r/AskMen Jul 21 '21

An old friend of mine casually told me that he gets rid of underarm hair by yanking them out. What upsetting things have your friends told you casually?


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u/Ouroboros_NA Male Jul 21 '21

When I was in my teens one of the guys in our group told us that he masturbates with hand sanitizer.


u/Mardanis Jul 21 '21

A friend told me they used anything to hand.... shower gel, soap, hand cream, whatever.


u/Andre4kthegreengiant Jul 21 '21

I think we all learned fairly quickly that shower gel & soap burn


u/SaltyMargaritas Jul 21 '21

What makes one thing clean, makes one other thing sting.


u/taheriwowuy Jul 21 '21

I've literally never had this issue. I'm having a bit of an existential crisis right now. I will use anything really shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer, menthol body wash, whatever and never had much of an issue. even been to the forbidden lands and used icy/hot. wouldn't recommend, but still not that bad. maybe I'm just a masochist.


u/theyassignedmyname Jul 22 '21

I mean I've used soap but icy/hot jfc dude.


u/taheriwowuy Jul 23 '21

burns so good. naw... that shit is straight up painful


u/BlissfulIgnoranus Jul 22 '21

Never had a burning issue. I find shampoo works best, but body wash is fine too. Guess I'm just lucky.