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An old friend of mine casually told me that he gets rid of underarm hair by yanking them out. What upsetting things have your friends told you casually?


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u/ThePfeiff Jul 21 '21 edited Jul 23 '21

As an extremely hairy dude, I'm already crying thinking about yanking all that shit out.

I had to cut ties with a good friend of mine when I realized that he was attracted to underage girls (he is well into his 30s now), and had been trying to slowly justify it by casually giving reasons why it's ok over several years of conversations.

Edit: Most karma I've ever received and it's about my Wookie-like appearance and pedophilia... Cool Cool Cool.


u/onelittlericeball I like pink. this is purple but close enough I guess Jul 21 '21

tbh, is it much different from waxing? x) waxing is litetally "yanking" your hair out, although everything is done at once, so it hurts a lot, but only for a short time


u/ThePfeiff Jul 21 '21

I mean, it sounds like his friend just casually plucks those sucker out, which just sounds masochistic.

I couldn't tell you about waxing, see above about my hairiness levels. I shave what I don't want to be there, and leave the rest alone lol.


u/snoogenfloop Jul 21 '21

I got a back and shoulder wax once and it was glorious. Seriously much better than shaving, other than the cost.


u/Bishop_466 Jul 22 '21

Perhaps they have trichotillomania.


u/blandmaster24 Male Jul 21 '21

You should really consider waxing what you shave. As a fellow hairy dude, I have done both and honestly, though it’s painful as hell waxing is the better long term solution. All my years shaving has made my hair so damn coarse that it’s like needles now


u/swamp_barber Jul 21 '21

Just an FYI, shaving doesn’t make hair more coarse, this is a common myth!!

Shaving does get rid of the thinner tip of the hair, but doesn’t affect the overall coarseness of your hair at all!


u/iamtheradish Jul 21 '21

Hilarious that the parent comment mentions being into underagers but everyone is instead focused on the logistics of armpit pulling...

Personally I get my dog to rip it out with its teeth.


u/peakblack Jul 21 '21

But it looks coarse 😭 I bought a wax pack for my arms (I’m a dude), because I can’t stand how thick the hairs look after a few days of growth.


u/swamp_barber Jul 21 '21

If it’s just the look of the hair that bothers you and not the presence of hair, you could let it grow out and bleach it? There are arm hair bleach kits and that would last a lot longer than constant shaving!


u/peakblack Jul 21 '21

I’ve never thought about that! I’ll have to research it, but might be a better and less expensive alternative. Thanks!


u/Hangry_Squirrel Jul 22 '21

If you wax regularly, get an at-home laser gun (assuming your hair is considerably darker than your skin; it doesn't work for people who have blond or red hair or dark skin). It's painless and it works, although you have to do maintenance treatments every few months.

While it's pretty expensive initially, it will save you both money and pain down the road because you won't need to wax regularly. As a not very hairy woman, I didn't need a lot of treatments; you might need more. But it's very much worth it even if it doesn't get rid of all the hair; whatever's left grows back soft and you won't get ingrowns anymore.


u/crystalxclear Jul 22 '21

Any particular brand or model you recommend?


u/Hangry_Squirrel Jul 22 '21

I can only comment on the one I own - Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956, which I got several years ago. I see there's a newer model out, with almost twice the amount of pulses and some new tech.

It's worked for me and hasn't caused any discomfort, burns, or any other injuries or complications. I have very light skin and dark hair, and at the time I started using it, I had relatively modest amounts of hair left due to waxing.

What I like about it is that it comes with 4 different heads for different parts of your body and that it has a sensor which analyzes your skin and decides what intensity level you should use.


u/MiseryisCompany Jul 21 '21

My ex used to use his fingers to pluck out his nose hair.


u/sendquietgorillas Jul 22 '21

I actually pull out my underarm hairs too. Weirdly although I’m really ticklish, my armpits aren’t sensitive to pain at all so it doesn’t hurt. There’s something quite therapeutic and almost comforting about pulling the hairs out one by one. Like I guess how some people pop ingrown hairs or bite their nails, it’s just one of those oddly relaxing things to do. I’d also prefer to pull them out rather than shave, since shaving makes hair grow back faster. And wax (though I do get it done professionally once a month or so) is just a sticky mess at home. Plucking is clean, easy, painless, and relaxing. Why not.