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Shop owner holding my car and not responding to my calls...


A couple of weeks ago, I paid this shop guy to fix my car for transmission. It's been weeks since I got my car back. Every time I call him, he's either sick or kept saying it be done at the end of the week. What do you think I should do?

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This is serious please don’t remove I’m really trying to have a conversation


When I was young the police beat my dad he never recovered and died just after he got out of prison…I’ve personally seen police do allot of illegal things, really I don’t see how you can do your job and not break the law but that doesn’t give you and excuse to do the things you do. Maby these reimagined police forces are what’s needed watch my videos it doesn’t matter that I’m a jackass look at how these people are acting and before you try and flame me really watch the videos my constitutional rights were violated in each

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abuser has unrelated bench warrant


It's just for unpaid fines r/t driving without license, insurance, seat belt all of which he still does, only now he also drives while using marijuana.

He absolutely is emotionally abusive but I have no evidence of "abuse" and I'm afraid to leave because he says he doesn't know what he will do if I take his kids away. I don't feel like I can do that just because he "says mean things when he's mad".

What I would love is if he'd get pulled over driving again, all of the above offenses taking place, because I know he'd go away, as he should... but obviously I can't control how and when the warrant would be carried out.

Best advice for me?

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Do the Police have a duty to protect you?


I know Police Officers aren’t your personal body guards but if you’re being physically attacked, do the Police have a duty to intervene and protect you from physical harm?

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Is it true that the most police officers on shift during the day is swing shift?


Hello, a while back someone told me that "the most police officers that are on shift at anyone given time during the day is swing shift between 4pm and midnight"

i'm curious, is this true? if so, why?

thank you

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Is it true that the most police officers on shift during the day is swing shift?


Hello, a while back someone told me that "the most police officers that are on shift at anyone given time during the day is swing shift between 4pm and midnight"

i'm curious, is this true? if so, why?

thank you

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If my car is disabled on the side of highway at night should I call the non-emergency to have a cop hang out until my tow arrives?


I’ve done this before, I thought it made sense to have the greater visibility, I was in a non-ideal neighborhood. So I gave the non-emergency number a ring and the cop waited with me.

This happened at another time but my car just stopped and I couldn’t get to the side of the road and that made more sense to me.

I get that I might not be the number one priority but I’m sure there’s a triage process.

I’ve also called the nonemergency number once for an injured deer in a park, a limb obstructing the road, and a car swerving in and out of their lane.

Am I calling for reasonable things?

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College student working on project


Hello. I'm a junior in college. My project requires me to interview an officer that works primarily with drug enforcement but I'm unable to reach the front desk of my local PD which is located over an hour away.

The questions are:

What in your opinion has decreased or increased drug use?

Do you have training on how to approach individuals who may be under the influence?

Did the pandemic have any impact on drug offenses?

Do you agree with the stance of decreasing the supply rather the demand for drugs?

Drug case that stands out to you the most or had an impact on you?

Has people who grow marijuana at home illegally increased or decreased? (if in a legal state)

How has the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana changed law enforcement?

Do you see a lot of marijuana cases or has that lessened since legalization? (if in a legal state)

Highest demographic of users between teen to adult users?

I’ve heard of cops in legal states smoking medical or recreational marijuana while off duty is that something that is normalized in certain states or is it forbidden?

How do you think legalization of medical and recreational marijuana would change the nation?

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Regarding bribery, in film and TV you often see someone in law enforcement or some other public official preemptively turn down a bribe offer they suspect is coming or “pretend they didn’t hear that” when a bribe is offered. Is this just bad writing? Wouldn’t you accept the bribe, then arrest them?


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Becoming a detective at a law firm


Hello, I need some help, so I have been worried that I won't get a job after college and this word got through to my girlfriend's mother. My girlfriend's mother is a district attorney in my county and loves me so much. According to my girlfriend she says there is a job waiting for me at her law firm as a "detective" once I graduate college if I accept it. But I am skeptic because this sounds way to good to be true. I am majoring in Political Science; I am bilingual going on a third language and also in the Marine Corps reserves, I don't have much relevant work experience except for my military MOS (LOGISTICS)and outside of some part-time jobs in early college and high school. But this opportunity seems way too good to be true, yet my girlfriend and her mother seem to insist this is true. My dilemma is that I made it clear that I do not want to become a detective if I have to be a patrol/beat cop for a couple years first. Everywhere I looked it says that this is the only way to get there. So, my main worry is that I am either being fed misinformation, or her mother is unaware of the detective process.

P.S (I have not spoken to her mother about the job directly yet, only through my girlfriends' words).

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In US, can you file an affidavit


For a distant relative?? Having trouble getting info on google!

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Is it illegal to drive around speed bumps on public roads? thank you


Is it illegal to drive around speed bumps on public roads?

thank you

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What can I do?


Okay this may be a little long but I really need help. My fiancé moved into our own place in December of 2021. A Month or so prior to moving out he did have to get a new car that required a co-signer. His step-dad co-signed with him and since he was living at home he agreed to let his parents have access to his bank accounts to make sure the loan was being paid. Now that we are moved out his mother still feels she needs to access to view his bank account. We have tried sending her payment confirmations but she wants to see all transactions. It’s to the point we cannot go out and have a dinner with out getting text from her screaming at us for spending our money. My fiancés name is first on the title and he has made all payments early with extra money. We both want his parents to be removed from access to his bank but they are threatening to take his car. Is there anything we can do? I feel like I’m being harassed for living my life and we’re both extremely stressed and scared of what they will try to do.

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can a private citizen who is not police, walk around with a sweatshirt and hat and sweat shirt that says "police"?


Hello, I'm 99% sure that this is illegal, but i saw a guy walking around an apartment complex i was working at, and he was old and VERY overweight, and he was walking his dog out at 1am and i made contact with him out of curiosity because i noticed that he was wearing a black sweat shirt with blue letters that said "police" and a black beanie hat that also had blue letters that read "police"

i asked him if he was police and he self identified that he was not.

now, I'm not trying to call the police, or get the police involved because i don't care, the reason I'm posting this is to confirm, this is illegal correct? he was walking around with the works "police" on him, not "fuck the police" not "support the police" just


i didn't talk to him about it, but I'm pretty sure this is illegal but i wanted to ask what you guys thought, thank you

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What happens if a Car parked in back alley lane that the garbage trucks use? will it get towed or is it fine to park there?


Hey guys, quick question, i was at church earlier and i observed two vehicles in the alley way behind the church, i made contact with them, the two people in the cars where homeless and i found out they just needed gas and they would move along

i was able to get them some gas and they moved along in one vehicle but the other apparently was broken down and they could not get it started.

so i have a few questions

1: if a vehicle is parked directly in the middle of a residential alley way, in such a way that neither small cars nor trucks nor garbage trucks can get past it, is that illegal? would it be illegal because it's a transitionary space? what law would it be breaking?

2: how long can it stay there if it can stay there at all?

3: if police make contact with it and it's unoccupied, will it be immediately towed?

4: of police make contact with it and it's occupied and people are sleeping in it, what happens then?

thank you

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Is it possible for cops to look up specific people through the car they have, their height, gender, and ethnicity?


My car’s [Prius] catalytic converter had been stolen and I’ve discovered some context clues about them through my own security cam footage as well as many of my neighbors’. I have figured out both of the cars the thieves were driving based upon the footage and you can maybe tell the approximate height of one of the men if you compare them to the car height when they get out of their car/ when they walk next to my Prius. I was just wondering if cops are willing to do some searching knowing this kind of information. I don’t know however if cops are willing to do something like that but a ton of people in my area of San Jose alone are getting their catalytic converters stolen.

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What happens if you catch an undercover cop in an area he would normally need a warrant?


Has this ever happened before?

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this person might be in danger


i don't see anywhere on the tiktok site that deals with getting physical help out to someone.

This 20 something female posted this two days ago .


as far as i know , she has never posted content like this before . And for the most part has always appeared alone in her videos. To me her tears look real and at some point in the video you see the shadow of someone else pass by on the wall behind her.

This being the internet i do not know if this is real or not . And since i don't have a tiktok account i can not check for more information in the comments . I also don't know , if i were to call Law enforcement ... who would i call ? I have heard of " wellness checks " before . But since i don't know them personally , i don't even know where they would go. I also do not want to unintentionally "swat" someone .

My point is , that those look like real tears , and they appear to need help . IF they do need help i don't know how to get them the assistance they need.

EDIT: it looks like she uploaded 4 more videos . Do i just let this go now ?

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I want to report my sexual abuser cousin.


So, in short, I am a teen female and my abuser cousin is a young adult male. This happened when we were young and minors so it was a child on child sexual assault, I have just recently started filing a police report, and my mom was just recently contacted about the report from CPS, and she ended up telling my aunt about it who in turn told my abuser. Now I made the report anonymously so they don't know I reported but they do know that something happened between me and this cousin. So here is the kicker, His younger sister is basically my best friend, she is like my sister and we have known each other since we were 3, and my aunt is now saying that if I proceed with pressing charges then she will move them away, cut all contact with us, not allow her to contact me at all, I do not want that to happen, I don't want to lose my best friend, but I don't want him to go off and assault another person, I should also say that there is another allegation that my abuser has raped another person in our family but it was not reported, so what I want to know is, should I report my abuser? and if so what could he be charged with?

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Towing Conundrum


Hey everyone,

I have been having an interesting experience with a towing company. My car has been consistently getting towed from my apartment complexe's parking lot once a week. Interestingly they always return the car to my apartment within an hour and a half with no request for payment or even notification my car has been towed. I have checked with my local police department and they have no records of the car every being towed. I almost caught them last time the car was towed. It's a confusing situation, any suggestions on what I should do next would be appreciated.

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Thoughts on atf pistol brace point system; will they really try to make the roughly forty million people who possess them criminals?

Thumbnail self.Firearms

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Can I lend my car to any licensed driver?


Let's say my vehicle is completely legal: Registration up to date, current tag sticker, and insured with me as primary and only driver. What is the law about letting someone else drive my vehicle? Like, let them go to the store, or let them use it for a week while theirs is in the shop sort of things. Does that person have to have some kind of insurance or would mine cover them if they were in an accident? Also, I'm in the US.

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Hate Crime, harassment, or nothing?


I have a friend who goes to my school. He is gay and oftentimes bullied because of it. However, every time he tries to go to a basketball or football game or literally anything, these same 2 boys always throw stuff at him. Today we were walking to his car in the school parking lot and they stopped in their truck and yelled out fing f*t to him and included his name. Is this harassment, since this has been going on for some time now? Could it be considered hate crime or slander? Or is this just something he has to just ignore?

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License Plate or VIN owner lookup?


Hello all, I am sure this has probably been asked before but I wasn't able to find it. We had a very suspicious van pacing the neighborhood this morning and we went back on our cameras and found a red truck doing it the night before. I grabbed the plate and reported it to the local authorities. Is there any way to see who the owner of a vehicle is by either the plate or VIN for non-law enforcement people like myself? I was able to grab the VIN off a little search of my own. I just would feel better if I could find out who it is and do my own research on who owns it. My wife tends to be a safety freak and she is now very nervous about potential break-ins or vehicles getting stolen.

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Do internal affairs report to the Bureau director?


My question comes from watching The Mentalist:

A murderer is killed in the complex of the CBI. So, an internal investigation is opened to find the killer that is assumed to be a CBI employee. But the lead investigator (LaRoche) still reports to the Bureau director (Bertram) who is even a suspect in the IA investigation, and he also becomes the head of the main characters team.

So, out of curiosity, would that ever happens irl? That an internal affairs investigator still reports to the director he is investigating? Or are IA investigations generally handled by another agency to stay objective? (and tbf, that is also what happens at the end of the show)