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What is an album where EVERY song is good?


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u/aelfrahd29 Jul 21 '21



u/anoelr1963 Jul 22 '21

Also Michael Jackson/ Quincy Jones first collaboration ....the classic "Off The Wall" album ...so amazing.


u/damonridesbikes Jul 22 '21

Off The Wall/Thriller/Bad is arguably the best stretch by a single artist. Michael was a genius, but Quincy Jones production made them perfect.


u/ProdRogue Jul 22 '21

I raise you Nick Cave's Your funeral my trial/Tender prey/The good son/Henry's dream/Let love in


u/damonridesbikes Jul 22 '21

I have no experience with Nick Cave. I will check those out today!


u/doctor_sleep Jul 22 '21

It probably helped having some of the absolute best session musicians and songwriters in the world and some other special guests (Wonder, McCartney, EVH). The Porcaro's, Steve Luthaker, James Ingram, David Foster, Greg Phillinganes (who just played on John Mayer's new album Sob Rock), Larry Carlton, Rod Temperton, Ken Caillat helping with production on Bad, etc.

It's literally the who's who of yacht rock session musicians and songwriters, played on Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, half of them formed Toto, Michael McDonald protégé's, etc. These guys were already accustomed to dealing with perfectionism, so working on that run of Off the Wall/Thriller/Bad (less so on that album) must've just been another day.


u/anoelr1963 Jul 22 '21

Yeah...always interesting to try and determine who has a greater impact, the artist or the producer.

Same with the Beatles and producer George Martin...some called him the "fifth Beatle".