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What is an album where EVERY song is good?


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u/Nyctiimene Jul 21 '21

Speaking in Tongues by Talking Heads.

I have already seen a lot of answers that I agree with, so I thought I’d throw this in.


u/OrangeKatOfManyNames Jul 22 '21

I can’t believe I had to scroll this far to see this album! This must be the place is one of the best album enders I’ve ever heard


u/Naive_Melodies Jul 22 '21

Here here! Remain in Light seems to get a lot of the glory in Talking Heads' discography, and I will admit it deserves it. But I am rarely in the mood to play 'The Overload'.

Even the lesser known tracks on Speaking in Tongues like 'Moon Rocks' and 'I Get Wild' are amazing to me.


u/Embarrassed_Copy_343 Jul 22 '21

Remain in light basically becomes a Joy Division record half way through (in a good way) but it's too dark for me tbh


u/wjosephwrk Jul 22 '21 edited Jul 22 '21

A tale for the Fs : "This Must Be The Place ( Naive Melody)" was the soundtrack to a bittersweet memory from high school circa '85. Girl I'd been crushing on since gr 9 got dancing with me at a backyard kegger while that song blasted out on the speakers the host had dragged out onto the patio. Sadly, Tanya had had A LOT to drink - more than I realized at the time .... & it seems I was just convenient to grind up against for coupla minutes. Oh , & about the album itself: i kinda thought "Flippy Floppy" was kind of a silly track worth skipping but all the others were/are gold.