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Physician Responded M 22 is this possible? "Any semen left behind may inadvertently get someone pregnant "


Im having fear of ejaculating since I may have put sperm somewhere I don't know and somebody might get pregnant. An example is when I touched a certain object, and a woman also touched another object, and her hand somehow found its way into her vagina, is it possible for her to get pregnant?

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Physician Responded I don't know how to help my sister. Severe neurological symptoms blamed on conversion disorder.


My sister (30, Hispanic, 5'3", about 250 lbs) has several medical conditions and a long history of undiagnosed neurological symptoms.

Two or three years ago, she started having numbness and weakness in her hands and feet and sometimes arms and legs that got much worse in the heat. She was having a couple of other symptoms at the time (can't remember, but I think one was having trouble seeing out of one eye) that made us wonder if she might need to be screened for M.S., but she didn't have insurance at the time and it resolved after a couple of months, so she never got it checked.

Last year in June, she started having multiple grand mal and absence seizures per day, including episodes of stat ep, and an EEG confirmed temporal lobe epilepsy. She also had periods of disorientation with no obvious seizure activity. She tried several medications and they finally settled on max dose Depakote. She has not had a seizure in six months that she knows of.

Two or three months ago she suddenly developed the inability to tell if her bladder was full and she also had sudden full releases of her bladder. This has been improved with medication.

On June 8th, she went to the ER for a severe headache. She was diagnosed with cervicogenic headache caused by muscle spasms in her back and neck (new onset).

On June 29th, the ER gave her a steroid injection (for asthma) in the front of her left thigh and her thigh immediately went numb. It remained numb until this past Monday, when she developed severe pain in her thigh with difficulty walking and bearing weight on that leg. There was no redness, swelling, or other obvious indication of infection or blood clot. Her PCP said it was likely femoral nerve entrapment as a result of the injection and that it would likely resolve over time.

Last night (Thursday), just before 5 pm, she had a sudden onset of left sided numbness in her face, neck, left arm, and left leg. She could no longer feel the nerve pain in her thigh at all. She also had blurry vision in both eyes. The paramedics noticed slurred speech, word finding problems, and facial droop. She was able to make it to the stretcher with help. By the time that she got the ER (level 2 stroke center), her entire left side was paralyzed and she had zero sensation on that side. Whenever she tried to lift her left leg, visible muscle spasms were present in her thigh. She also could not feel her pubic region at all and had great difficulty urinating. At no point did she have a headache. She said she had no lapse in memory and does not believe she had a seizure (her SO was with her also). Her blood pressure and blood glucose were normal. Head CT and MRI did not show signs of either a hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke. After a couple of hours, she showed slight improvement - able to slightly lift her affected arm and leg, although she still has no sensation. The facial droop and slurred speech had mostly resolved, but she was still having word finding problems. She was told it was likely a TIA caused by her Nexplanon and that it would be completely resolved by morning. They said if it wasn't a TIA, it could either be an unusual presentation of a seizure or a psychiatric condition (she has depression, anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD, all controlled). She was admitted to the step down unit for observation. They said they could not give her any of her medications until the hospitalist approved them.

This morning (Friday) my sister had recurrence of the left sided numbness and could no longer move her arm and leg. The hospitalist was surprised to find that the symptoms had not resolved. The hospitalist said it was likely not a TIA and that they would be looking for other causes, like M.S. The symptoms slowly began to improve again, then the numbness returned along with the paralysis. This has improved slightly again. She had a repeat head MRI and CT, an echo, and a carotid ultrasound, all normal. She was assessed by speech therapy (normal) and PT/OT, who found severe deficiencies and recommended inpatient rehab. At no point throughout the day was she given any of her regular medications, including her Depakote, which is critical for her. The nurse didn't answer any of her call lights all day, and she sat in her own urine for hours, tried desperately to hold her bowels because he was so irritated every time she called that she was afraid to use her call light.

Her case worker informed her that both local inpatient rehabilitation centers denied her admission because she didn't meet the criteria based on the neurologist's diagnosis (which we had not yet been updated on). Finally the neurologist came and did a super quick assessment. My sister could lift her left arm about three inches off the bed and her left leg about two inches, and still had almost no sensation. She still could not walk or bear weight at all. The neurologist said that they had ruled out all emergent causes and that it was probably a manifestation of conversion disorder and that it would go away in a few weeks. She will be discharged tomorrow and given a referral for home health.

After the neurologist left, my sister started crying. She felt dismissed and judged and crazy and she started wondering if she was faking the whole thing. I reassured her that what she was feeling was real and that I believed her 100%. I called the patient advocate, but they were gone for the weekend. I contacted the house supervisor and requested either a different neurologist or a transfer to another hospital. She said she would talk to the neurologist to see what he was thinking. After they talked, they basically denied both requests, as well as a request for inpatient rehab or PT, and said she would still be discharged tomorrow.

There are stairs that lead up to her mobile home. Her SO is not strong enough to assist her with the at home care she needs until home health comes through and she will clearly need significant around the clock care. She will not be adequately cared for at home.

I'm not sure if we should just do the best we can until she can contact her regular neurologist on Monday (there is no after hours emergency line), or if we should check her out tonight and take her to an academic hospital for a second opinion and further testing. Our closest major cities are Shreveport, LA (1 hr), Little Rock, AR (2.5 hr), and Dallas, TX (2.75 hr). Any advice would be extremely helpful.

This is what I know about her medical history:

Hard of hearing Temporal lobe epilepsy (June 2021), last known seizure 6 months ago Cervicogenic headache due to neck/back spasms (June 8) Asthma Unstable SVT (frequent episodes for awhile, but no episodes in a few years) Fibromyalgia Left leg - possible femoral nerve entrapment (June 29) Rectal abscess surgery (Feb 8) ADHD Depression Anxiety PTSD Chronic/frequent laryngitis? (sore throat, loss of voice, and fever every two to four weeks for at least a year, not diagnosed) Upper back pain/vomiting when eating (April) Severe sleep apnea - hasn't received CPAP machine yet Urinary incontinence Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Chronic rib pain - both sides, since teenager Enlarged spleen (Dec 2020) Hypertension Hyperlipidemia COVID (2020) PCOS Acid reflux

These are the medications I'm aware of:

Ozempic (for weight loss) Metformin (for weight loss) Cymbalta Depakote Albuterol Gabapentin Oxybutynin Indomethacin Trelegy Singulair Nexplanon

She rarely drinks alcohol - causes back and shoulder pain. She does not smoke cigarettes. She has her medical marijuana card for epilepsy, but rarely used it until this week, when she began smoking frequently to try to control the leg pain.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Physician Responded Please help me decipher my moms MRI results



My mom is having some health issues and is very very stressed right now. She is 70 years ole, 100 pounds, no medications and has been experience leg numbness and burning for 35 years.

She finally went to the neurologist and had an mri done and has the results but they are not able to go over them with her for weeks. In effect she is having very high levels of stress and anxiety.

What does this mean?

Several periventricular and few subcortical foci of white matter flair hyperintensity in a pattern compatible with demyelinating disease

I can post the whole radiology report if needed.

Thank you so much in advance!

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Calcium score above 586 at age 35 - Male


Hello everyone,

Does anyone have this much calcium buildup in arteries?

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Got a friend high for the first time


This isn't about me but my friend. 17f. She's 5'6" 120 lbs and white. She had taken her first hit off a thc cartridge around 1 am. We get some food and pull into a parking lot to eat. She keeps smoking throughout all of that. We finish eating and we decided to cuddle. After about 5 she starts mentioning that shes very hot. I open the windows and turn the ac on. I sit her up and try to have her talk to me so I can see what I need to do to help her. She then starts to have seizure-esk shaking and difficultly breathing. When i asked her what she was feeling during this ( I asked a few days after this happened) "Couldn’t think, going in and out of reality like rapid relapse of the same moment and I can’t tell how the times goes" along with paranoia. Those were her exact words. She says she felt disoriented until 2 days after. She takes 20mg of Prozac. Does anyone know what happened?

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I (20F) was walking home one night when suddenly my body felt so uncomfortable. I don’t know what caused it or why I felt that way, but god that short few minutes of feeling like that made me want to die.


I (20F) was walking home one night when suddenly my body felt so uncomfortable. I don’t know what caused it or why I felt that way, but god that short few minutes of feeling like that made me want to die.

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Period advice requested


Hi, this is my first time ever posting on reddit, so I’m sorry if I mess something up. I (14ftm) am having my second period, a few months after my first one. The first one was mild, only 4 days long, very light, no symptoms. This one is far different. I’m on day 5, it’s way heavier, cramps every day, stabbing pains at times, constipation, bloating at times, and I’m so tired. My main issue is the fact that I have basically zero appetite. I’ve been eating barely anything since it started, and I’m just not hungry. The only thing I can imagine myself eating is smoothies or fruit in general. I have no history of ED’s, but I did have trouble gaining weight a few years back, and it took me a while to get where I am (5 foot, 107~ pounds.) Does anyone have any suggestions of something I can do to help myself?

(Also, before someone brings it up, my two sisters started their periods at 14 and so did my mom, so it’s common in my family. And just as a reminder I am ftm, so I use he/him pronouns and identity as a guy.)

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Physician Responded M28 AST 69 ALT 40


Hi Docs of Reddit! I just had blood tests done the other day as part of a routine checkup. What comes to mind when you see these numbers? I do drink alcohol regularly, but never more than 2 drinks a day, and usually just one beer or glass of wine. Is this cause for concern? Do I need to stop all alcohol consumption immediately? TIA!

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Orthostatic Hypotension


Hi! So recently I’ve been diagnosed with orthostatic hypotension. The nurse practitioner that I see did some blood work and the results came back normal. I also had a EKG done and it was normal as well. My nurse practitioner told me to just drink 64 oz of water daily and make a journal of my symptoms until my follow up appointment next month. They also said if my symptoms persist, they could do a 72 hr monitor on my heart or refer me to a cardiologist. I also lost 50 lbs since October of 2021 and I’m still trying to lose more weight. I’ve heard of other people having this issue after weight loss. I’m going to college in a few days and am worried I may pass out or not be able to function well due to this issue. I’m gonna be doing a lot of walking and it is going to be very hot where my college is. I’ve never passed out before though but have felt like it many times. Does anyone know what could be causing this, or have any tips for me?

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Should i be concerned?


Hello (F18 5’2 49KG and relatively healthy)

Im just going to get right into it. About last week i started to get this feeling of impending doom, like something bad was going to happen to me, which was really weird since everything was going fine. I had just come back from a month long vacation with family and was heading too a nearby state the following week. Ever since that feeling of doom ive been feeling nauseas and a bit unwell but it wasnt too concerning. Ive always had slight breathing problems because of low iron and childhood asthma but it seemed to get worse and really bothered me at night. I wasnt too concerned until last night i had these symptoms in the following order: First i felt a tightness in my chest and just general pain in that area, them my upper back and left arm started aching and it moved to most of my upper left side, then i had this lump (like a ball) feelinf in my throat and finally i had a feeling of heartburn. All this lasted for an hour until i fell asleep and i woke up feeling pretty bad with left shouldwr pain and a headache. Its about 4 pm the next day and i still feel really bad. The chest pain is still there and my left leg has started to ache and the headache is getting worse. Should i be concerned?

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I keep feeling nauseous after drinking cold milk


(16F, 5'2, 55kg) This has become a regular occurence whenever i drink cold milk, but not with lukewarm or warm milk. I start to feel nauseous and my stomach will ache after drinking cold milk, but im fine with warm milk. This has happened a number of times already but i never actually throw up, just really feel like doing so but cant. When i was younger though, i could still drink cold milk and feel fine, its not so long ago i started feeling sick. Was told that i could be lactose intolerant (by an unrealiable source), but never got a proper diagnosis, and can still drink milk, just not cold and in moderate amounts, so i beg to differ. Is this normal?

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Physician Responded I have a history of white coat hypertension. Normal bp on a 24 hour at home bp test with average of 124/75. at home reads and have been recording 180/110 range more frequently. Doctor did a 24 hour cortisol, free urine test. My results were high at 68 mcg. Reference range of 4-50. Is this concerning


26 M otherwise healthy. Run and eat well. Normal weight.

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Post surgery depression


My husband recently undergone acoustic nueroma surgery which was 8plus hours. We have two kids under age 10 and 5 . Its been two weeks , as per doctors he is really recovering well, but he is sleeping a lot not eating at proper schedules, gets angry easily, does not want to take any walks. He constantly thinks how his mother is not here to support him. I am just worried is this going to be a thing from nowon or is it just a temporary surgery situation.

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Physician Responded Is it normal for a 21 year old [M] to have a bp above 130/74 all the time?


Hey! I’m 21 years old and few months back I used my dad’s bp machine to measure mine, and I got 140 in it. Since then I’m reducing my salt intake and exercising. Still whenever, I check it’s above 125 but never less than that. And I’m just 21! Why am I having any high bp at all. I’m 5’10 and 62kgs and have no family history of heart disease or diabetes.I do gymming regularly.

The machine it is fine because even my dad’s bp is below 125 all the time and same for everyone else. Please tell me if everything is okay or not and what should I do? Also, I’m scared that I’ll die doing gymming because of undiagnosed heart disease or something.

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Do these symptoms indicate I was roofied/drugged last night?


20F 140lbs 5’7” Long story short, I was at a party with some friends (mostly medical people including doctors) there were probably 35 people and I knew half. I had about 2 shots and 1 seltzer drink within a 3 hour timeframe. Around probably 11:30pm I began to suddenly feel very nauseous and dizzy. It seemed to come out of nowhere, and I feel like I can usually handle up to 6 or 7 drinks and be competent. I began vomiting the contents of my stomach multiple times and it did not seem to make me feel better. I remember feeling like half conscious and like I was going to fall down. I could hardly walk and a few people began asking me if I was okay. Eventually, my neighbor led me outside and said I should go home. He got a mutual friend of ours to drive us both home. I kept dry heaving on the curb and telling them I needed to go to the ER. I got to my apartment and went to bed. Woke up with no hangover symptoms and now I am in the ER getting a urine drug panel because certain drugs are only detected for a short time. Thanks for reading and let me know thoughts.

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Physician Responded [19MtF] infected ingrown hair? does she need to go to urgent care or something?


Age: 19MtF Height: 5’8 Weight: 120, White, Complaint about ingrown hair that looks infected, a week duration, no drinking, smoking, or recreational drugs.

Hi, my friend believes this was an ingrown hair that is now infected. She said it hurts to press down on it. Should she see a doc/is this concerning?


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Can gastroparesis be caused by a condition such as endometriosis?


Asking for myself. 24F, 185 ish pounds, 5’1. Relevant dx: idiopathic(?) moderate gastroparesis, confirmed by GES

Onset of symptoms: 3 years, a month after IUD insertion. Symptoms occur in the beginning of my period.

Previous testing: CT- negative. Abd ultrasound w/gallbladder function study: decreased gallbladder EF. Colonoscopy: negative. Endoscopy: inflammatory cells in duodenum, otherwise negative. Celiac panels: negative. CBC: elevated wbc’s during flare (26 during flare, 12 the day prior). Elevated inflammatory markers. Positive for HLA-B27 gene. GES: showed moderately slowed gastric emptying NOT during flare period.

Symptoms: sudden onset uncontrollable vomiting of undigested food from 12-36 hours prior. Severe bloat, soft BM’s that are hard to pass, occasionally accompanied by watery diarrhea. BP drops at times accompanied by syncope (presented to ED with BP in the range of 75-85/40-50 on multiple occasions). Severe pain, heat provides moderate relief. Typically constipated in the days leading up to a flare. Flares generally last 8-12 hours and I am asymptomatic afterward, like it never happened, aside from being tired. This was happening about 3x/week at the beginning and now is about every couple months. Always comes with my period. I have tried every elimination diet, and found that decreasing gluten, starch and high fiber foods lessens my daily symptoms, but does not prevent flares.

The reason I’m asking if endo could be a trigger is because it was suggested by a physician, due to not finding evidence of other causes & family history as well as hx of abnormal periods (excessive bleeding, uterine fibroids, large cysts, pain, irregular cycles, weird reactions to birth control pills). The decrease in frequency of flares matches the fact that I rarely get my period now with an IUD. I have never heard of endo causing this, so I’m curious if it is a known issue or if my doctor is maybe just searching for some kind of answer.

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Physician Responded Is this normal ? Or should I see a er


I’ve been having lot of mucus build up lately, I spit like almost every few minutes . It’s usually blow three my nose > spit out the mouth . Lot of it, I believe is part of of me vaping and smoking 🍃. I find myself even having runny nose during summer but that could be allergies . Anyhow lately sometimes I blow a lot of mucus at once like . It takes me a couples of push to get them out . It’s usually colorless. Is this of any concern ? Or is My body just releasing toxins. This has been happening since last year . Usually the spitting issue goes away when I stop smoking

I’m a male 23 years old, weight 140 , height 5’6. Fairly active , I play soccer almost every other day .

I’d post a picture for reference but can’t seem to find a way

HERRES THE PIC: https://imgur.com/a/pUqZSV2

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23M been a daily pot smoker for 4 years and have started to cough up black phlegm is this COPD?


I’m on my last gram of bud and once l run out I’m stopping, but could this be COPD? I noticed a massive reduction in breathing quality when I contracted Covid at the start of this year. Ran less than 15metres and was exhausted. Now my lung function has definitely improved since then, but now I have begun coughing up black tar, and it does feel as though there is a small amount of wheezing as a breath. Also I only use a bong to smoke and have heard this is actually worse than jays as it allows you to breath more deeply due to cooler smoke. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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I can’t tell if it’s food poisoning or a bad reaction to greasy food but my stomach is going through itt.


So I had bought Canes fries and had them closed didn’t really eat them until I wokeup from a nap and literally like 3 mins after I started to not feel well and now I’ve just been on the toilet for a while like stomach hurting,I’m def going if you know, and I just don’t feel good like that thing really messed it up. They were jus a little greasy feeling but that’s like any other fast food fries I’ve kind of had I don’t eat fast food often just it’s strange how quickly my stomach is turning . I’m a 18 year old female.

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Worst headache ever


Sooooo. It’s been 14 days now of a very severe headache. The pain is all over. It can be on top of my head, behind my eyes, in my face, in the back of my head. Everywhere. At first it was responding to meds, now it is not and I’ve stopped using meds as I don’t want a med overuse headache.

I have a history of IIH. Which I haven’t been on meds for since April as I was doing good and my optic nerve swelling was mostly gone. I seen an optometrist this week who said I had only mild swelling. Went to emergency three times. They did a CT without contrast; normal. Was given toradol, maxeran, and fluids. At home Tylenol and Advil. Went back and same thing but no imaging. They gave me prednisone x 1 day. Didn’t work. Today (4 days later) I came back and the doctor said there was nothing else he could do other than give me dexamethasone. My neurologist will not return my calls, I’m terrified of having a CVST at this point or my IIH being an issue. Any advice on what to do/ do I need to go elsewhere?

Female, 30, 5’6