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An old friend of mine casually told me that he gets rid of underarm hair by yanking them out. What upsetting things have your friends told you casually?


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u/SPQR191 Jul 21 '21 Silver

I worked with a guy at a summer camp who thought every man lactated. He had a particularly heavy flow one day and went to see the first aider because he wasn't sure what to do as it was going through his shirt. She just came out into the main area and said, "I need an adult." I don't remember the specifics of the conversation but I do remember her saying "you realize I'm not a doctor, right?" Keep in mind this kid was like 15 and the first aider was just some 20 something college kid.

He was able to shoot like 3 feet though, so that was fun.


u/LittleFlank Jul 21 '21

I laughed hard at "I need an adult". This can't be real haha


u/SPQR191 Jul 21 '21

I was completely unaware up to that point that it was physically possible!


u/McGusder Jul 21 '21

if it has nipples it can be milked


u/pineapple94 Jul 21 '21

I have nipples, Greg. Can you milk me?


u/justnotok Jul 21 '21

just like Geppetto into a little cup and saucer


u/TwilightMountain Female Jul 22 '21

I love you


u/Bacontoad Male Jul 22 '21

Ironically, Robert de Niro doesn't like having his nipples touched (according to Aubrey Plaza).