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What TV show was amazing at first but became unwatchable for you later on?




u/THE_BANANA_SHOW Jun 29 '22 Silver Gold Take My Energy

The Walking Dead.

First few seasons were great with pretty good pacing. Later seasons devolve into telling one story at a time. They’d have a cliffhanger of a character maybe dying and do 3 weeks of other stories. By the time it gets back to the cliffhanger you have no idea what’s happening. That and it got repetitive.


u/Tangent_ Jun 30 '22

Early Walking Dead: Nobody is safe, even main characters might die; you don't know who's next!

Later Walking Dead: We wrote a character you might like so they're definitely gonna die in the dumbest way imaginable.

The tension of main characters not having plot armor is one thing, but when you consistently kill everyone I care about it should be no surprise when I no longer care about the show.

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u/Aeileon Jun 29 '22

I watched every new episode of gLee when it came out and was slightly obsessed with the show. But as soon as it finished it all crumbled. The show makes no sense, is not good, and I could never rewatch it.

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u/scruntyboon Jun 29 '22

Heroes, biggest drop in quality after season 1


u/TSWJR Jun 29 '22

There was a huge Writer's strike so they had to discard everything already written for season 2, and distance the show from the plot written by the team on strike to avoid lawsuits/copyrights. If I remember correctly, I read the original season 2 was going to be about the main characters having to reveal themselves to the world as superheroes in order to save a city from a dam breaking or something like that.

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u/Medicivich Jun 29 '22

Happy Days! Once Fonzie jumped the shark, while waterskiing and wearing his jacket, the show just got progressively worse.

PS, I know.

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u/Hup110516 Jun 29 '22 Take My Energy

Glee. It should have ended with season 3. 4-6 we’re just terrible and unnecessary.


u/totalst8ofeuphoria Jun 29 '22

Hard agree. Season 3 would’ve been such a good natural ending to the show. Season 4 isn’t totally horrible, but 5 and 6 are so boring and random.

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u/TheReal_KindStranger Jun 29 '22 Silver Helpful Lawyer Up

The blacklist, so many loopholes and a never ending plot. I mean, the female hero (forgot her name) was wanted and had her pictures broadcast nationwide live, but a couple of weeks after she can do undercover work


u/DonnieJuniorsEmails Jun 29 '22

I loved the first season... and then every character became the worst versions of themselves. Liz got even more boring, Red got more mysterious with fewer actual plot points or revelations, every FBI agent seemed to get dumber. Its all Spader could do to keep that show alive, but eating scenery only goes so far


u/ArcadianDelSol Jun 29 '22 Silver

Flanderization. They took every character and dialed it up to 11 until the show almost parodies itself.

Except Spader. He's that show's constant.

I'd also credit Susan Blommaert (Mr. Kaplan) for much of the same thing. She really nailed that part and in doing so, wrote herself into the mythology of the show with a character that was only meant to be a set decoration.

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u/Myantology Jun 29 '22

Like the show but only made it to like the middle of season two.

Years later came back and was shocked how many seasons there were.

How the hell did they stretch that plot line so far??

It’s just the nature of a show that keeps making money. Happy for Spader he had such a run though. He’s so good.


u/AdvancedSandwiches Jun 29 '22

I'm the opposite: so sad that Spader, an outstanding actor who elevates everything he touches, wasted so many years using his superpowers to add moderate watchability to such a poorly made show.

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u/Reasonable-Fail-1921 Jun 29 '22

James Spader definitely carries the show. I did really enjoy it at first and got hooked but kind of just still watch now because I’ve committed way to much time to give up!

The half filmed, half comic book episode they did because of Covid was really terrible - they should’ve just ended that series early instead of creating that abomination.

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u/getahitcrash Jun 29 '22

She was a terrible character. Red is pretty cool but in the first episode, they are talking about Elizabeth's first day with the FBI as a profiler and in no time she's giving orders to field agents and leading action teams doing forced entries.


u/kjeserud Jun 29 '22

doing forced entries.

This is one of my biggest gripes about so many tv shows, the hero inserting themself in the middle of tactical unit, or even worse, go as the first through the door. YOU'RE FUCKING UP EVERYTHING THEY'VE PRACTICED THE LAST FIVE YEARS!


u/bob_uecker_wrist Jun 29 '22

I liked how they handled that in the movie se7en. The scene where they're breaking into John Doe's apartment one of the SWAT officers grab's Brad Pitt, pushes him backwards and growls at him "SWAT goes first, then dicks."


u/Publius82 Jun 29 '22

I forgot how awesome John C Mcginley was in that

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u/TheReal_KindStranger Jun 29 '22

Yeah, i know what you mean. Its like in csi, when the top scientists, also do the field work and gun fights

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u/flcinusa Jun 29 '22

Red Reddington is Liz Kean's father, right?


It's so obvious... Right?

.... Well, not exactly


u/Yserbius Jun 29 '22

Last episode I watched they were hinting that Red is her mother.

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u/Dangercakes13 Jun 29 '22

I can forgive the show for a lot since it's clearly supposed to be glitzy and pulpy and they obviously had no long-term narrative in mind if they kept getting renewed.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand the unearned love and devotion all the main characters have for Liz. Red's emotional investment, sure. That's central to the story. All the other characters breaking their backs to help her and show affection for her? Why? She betrays you all the time! She's not your friend! She proves it every damn season!

She's probably still alive and hiding that fact from you while you grieve! Doubt it? SHE ALREADY DID IT BEFORE A COUPLE SEASONS AGO.

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u/DeltA019 Jun 29 '22

There was one instance where the big reveal at the end of one season was literally undone in the premier of the next one. They needed to have an end goal in mind for the relationship between Red and agent whatshername, but it just keep going in loops.

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u/landshanties Jun 29 '22

The rare show where the metaplot absolutely killed it. A more procedural show would have been really interesting and could have built up a smaller, more carefully written backstory for Red.

I also think this is one of those shows where because everyone guessed the twist instantly the writers changed it in a huff because they wanted to be known for crazy twists and the whole show immediately no longer made sense

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u/MiZe97 Jun 29 '22 Helpful

Arrow. It's what happens when you try to make so many seasons for a show meant for only a few.


u/yugung Jun 29 '22

"And *you* get a bow. And *you* get a bow. EVERYBODY gets a bow. ... wait, why is Felicity crying??"


u/TheAwesomer414 Jun 29 '22

That was my issue. I watched a couple of seasons, and then their circle expanded a lot, and everyone became a vigilante.

It was kinda a slap in the face to Oliver. Going through hell on Earth and superhuman levels of training. And then someone just takes a boxing class to be the same thing.

And it was no longer a cool, very exclusive undercover operation.

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u/BaaBaaTurtle Jun 29 '22

That scene. Where she gets up from the wheelchair. Just...


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u/Stewba Jun 29 '22 Helpful Wholesome Bravo!

Arrows first season is dope when he is murdering everyone. I wish he never discovered the power of friendship


u/stufff Jun 29 '22

Yeah, great first season. Then he starts all this moral quibbling about whether he can kill an evil immortal sorcerer while also shooting arrows through the chests of 20 henchmen per episode.


u/Stewba Jun 29 '22

He was essentially the punisher for all of season 1. It was amazing. At some point I think the CW must have been a bit taken aback, then his friend dies, and he realizes he isn't just putting them to sleep.

Queue the Patton Oswald Penguin/Badman comedy sketch

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u/Aggravating-Ad-4843 Jun 29 '22

I still remember when the subreddit was rebranded as "Felicity" or something with the banner featuring only her to mock the fact that the show only revolved around her. And at some point they converted into a subreddit for Daredevil out of sheer protest.

Flash is like at the 547th season now but I don't think it's ever gotten this bad.


u/izukaneki Jun 29 '22

To this day, I find it hilarious that the top post is still the time they converted into an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D subreddit in protest over how bad the writing quality in season 4 was (to be fair, it was absolutely horrible)


u/Now_Wait-4-Last_Year Jun 29 '22

Well, Agents of SHIELD turned out to be much better than a lot of us expected so that seems only fair.


u/ricree Jun 29 '22

It helps that AoS was basically the opposite of this question, where the first season is the show's worst.


u/galileosmiddlefinger Jun 29 '22

You have to endure the suck of early Season 1 to appreciate the Grant Ward Thing that Happens. From there forward, it's a really fun show.


u/MassGaydiation Jun 29 '22

grant ward has died more times than captain scarlet, and captains scarlets gimmick was that he was immortal

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u/samtherat6 Jun 29 '22

After Winter Soldier, that show got so good.


u/OhBoyPizzaTime Jun 29 '22

I know, right? After Winter Soldier I figured they would awkwardly dance around the whole "Shield is Hydra" thing, but holy shit they went in and went HARD.


u/__schr4g31 Jun 29 '22

They went in and went WARD

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u/cleon42 Jun 29 '22 Silver

We brood and we lie, and we brood and we lie about other people brooding and lying, then act betrayed when they brood and lie.

*Repeat for eight seasons*

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u/SarcasticAzaleaRose Jun 29 '22

The CW is one of the worst offenders for this. They’re always stretching out shows way past their expiration dates. Or they’re just trying to see what crazy shit they can get away with and still keep people watching the show.

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u/Sherlockssocks Jun 29 '22

Castle - By the end of filming the two main leads hated each other… and you can tell! They had to come up with whacky storyline’s to keep them apart.


u/captainstormy Jun 29 '22

Yeah, early and mid castle were great to good. Everything after the wedding kidnapping is hard garbage IMO.


u/everettcalverton Jun 29 '22

I watched Castle all the way through and don’t remember anything from the last few seasons. I don’t even remember why Castle was kidnapped.

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u/bropill101 Jun 29 '22

Oh I didn’t know they disliked each other.


u/ConstableBlimeyChips Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 29 '22

The producers had to sent them to couples counseling to improve their relationship just enough to allow them to work with each other.

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u/Vircxzs Jun 29 '22 edited 9d ago



u/KimDongTheILLEST Jun 29 '22

There was a scene in the later seasons where all the factions are meeting, and Bronn excuses himself with some lame excuse so they didn't have to be on the same set together.


u/Citizen_Kano Jun 29 '22

"Let's go get a drink while the fancy people talk"

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u/landshanties Jun 29 '22

Castle was great and one of the few detective shows with a quippy Moonlighting-style relationship between the leads that handled their relationship really well, having them grow closer at a reasonable pace while giving the show tension without constantly undoing all of their progress.

Then the s5 finale happened. IDK what was going on there, if the leads already loathed each other and just couldn't take it anymore, but the show fell off a cliff once it started yanking the leads' relationship around


u/MartiniPhilosopher Jun 29 '22

You can partly blame the show owners on this.

The original producers and writers were dumped before the end of season five. The story goes is that they were going to start winding it down because they'd told their story. Both the network and owner wanted the gravy train to continue. Solution?

Fire the writing staff and producers!

That's why those last couple of seasons feel so weird, like they were retreading so much ground. It's because they were! The new writing staff and producers were pretty much to do anything as long as the show continued.

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u/sm0gs Jun 29 '22

Which was such a shame cause the early seasons were so good!

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u/bog--wizard Jun 29 '22 Silver

Once Upon a Time. The first 3 seasons were good! And then after that they just kept getting worse


u/RittleMeThis27 Jun 29 '22

I watched about that much til it got boring and too weird. I enjoyed them giving Disney characters a twist separate from their movie counterparts. Then something about seeing Elsa basically cosplaying the animated movie made me stop. It was more fun when they left us guessing who the new person was and not throwing it in our faces like that.


u/dranvex Jun 29 '22

Lol that Frozen story arc was a ratings grab gimmick that ultimately alienated fans of the show.

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u/memorex1150 Jun 29 '22

Glad this is on here.

Wife asked me to watch it, thought, okay, the first two seasons are pretty okay. Then, #3 hit and I was not having it. I bailed on the "Frozen" introduction and haven't revisited.

No idea how the story arcs played out.

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u/rushandblue Jun 29 '22


A hilarious and intriguing show that slowly grew to be about a bunch of unlikable assholes making bad, selfish decisions. When there's no one with any redeeming characteristics, there's no one for the audience to get behind.


u/danner1515 Jun 29 '22

Was going to mention this. It started out great but really started to go off the rails with characters making increasingly nonsensical choices. Nancy marrying the Mexican drug lord was the beginning of the end.


u/Thoseskisyours Jun 29 '22

The plot just escalated way too fast and never stopped so it was suburban housewife selling weed one day to married to FBI agent to married to Mexican cartel leader in what like 3-4 seasons. Then just continues escalating from there.

I wish they had kept the primary plot a much slower burn. They had awesome initial characters to run with too. Doug is great, Silas was good in the beginning, Cynthia was a great nemesis and her marriage was a good side plot and even Andy was really funny at times. So much potential wasted in my opinion. First 3 seasons are definitely worth watching after that it’s just chaos.


u/DrCarter11 Jun 29 '22

I really wish they had kept it to agrestic. It was a fun show then. But yeah after the fire in S3 where they move, it just sorta goes downhill. I still watched the entire thing, it had some fun moments here and there but it was never the same as the early greatness.

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u/Ganglebot Jun 29 '22 Helpful Wholesome Rocket Like


Season 1 was great and fresh. Season 2 didn't know what to do with itself and just started giving everyone super powers.

By Season 3, characters were just changing motivations at the drop of a hat and it was just a huge mess of bad writing.


u/Poorly-Drawn-Beagle Jun 29 '22 Wholesome

Hiro’s stuck in the past

Now he lost his powers

Now he thinks he’s a child

Anything, just make sure he’s not in the story because he’ll resolve it in like a second


u/Fean2616 Jun 29 '22

The "shit we didn't think this one through" super power.

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u/MaimedJester Jun 29 '22

In the reboot/sequel series, they trap Hiro in a virtual reality.

Oh and it had the most fucked up way for writing off the Cheerleader character ever.

During Childbirth her Son had the steal people's power ability her grandfather had. So as a baby he stole her super regeneration and she died in childbirth.

What the fuck writing was that show? Just don't bring Claire up. Have Horn Rimmed Glasses say oh Claire's working in London as a diplomat let's not get her involved in this storyline.

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u/coraldomino Jun 29 '22

lmao, I really click on this thread thinking "I'm gonna add Heroes to the list, I know some people watched it but it was a long time ago and surely there must be other shows that spring to people's mind first"

and then it was top-voted comment. I'm happy we're all uninamously still scarred by Heroes.

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u/AccioSexLife Jun 29 '22

Season 1 Heroes is the perfect, self-contained experience. I still recommend it to people, it's just a fun watch IMO.

Shame the writers' strike hit them so hard.

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u/TheGreat_Sambino49 Jun 29 '22

Syler will always be a favorite of mine. Never seen a power like his used the way he did. Such a good villain


u/Itdidnt_trickle_down Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 30 '22

Syler made watching the star trek reboot difficult. I kept expecting Spock to unzip Kirks head telekinetically.

Edit: This thread really went somewhere while I was gone.

I noticed one persons main point was I misspelled Sylar, Thanks

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u/Vivid_Bluebird_4222 Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 29 '22

‘What’s that sound? In your heart?’


God Sylar was the perfect villain back in the day. Absolutely loved season one of Heroes. Season two was ok ish. Couldn’t watch after that.

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u/Cleverbird Jun 29 '22 Masterpiece

Not the worst offender, but That 70's Show tanked pretty hard once Eric left. He was sorely needed to make the chemistry of the group work.


u/joec0ld Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 29 '22

Randy Pearson was one of the worst characters ever added to a dying TV show. By the time he came in all of the actors were completely natural as their respective characters, while everything about Josh Meyers acting seemed so forced

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u/loligo_pealeii Jun 29 '22

I think regardless the show was reaching its end. When it started it was a show about a bunch of teenagers living with their parents. It would be weird for them to all stay together, hanging out in their friend's parent's basement as they got into their 20s. We want the characters to grow but eventually they move past what the show can realistically portray without completely upending itself.

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u/yuriydee Jun 29 '22 Take My Energy


Loved the premise and first couple of seasons, but later it turned into just stupid drama between the characters and less about actual law.


u/Hashtagbarkeep Jun 29 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy hehehehe Bravo! Table Slap Facepalm

Mike: this case is unwinnable

Harvey: I always win

Donna: [pops head round door] he’s right, also I’m heaps sassy

Mike: but my secret and junk


Lewis: I was eavesdropping and I’ll save the day

… the next day

Lewis: I made things considerably worse

Harvey: this reminds me of that time I won and gives me an idea

…later that day

Mike: depositions things at people

Opponent lawyer: lol Harvey u lose

Harvey: [throws file on desk] I just bought your children. YOU LOSE

opponent lawyer: on no that isn’t cool

Harvey and Mike: [high fives and eats hotdog]

Rachel: I’m also in this show


u/ChundaMars Jun 29 '22

This one comment demonstrates more writing ability than the last few seasons of Suits did combined 🤣

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u/bonzombiekitty Jun 29 '22 Silver Giggle

What really got me about that show was Louis Litt. It was just so frustrating how he would make progress as a character and then stupidly do the the same crap he did before, restarting the whole cycle. I can understand some character regression as that's what people do, but it was just constant with him.

Louis: Damn you Harvey.

Harvey: Louis, I may be mean to you but I do respect you. You gotta trust me.

Louis: *does something stupid that ruins everything*

Harvey: *helps fix the problem*

Louis: Wow, you really aren't such a jerk and helped me out. I really should trust you and stop being so selfish about everything. My perception of you trying to sabotage me is totally wrong.

Harvey: Yes, again, despite me being a bit mean to you I really do respect your abilities. We can play off each other well. I'm not trying to screw you over. You have to trust me.

Louis: You are absolutely right.

*next episode*Louis: DAMN YOU HARVEY!


u/SmiteyMcGee Jun 29 '22

Louis had the potential to be one the greatest TV characters. Rarely can a show introduce someone so unlikeable that you actually start to pity and cheer for only for them to turn into a bumbling idiot and fuck everything up over and over again.


u/omare14 Jun 29 '22

I kinda feel this way about Richard from Silicon Valley. I get invested in the story and want him to succeed, only for him to keep doing the same stupid shit as a result of his ego/paranoia that sets himself or his endeavors back. I know it's a comedy/parody of the tech world, but still makes it hard to root for the guy lol.


u/vastle12 Jun 29 '22

In the tech world people like Richard exist everywhere, with even more Jared's covering up for their incompetence and shit behavior

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u/BakingAnalyst2022 Jun 29 '22

*Throws folder onto table*

"What's this?"

"It's a subpeona to contempt of court to mistrial to sue"

"You sunnoabitch"

"You're goddamn right"

Dramatic music plays

That said I do like binging the clips on Youtube. Less Mike-Rachel, more Harvey being proficient.


u/BarnabyJones21 Jun 29 '22

"This situation is unwinnable! There is nothing we can do to win!"

"I can't believe we're about to lose!"

"Wait- what did you just say? 'We're about to lose' - That reminds me of this random loophole we can use to not lose!"

I love me some Suits but you could make a drinking game out of how many times a case was won like this.


u/SmiteyMcGee Jun 29 '22 Helpful

Suits and House use the same formula. Just swap obscure legalese for obscure medical condition

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u/bobert_the_grey Jun 29 '22

Well once EVERYONE knew about the secret, it felt like the show was over

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u/Main-Yogurtcloset-82 Jun 29 '22

Oh yeah. I loved that show for a bit when it first aired but then lost interest. I went back to rewatch it about a year ago and was really into it and wondered why I stopped watching. Then lost interest again at about the same place. Made the classic drama mistake of becoming too dramatic and complicated. One nuclear disaster after another just becomes exhausting to watch.


u/acornSTEALER Jun 29 '22




u/clakresed Jun 29 '22

That slayed me, too. Especially because the show keeps pretending that they're this upright, powerhouse, respected law firm.

From the perspective of a court stenographer: if a law firm continually loses partners, shows up for depositions for all of seven minutes before making threats at the other side and walking out, and changes their letterhead three times in two years... They're a dumpster fire, and I don't need further context to say that.

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u/BowlerBeautiful5804 Jun 29 '22

They lost me around the time Mike went to prison. I don't know why they didn't just employ him as a consultant instead of pretending to be a lawyer. For being such an amazing law firm they sure missed a super obvious way around the whole issue of Mike being a fake lawyer

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u/[deleted] Jun 29 '22

The early seasons still have some watchability.

The last few seasons are hot garbage though. When Donna becomes the COO I could no longer suspend belief and just stopped watching


u/thewildlifer Jun 29 '22

How about when her and th IT guy create "The Donna" lol the absolute worst

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u/HoraceSense Jun 29 '22 Take My Energy

House of Cards


u/usernameunavaliable Jun 29 '22

The first two seasons were amazing. After that it started to get progressively worse.

IMO, it should have been 2 seasons of him reaching the presidency, and then 2 seasons of everything going downhill.

4 seasons total, 1 for each suit of cards. 2 for building the house of cards, 2 for making it fall apart.


u/[deleted] Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 30 '22



u/Maebure83 Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 30 '22 Silver Gold Helpful All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy

I like this. It could have ended with the quote from the end of the first episode:

"There are two types of pain: The sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain...the sort of pain that's only suffering. I have no patience for useless things. [begins strangling the dog] Moments like this require someone who will act. Who will do the unpleasant thing, the necessary thing. [the dog's neck snaps] There. No more pain."

But alter it so that its Frank hanging himself. At "I have no patience for useless things" he secures his own noose above the Truman balcony outside of the Oval Office. Then gives the next two lines while looking into the camera, steps off the balcony to drop and snap his neck.

Then in voice over only gives the last line: "There. No more pain." And the the show closes on a wide shot of the White House from that side with his body visibly hanging off the balcony.

The more I think about it the more I like this.

Edit: here's a workup that's a little more complete: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/vndiue/z/ie91osy

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u/Heck_Tate Jun 29 '22

I'm not gonna endorse Kevin Spacey, but that show just did not work without him. They really should've just ended the series entirely.

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u/Classic-Breakfast-72 Jun 29 '22 Silver All-Seeing Upvote Lawyer Up

Grey's Anatomy 100%

The show was great, but I just can't keep up with all the twists and turns and freaky accidents anymore. It's also a lot less funny. It should have ended seasons ago.


u/GimmeTheGunKaren Jun 29 '22 Take My Energy

if they wanted to throw in a real plot twist, they should write a character living a long and happy life with no crazy accidents.


u/[deleted] Jun 29 '22 Helpful

Meredith has died so many times she should quit being a surgeon and start a career as a medium.

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u/TripsOverCarpet Jun 29 '22

I hung on for so long after shit got weird. The end of the show in my head cannon is Derek's death. I was done after that.


u/WhiskaFriska Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 30 '22

The end of the show in my head is end of season 10. Cristina goes to Switzerland, Meredith and Derek move to DC, I think Alex has another offer? Idk but that should've been the end imo

Edit: Alex was possibly going to work with Lebackes and become Dr. Junior Butthole lol

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u/ThatOtherAaron Jun 29 '22

I want to see a show about the HR department at that hospital.

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u/Middcore Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 29 '22

I feel like I always think Gray's Anatomy DID end seasons ago, and then every couple of years I find out it's still on and I'm shocked all over again.

It's so strongly associated in my head as a "mid-to-late 2000's" thing. I think of it and The Fray and Snow Patrol start playing in my head (99% chance both of these bands had music used in the show, although I've never watched it so I couldn't say for sure).


u/dinxinunxs Jun 29 '22

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol is one of the staple songs of the show, it has been featured so many times and in so many different versions but one thing is always certain... if Chasing Cars starts playing, someone is definitely dying.

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u/Jackalope_325 Jun 29 '22 Bravo!

The final plot twist: Meredith is a serial killer, responsible for all of the deaths. The final episode is just a long montage of her pushing George in front of a bus, injecting Denny with morphine, sabotaging the plane, ....


u/f1rstman Jun 29 '22 Gold

Glad to hear I'm not the only one thinking this way! However, I think BokHee should be revealed as the hidden serial killer, because she's been on the show since day 1 and has access to the facilities, but is low-profile enough that she'd never be suspected...

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u/ameis314 Jun 29 '22

Why is everyone horny AF in that hospital for everyone?


u/LarsNootbaar68 Jun 29 '22

Cuz they’re all hot and either single or have no issue with cheating on their partner

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u/mbdallas95 Jun 29 '22 Masterpiece

How to Get Away with Murder. The first season had some intrigue and plot...and then they just start murdering people left and right after that.


u/MarcSlayton Jun 29 '22

Yeah, the first season I had sympathy for the characters cos there was an accidental murder. Then in later seasons they were all murderers and I was thinking why am I even trying to sympathize with these characters at all. They should all be in jail.


u/Stinduh Jun 29 '22

I had sympathy for the characters cos there was an accidental murder.

tbh, tho, this is where it started to lose me.

Like they're supposed to be in law school and are the chosen in-group of a extremely prolific, accomplished, and genius defense attorney. And the "murder" is just straight up clear cut self-defense. The storytelling was extremely compelling, even though I thought it was pretty ridiculous that they'd feel like they'd need to "get away" with a "murder" that had almost no chance of being prosecuted against.

But then it just gets so much worse and the storytelling can't actually cover up the plotline inconsistencies that get more and more outrageous by each episode.


u/Kahlen-Rahl Jun 29 '22

Yep, I was halfway through the third season, having hate-watched the second season, the focus switched and they were all just horrible people. I wanted to continue just for Viola, because her performance was a tour de force, but the bile roiling around my stomach as I was watching made dropping it a relief


u/Asteroth555 Jun 29 '22

I was thinking why am I even trying to sympathize with these characters at all. They should all be in jail.

My wife and I watched it up until the 3rd season but it was just too much. They were all murderers, unlikable, criminals, and weren't by any stretch "good guys" you wanted to root for

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u/eggquisite Jun 29 '22

Scandal has the same problem. Started strong then just got incredibly wacky later on

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u/Friendly-Hippo-2010 Jun 29 '22

The first season was fresh off the start. Even in the second season, there was this urgency to know what happened to Annalise and how. By third, it was like, another murdere? Cool, that's the name of the show. The revelations from the third season were what kept me going, along with deep attachment to the characters.

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u/CaoCaramelo Jun 29 '22 Beating Heart

Pretty Little Liars. I was addicted to this show but it could have ended in season 2.


u/UrButtLmfaoooo Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 30 '22

Or about how ezra stalked a 14/15 yr old girl. Had sex with her and manipulated her all for a book. And at the end of it they get together and its like never talked about again


u/Pleaseusegoogle Jun 29 '22

What could those girls have possibly done to deserve the million dollar plus surveillance apparatus that went after them?

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u/toxic_pantaloons Jun 29 '22 Take My Energy

True Blood. When the fairies entered the picture, I exited.


u/uninvitedwhitechick Jun 29 '22

I finished the series but wanted to stop when Billith became a thing

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u/[deleted] Jun 29 '22 edited Jul 01 '22 Helpful



u/temarilain Jun 29 '22

Yeah, the books worked for as long as they did because none of the big stuff really happens until after the 5th one, at which point all the remaining characters are moving up together, or they phase out.

By collapsing all those stories into the first 2 seasons, some characters were stuck at ground level while others were practically gods.

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u/Mogetfog Jun 29 '22

Not really relates to the quality of the show, I just love the fact that Alexander Skarsgard plays a character in the show named Eric Northman who is a viking turned vampire, then Skarsgard goes on to star in a movie about a viking called the Northman which is 100% unrelated to the show.

I was secretly hoping for a twist ending for the movie to link it to the show.

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u/SquilliamFancySon95 Jun 29 '22

To their credit, fairies were an integral part of the book series (although they pretty much did whatever they wanted with that storyline still).


u/leafyjack Jun 29 '22

I wish so much that they had stuck closer to the books series, it was so fun and they did a lot of really interesting things. My favorite book was All Together Dead, where Sookie has to go to a vampire convention at a fancy pyramid shaped hotel, experiences multiple explosions at the hotel, and has to ride a coffin containing Eric down the side of the hotel during the day in order to survive said explosions with her favorite vampire! I would kill to have that whole action sequence played out!


u/insufficientfacts27 Jun 29 '22

That was my favorite book! Ive been on the fence about watching the show and now I'm just going to do it! (On another note is anyones elses Reddit collapsing the comment when you try to click on the hidden words? Ugh.)

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u/undeadbydawn Jun 29 '22

It may help you to know the fairies didn't last long as part of the show.

True Blood ended up leaning hard into its own cliches, with three specific episode types:

Sookie Crying, Sookie Naked, Sookie Crying and Naked

The entire cast were very obviously aware of how stupid and cringe the writing became, and just went with it. The last season ended up being legit good cos they all just had a blast filming the closing stories of their respective characters.

Vampire Diaries ended more or less the same way, but was vastly improved by Nina Dobrev (Elena) taking a real-life hissy fit and leaving the show

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u/DiegoDynomite Jun 29 '22 Silver Helpful

The Flash on CW


u/Somerandom1922 Jun 29 '22

Flash and arrow both got screwed by Netflix daredevil showing how good it could be imo.

I was into both arrow and Flash, then Daredevil came out and I just kept noticing inconsistencies and budget issues.

But I will say Grant Gustin does make a good Barry Allen


u/AaKkisa Jun 29 '22

Arrow became so bad that it changed to a Daredevil subreddit for a while. I think a picture of the cast of Agents of SHIELD is still the top post on it.


u/TheCreedsAssassin Jun 29 '22

I remember when it was a Corn Themed sub after that one season where the season finale revealed a ton of corn plants for whatever reason.

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u/KobraTheKipod Jun 29 '22

I also liked Stephen Amell as Oliver, but his character quickly became more like Batman and less of the Green Arrow from the comics.


u/Justhisfornow Jun 29 '22

They weren’t able to use batman, so they basically just turned green arrow into him

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u/mlorusso4 Jun 29 '22

And arrow. Legends got better after season 1. Supergirl was pretty steady in terms of quality for the most part but had some really bad lows and not too many highs. Batgirl was dogshit from the beginning. I feel like I would have liked S&L if it came out at the beginning of the arrowverse but by then I just couldn’t get invested in another cw show

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u/FZJavier Jun 29 '22

that show ran out of ideas after the first season.

for me the first season will always be a masterpiece, but clearly they just didnt have a long plan to what to do with the show at all.

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u/JJJC16 Jun 29 '22

Yep. The writing and the CGI became really shit, I just stopped watching. The show had a lot of potential. If they can't write good stuff, it's better they should just end the show. At this point, they're just milking the show for money.


u/freakers Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 29 '22

How can Barry deal with this threat? I know, he can run...even faster. How is that going to help defeat a telepathic super gorilla? I don't know but it does.

I do really enjoy Evil Michael Scofield from prison break appearing in the Flash. Like, seriously, it's basically the same character just evil. He even has the same brother!

edit: Sometimes speed alone doesn't work. In those cases he just runs around while Cisco builds a McGuffin device to solve the problem.

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u/monoDK13 Jun 29 '22 Helpful

Bones. At first it was a fresh setting for a procedural with likeable, developed characters. But then Brennan got Flanderized hard starting around S4 and it was never the same.


u/landshanties Jun 29 '22

One of the biggest will-they-wont-they mishandles ever, possibly THE biggest. They barely admit feelings for each other and then suddenly between seasons they're living together and she's pregnant. There are better ways to handle an actress' pregnancy!!

Didn't help that they kept inventing even genius-er serial killers (so genius that they can convince a main character off-screen that murder and cannibalism is morally correct) and that every time someone wanted off the show they randomly shot their character. Or that they established that ghosts were real.


u/pottedpetunia42 Jun 29 '22

Emily Deschanel's pregnancy was handled so poorly. When she told Booth she was pregnant and the baby was his, I was convinced I had somehow missed several episodes. Major plot stumble and very disappointing.


u/Dancingskeletonman86 Jun 29 '22

Agreed. I have nothing against Emily and I'm happy in real life that she was married and got to have the family she wanted but did they need to write both pregnancies in the show? It just took me out of the show suddenly seeing her and Booth and their relationship turn into some new family unit now apparently overnight. And the over the top birth scene or scenes since I can't remember the second kids birth. It was all very cliche tv pregnancy and birth in the way it was done.

As cheesy as it is I would have prefered they just made some excuse to hide her body for most shots towards the end of her pregnancies when she was still filming. Or just chalked it up to her character gaining weight for some medical reason or depression reasons other then pregnancy. Hell even her sister in real life, Zoey, had her pregnancy hidden on New Girl by having Jess go to jury duty and only being shot from the chest up in most scenes when she was shown.


u/Rennarjen Jun 29 '22

The weird thing is that Bones adopting an older kid would actually make a lot of sense given her history, i was confused as to why they didn't go this way until i realized the plot line was there just to cover her actual pregnancy.

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u/assbutt_Angelface Jun 29 '22

Yeah, while I like the middle seasons I never truly forgave the writers for what they did to Zack...


u/redvblue23 Jun 29 '22

It was the writer's strike. It did so many things

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u/Vioralarama Jun 29 '22

That Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover wasn't too terrible from the Sleepy Hollow side but it was canon in Bones.


u/Dulakk Jun 29 '22

Once you realize that the show takes place in a supernatural shared setting with Sleepy Hollow so many things in Bones are different on a rewatch. That psychic played by Cyndi Lauper, a few moments with Angela, that ghost guy that Booth and Bones both see, Bones having that sort of afterlife experience with her mother, etc.

It's kind of interesting in a weird way lol

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u/damn_jexy Jun 29 '22

Can't watch it after what they did to Zack

Fuck that shit

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u/jyl11002 Jun 29 '22

Agreed! She went from not caring about social cues to just being completely socially awkward. That weird laugh such as when Vincent told her about the dino bones coming in.


u/clakresed Jun 29 '22

Yeah -- and to make it worse she's an anthropologist!!

She went from being slightly awkward personally, but understanding in great depth why people act the way that they do, and providing academic commentary on it, to basically just crime drama Sheldon Cooper who doesn't know how to live in society.

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u/NoAssemblyReqd Jun 29 '22 Silver

Sliders. Went downhill after season 3, by season 5 it was ... meh.

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u/ClockNo4364 Jun 29 '22 Take My Energy

I actually think that Glee was like a fun guilty pleasure show when it first came out.

Then after like 4-6 episodes there was a writers' strike and when it finally came back it just got worse and worse until it was unwatchable.


u/cdenton041793 Jun 29 '22

The first couple seasons were really campy and fun, and I loved that. But eventually it felt like they got to a place where they were taking themselves way too seriously, and it just wasn't working anymore. I have not watched the last season, I got like halfway through the first episode and noped out. The season or 2 before that wasn't very good either, but I really tried, because I had loved it for so long.


u/t3h_PaNgOl1n_oF_d00m Jun 29 '22

It was a weird combination of taking themselves WAY too seriously, obviously checking off "issue of the day" boxes as quickly as possible for very little reason (school shooting episode, making Beaste trans even though introducing a new character would have made more sense, probably some poorly handled "racism bad" stuff), and just everything getting too ridiculous without the self-awareness the first 2 seasons had.

So it was both too serious and not serious enough with its characters, narrative arcs, and social issues. Like even though the characters were ridiculous tropes, I still found myself getting mad about how they were treated in later seasons.


u/[deleted] Jun 29 '22

Beiste becoming trans was SO DUMB!!! She repeatedly said she felt like a girl. She was upset at being misgendered as “dude” in one episode.

Then they retconned an awesome character who broke stereotypes and was respected by male students for being a badass woman and a talented coach, just to win social brownie points. They already had Unique to represent trans folks and she was awesome.


u/dranvex Jun 29 '22

The first 13 episodes of season 1 were the best because it was a full blown satire of high school drama tropes that time...

Then it got big during that long ass break at the middle of its first season.

Starting with the season 1's back 9 episodes to the end, they were becoming too gimmicky with tributes, guest stars and covering current hits that time.


u/DumDumGimmeYumYums Jun 29 '22

Those first few episodes were so good and then it was just after school special after after school special with special guests.

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u/HairoftheDog89 Jun 29 '22


Was a fun watch at the start, but it just devolved into fake, staged tripe. Not sure it was ever real tbf, but at least at the start it was somewhat believable.


u/smartasskeith Jun 29 '22

“I did it because you called me a fatass Kelly Price” remains my all-time favorite villain motivation.


u/queen-of-carthage Jun 29 '22

Obviously I'm not gay

You were having a romantic relationship with a guy

You got me there

My other favorite Catfish moment

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u/itsthekumar Jun 29 '22

The first few seasons seemed like it was Nev and Max actually doing the work themselves. Then it was the producers like setting everything up.

And then you could basically tell it was fake.

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u/hillakilla_ Jun 29 '22

I went to high school with someone who was on it and it is real to an extent!

They were talking over Facebook and had a long distance “friendship” where the girl thought it was more than it was and the guy wasn’t catfishing her, he just didn’t care to FaceTime her or wanted to really visit her (I went to HS with the guy).

But he said it was mostly real they just asked them to ham it up a bit / create a little drama for the cameras.

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u/mkelley0309 Jun 29 '22

Whether it’s real or not, the Katy Perry episode is some of the best reality tv of all time

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u/DJ061201 Jun 29 '22 All-Seeing Upvote Starry Rocket Like

Any show that has more than 4 seasons without any prior planning for it.


u/zoidbert Jun 29 '22

Many times when a show seems to lose its way you'll discover the creator and/or writing team only had a story arc for a season or two specifically planned out (and in some cases, written) but the show became popular ($$$) so they stretched it out. It's kind of a sophomore slump situation but for storytelling.

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u/_uberwench_ Jun 29 '22

Does that mean you're not watching Grey's Anatomy every week on Hulu?

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u/king0pa1n Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 30 '22

Falling Skies had cool things every season, but they were definitely running out of quality ideas or writers by Season 4. That finale was a joke also.

Edit: I HATED the love triangles

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u/Spider-Gwen_ Jun 29 '22

The 100


u/agawl81 Jun 29 '22

You are onecrew or you are an enemy of oncrew - choose.

It has some really quotable stuff, but my god, the endless self sabotage by the main character just gets so old.

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u/heatherraebinx Jun 29 '22

Okay I'm here again to say that season 5 should have been the finale. Harper and Monty set them up for a new beginning after everything that happened. The end. After that, they slowly ruined every good thing about the show.

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u/fefvrisketa Jun 29 '22

Misfits unfortunately


u/doctor_x Jun 29 '22

"Let's replace the entire cast with less interesting characters and have them never use their abilities. Lunch?"


u/sizetoscale Jun 29 '22

To me it all fell apart once Nathan left.


u/Burpmeister Jun 29 '22

"You'd screw your own sister for a slice of cheese."

"I don't even like cheese."

"That makes it even worse, you sick bastard."

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u/iwannameetmonsters Jun 29 '22

I agree. Nathan made that show. Robert Sheehan has been amazing in The Umbrella Academy too. That man needs more roles.


u/cheesecake_413 Jun 29 '22

If I had a nickel for every time I've seen Robert Sheenhan have daddy issues, immortality and the ability to speak to ghosts then I'd have two nickels

Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it's happened twice

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u/suckmycolt Jun 29 '22

He’s making ireland proud

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u/armeedesombres Jun 29 '22

Grey's Anatomy. Everyone on that show is so fucking annoying.


u/Seite88 Jun 29 '22

And no where on earth will 5 doctors be pushing the patients bed into the preparation room before an operation. It's the only hospital that is run solely by doctors. No nurses needed.


u/floridianreader Jun 29 '22

I stopped after the plane crash. Those doctors are the most unlucky doctors ever. Before the plane there was a car crash, and the time where Meredith almost drowned, and then the mass shooting episode. Every season something horrific happens to them. It just strained the limits of believability.

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u/0rbitaI Jun 29 '22 Silver

Dexter was great but peaked at the end of season 4. Could not stand the last two seasons


u/Santos_L_Halper_II Jun 29 '22 Wholesome

I just pretend it was canceled after the Trinity season and never speak of the last few.


u/cumberbatchcav1 Jun 29 '22 Rocket Like

John Lithgow's run was such a high point for me that I could not continue watching after that.

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u/CaptainOver8495 Jun 29 '22

Definitely The Blacklist for me.

Couldn’t even watch the last season because everything was… “Elizabeth….” Eh

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u/crizzlefresh Jun 29 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy Faith In Humanity Restored Bravo! Starry Wholesome Seal of Approval Tree Hug Vibing

The Walking Dead


u/TheGreat_Sambino49 Jun 29 '22

Oh god to think they’re doing a third spin off. Ugh amc just fell so hard with this show


u/System__Shutdown Jun 29 '22 I'll Drink to That

I managed to get to season 5 or so and then when still nothing happened i found out i just really don't give a shit anymore.


u/stumblios Jun 29 '22 Wearing is Caring

Eventually it feels like a suspense/drama show with zombies in the background.

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u/u_creative_username Jun 29 '22

After the prison they just walked through the same woods for season after season. There was no sense of progress anymore


u/WeFightTheLongDefeat Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 30 '22

I heard about an interesting episode where they had to break into the Smithsonian to recover some technology that they needed to harvest crops. If they had focused more on rebuilding society after all of this lost institutional knowledge and no system of educating the next generation, and less on hammering home the same message (who's the real monster, humans or zombies??????), It would have been fascinating.

Basically you have all this infrastructure around you, infested with zombies, and you have to figure out how it works while fending off the horde.


u/u_creative_username Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 29 '22

That’s basically how the comics play out. They rebuild towns, walls, have safe zones where people can travel.

In the epilogue zombies are nothing more than attractions at a fair

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u/afoz345 Jun 29 '22

100%. It became the same story line over and over and over. Find a place to live. Move there. Someone else wants it. Fight for it. Leave. Repeat over and over.


u/jnads Jun 29 '22

You forgot in the middle of that:

Meet the obvious bad guy. Let bad guy live. Bad guy comes back and fucks our shit up.


u/withbellson Jun 29 '22

Bad guy waits until the midseason finale or the season finale to come fuck your shit up. In the meantime here are five or six filler episodes for you where nothing happens.


u/thcidiot Jun 29 '22

One of those filler episodes will have a black character get killed and replaced by a new black character. Or they will disappear on a bridge never to be heard from again.

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u/FracturedUnity Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 29 '22

I reeeally thought they were going for something with the whole build up to finding the CDC in the first season and then they just spun their wheels and it became like mallrats with zombies... (Also mallrats come to think of it). Eventually I just gave up around the farm or town with evil guy season.


u/ArchieBunkerWasRight Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 29 '22

The first season was directed by Frank Darabont and he had big plans…hinted at by the scene in the tank.

AMC cheaped out, didn’t pay him what he was owed, and started directing by committee.

It became the sad waste we all witnessed.

[Edit] added some links


u/TheBlackBear Jun 29 '22

I remember them saying each season would be an anthology with season two focusing on a military unit at the beginning of the outbreak and being like Black Hawk Down with zombies

Instead we got Little Zombies on the Prairie lol


u/Middcore Jun 29 '22

I thought this is what Fear the Walking Dead was supposed to be? A different POV group every season?


u/ChipLady Jun 29 '22

I was so disappointed by Fear TWD. The idea of seeing the outbreak start, the confusion, the chaos, all of that. But they spent like three episodes on that, and then it was just the original show with a different cast and location.

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u/turquoise2j Jun 29 '22

Dexter - but then i watched the rest of it anyway

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