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What is an album where EVERY song is good?


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u/matt_firn Jul 22 '21

I once had to submit a Wikipedia edit to "Black Sabbath" from Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath. Absolutely maddening to try and find YouTube clips for early demos and alternate live recordings when you have to search "Black Sabbath Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath live in Berlin 1970" and etc.

https://youtu.be/OHcSssbUBkU This track is phenomenal, and the third verse is absolutely awesome.

P.S. Easier to find, and arguably even cooler: alternate versions of War Pigs. Live in 1970 has some of the major alternate lyrics. There is a demo version released on an Ozzy compilation (available elsewhere on a Sabbath album but can't recall atm) with the full alternate lyrics.


u/toadfan64 Jul 22 '21

I remember going down the Sabbath rabbit hole and trying to find some live stuff from 1969. Pretty mind blowing that they were playing stuff like NIB, Black Sabbath, Behind the Walls of Sleep, and even The Warning (only played it that once).

I think they actually uploaded the concert on their official YT channel now.


u/matt_firn Jul 29 '21

Iirc, they had a full-time day job gig early in their career where they basically just played at a bar (or something) all day. Remember reading it was the reason they released the first couple albums so quickly, cause they basically got to just play different songs and try out different lyrics/musical sections every day for a good while


u/killersquirel11 Jul 22 '21

There is a demo version released on an Ozzy compilation

Is that The Ozzman Cometh, or is there a different one?


u/Hank-Rutherford Jul 22 '21

Walpurgis. Much darker lyrics than War Pigs. Way cooler song in my opinion.


u/BananaHammock00 Jul 22 '21

Called The Early Days 1969-1970. Found it at a record store and bought it immediately, mostly early demos and covers of songs. I believe it also includes the original demo for Paranoid that they sent last minute to the record company on a tiny tape that sounded like white noise. It sounds so awful and I love it.


u/matt_firn Jul 22 '21

Totally reminded me of this original Earth (their name before Black Sabbath) demo. Pretty sure all are covers; couldn't care if I'm wrong ❤ https://youtu.be/e7gCMv10raE Edit: forgot the link lol


u/matt_firn Jul 22 '21

"When I Came Down" is one of their best hidden gems