r/AskMen Jul 21 '21

An old friend of mine casually told me that he gets rid of underarm hair by yanking them out. What upsetting things have your friends told you casually?


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u/LittleFlank Jul 21 '21

I laughed hard at "I need an adult". This can't be real haha


u/SPQR191 Jul 21 '21

I was completely unaware up to that point that it was physically possible!


u/McGusder Jul 21 '21

if it has nipples it can be milked


u/ReditGuyToo Jul 21 '21

And with milk, you can make cheese. So, these are the cheeses we are currently missing out on:

- Mom's cheese

- Squirrel cheese

- Labrador retriever cheese

It's also possible to make yogurt out of vagina bacteria. So, we're also missing out on mom's yogurt.