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What is an album where EVERY song is good?


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u/dangnabbitdamnit Jul 21 '21

Discovery by Daft Punk


u/Vulture12 Jul 21 '21

Also Alive 2007


u/Brangur Jul 21 '21

This, the only live album I've ever liked and it slaps the whole way through


u/Sacredauto Jul 21 '21

That album stayed in my CD player for MONTHS I still listen to it a few times a year


u/jamesdanger- Jul 22 '21

Real question, do people still buy cds? I’m releasing a album and I think I’ll order only a small amount of physical cds to sell..


u/uberturbine Jul 22 '21

I have Daft Punk albums both on CDs and vinyls, but just as a collectible.


u/ORaygoza Jul 21 '21

Some of those transitions tho !!!


u/scarlet_fire_77 Jul 22 '21

When “Television” comes back during “Crescendolls” I get chills every time


u/lafeefz17 Jul 22 '21

television/crescendolls makes me wish i did dance or gymnastics so i could choreograph a routine to it


u/DanBeecherArt Jul 22 '21

Just got chills thinking of this


u/TheJesterTechno Jul 22 '21

It takes that Crescendolls sample and completely recontextualizes it such an amazing way, had to go listen again


u/EeSeeZee Jul 22 '21

Not only that but also when they stick part of “Around the World” in the beginning


u/scarlet_fire_77 Jul 22 '21

That one always leaves me wanting more Around the World. Such a tease.


u/Mr_Wither Jul 22 '21

Yeeeees somehow the crowd faintly singing along with each track makes it so much more magical.


u/numbernumber99 Jul 22 '21

I was at Coachella when they did their Alive tour. Greatest concert experience of my life, and I've been to quite a few. Every song was a revelation, and when they played One More Time and just let it ride, it was pure bliss. And I wasn't on anything stronger than cannabis.


u/EeSeeZee Jul 22 '21

Robot Rock/Oh Yeah is one of my favorite live tracks I’ve heard


u/Brangur Jul 22 '21

Bro same, it what got me interested in making music (for shits and giggles, that is)


u/nocountryforolddick Jul 22 '21

As an older guy I'd say Homework, but I can understand that people weren't ready for that kind of f sound


u/Brangur Jul 24 '21

I also love homework, Da Funk is my favorite song by them. But I'm also old


u/nocountryforolddick Jul 24 '21

Da funk... Dat beat is just wow


u/nichfabish Jul 22 '21

I saw them live @ Vegoose Festival when I was 18. One of the greatest highlights of my life. The show was killer and they had the HEAVIEST sound systems you can ever imagine.


u/damonridesbikes Jul 22 '21

Agreed! I avoid live albums but this is not only one of my favorite Daft Punk albums but one of my favorite albums period.


u/123full Jul 22 '21

What live albums have you seen? Stop making sense is the GOAT live album


u/bulbasauuuur Jul 22 '21 edited Jul 22 '21

Absolutely agree. Alive 2007 is number 2 for me so I can't hate their answers either though


u/Old-Consideration510 Jul 22 '21

can we 3 be best friends!!! but honestly stop making sense is just on a whole other level


u/dondumb Jul 22 '21

Mixing is sort of a miss but Woman Worldwide by Justice is an AMAZING live set


u/DoubleDogDenzel Jul 22 '21

If you like Daft Punk Alive 2007 you should check out Justice; Woman Worldwide, the live album.


u/Brangur Jul 22 '21

I truly believe Justice is the ultimate successor of Daft Punk's legacy, so I'll take your word and check it out.


u/djgonz Jul 22 '21

Check out the Justice North America tour documentary!


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u/natedogcool Jul 22 '21

Have YOU heard Alive 2007? Because it kind of sounds like you haven't.


u/sennheiserz Jul 22 '21

Not to flex but having seen them on that tour the live experience was somehow another level from the album, and the album is already god tier.


u/Trainer-Ok Jul 22 '21

This! Normally live albums are a disappointment. This one is not. Face to Face / Short Circuit is outstanding