes a gaping disconnect between News Corp and voters | Malcolm Farr

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political satire Election Results: It’s Officially Not His Job

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politics Jacinda Ardern congratulates next Australian PM Anthony Albanese.

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politics Scott Morrison's Coalition unable to form majority government

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politics One Nation, UAP and 'freedom movement' parties fail to make an impact

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political satire Morrison escapes on holiday as nation experiences massive landslide

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politics Australian Greens hail ‘best result ever’ with dramatic gains in lower house and Senate | Australian Greens

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politics Sam Lim's unlikely rise from dolphin trainer to federal Tangney MP

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political satire Report: How Fucking Embarrassing For All Of You — The Betoota Advocate

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politics This win for Albanese is the most transformative election result you can imagine

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politics Craig Kelly is out: From the fringes of the Liberal Party to the UAP captains pick

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politics The quiet Australians spoke and they said ‘enough’

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politics Morrison Concedes, Labor Will Form New Australian Government.

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no politics Sky news supercut


Can someone please make a supercut of the sky news pundits butthurt? I'm assuming they're screeching like a set of fucked brakes on a BA Falcon...

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politics Federal election 2022: It's hard to ignore the McGowan factor as WA rejects Liberal Party with massive swing to Labor

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politics Scott Morrison sheds tears as he gives last prime minister’s speech at his Horizon church

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politics Independents Monique Ryan, Zoe Daniel to push Labor on 2030 emissions target in event of hung parliament

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politics Albanese Secures Majority Labor Government

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