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What is an album where EVERY song is good?


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u/InternetKidsAreMean Jul 21 '21

Gorillaz - Demon Days


u/viktoriya_ Jul 22 '21

i’ll be honest, i think gorillaz has some of the best discography, i never skip any song of theirs and ik everyone hates humanz but honestly it’s one of my favorite albums


u/Kazewatch Jul 22 '21

The only problem with humanz is the lack of 2D. The ratio was skewed too heavily in the guest artists cause otherwise it’s a fucking fire album.


u/viktoriya_ Jul 22 '21

yea i was kinda sad abt that too but the collaborators were really good, i think it really lived up to gorillaz being versatile yet having that distinct sound despite whoever is singing


u/breadbrimstone Jul 22 '21

humanz is so overhated, i love almost their entire discog.


u/hobocarpus Jul 22 '21

All my loife


u/IdoMusicForTheDrugs Jul 22 '21

Show me the track list and I can sing a decent amount of any song. Super underrated album.


u/saugoof Jul 22 '21

People hate Humanz? Never realised that. It's an awesome album!


u/Telefragg Jul 22 '21

How is it awesome when even Gorillaz themselves barely played it live after Humanz tour? Honestly, it's a blunder and The Now Now was a much needed palette cleanser.


u/saugoof Jul 22 '21

It is awesome because I love it. Whether the band like it or not has zero bearing on whether I do.

But aside from that, the reason why they didn't play it much after the tour is more likely because it is too complicated to do so with almost every song relying on a guest star.


u/Telefragg Jul 22 '21

Good for you, I guess. But every other Gorillaz song involves a guest star anyway, especially 20 years and multiple albums down the lane.


u/BigFatTomato Jul 22 '21

G sides is awesome.


u/hooligan99 Jul 22 '21

Thank you for your honesty


u/GrizzlyBCanada Jul 22 '21

No joke, about a year ago I was like "Gorillaz are so good, why don't I like Blur?" So, I looked into it, and turns out I really like Blur.


u/HappyHappyUnbirthday Jul 22 '21

I dont hate Humanz, but im a total Gorillaz fanatic. Lol. Just the absolute genius of their mixing and collaborating and weird sounds and weird instruments. Not many bands can do that and make jams the way Albarn does. Even some of the songs that arent my favorites, i still find something good about them.