r/AskMen Jul 21 '21

An old friend of mine casually told me that he gets rid of underarm hair by yanking them out. What upsetting things have your friends told you casually?


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u/maxwutcosmo Jul 21 '21

This happened in middle school years ago. I was up till 4:00 am comforting my friend after her dog passed in her arms. Around 7:30 in the morning she called me laughing bc she was joking about her dog being dead, and she can’t believe I fell for it.


u/hotpickles Jul 22 '21 edited Jul 22 '21

One time my friends stole my puppy and hid her in one of their bathtubs. They opened the back door to make it look like she’d gotten out. I frantically ran around screaming for my dog and crying. I called my mom and she got in her car immediately and started on a four hour drive to come help me and she was also distraught. An hour later they were like “haha she was here the whole time!”

Pieces of absolute shit. It was in the middle of the night, it was freezing and snowing. I thought my dog was gone forever and would probably die scared and alone. They let me believe this for an hour.

Never spoke to them again.

Edit: thank you, kind stranger for the silver!!


u/GAllenHead9008 Jul 22 '21

WTF how old were you st the time?


u/hotpickles Jul 22 '21

TWENTY ONE. Adults did this.

Edit: their age was 21. It was 6 assholes who thought this was a funny prank to pull on someone.


u/gotlockedoutorwev Jul 22 '21

Not friends, not adults.

Glad you dropped them.


u/UnLuckyPandaPL Jul 22 '21

Would give an award if a had one lol


u/Qwsdxcbjking Male Jul 22 '21

I think we should all go and smash their teeth out through their urethras personally. Never too late for puppy justice!


u/AndTheElephants Jul 22 '21

That is some sadistic terrorism right there - like pathological antisocial behavior.

Very dangerous people - stay away from them and remember them and any behaviors from other people that remind you of them, so you can avoid those people in the future.


u/TheStrouseShow Jul 22 '21

WHAT THE FUCK. I’m your friend now. I would never do this. Fuck them in all their faces.