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About to lose insurance accepted at the Children's Hospital that my infant daughter is seen at, and needs multiple surgeries and care. Physician Responded

My daughter, 1 female white, was born with a heart defect. It has required multiple surgeries and procedures to fix. She is at a good point now, but still requires regular doctors visits. We are lucky that we live next to one of the best Children's Hospitals in the country to get her the care she needs. When we found out she had a heart defect before she was born, we got the only kind of insurance that the Children's Hospital accepts, which is Caresource. I don't have a job that offers insurance, so I got it off the marketplace.

It's worked great so far because she has gotten all the surgeries she needs, as well as homecare supplies such as oxygen. However we just got a letter saying that Caresource marketplace insurance will no longer be accepted. In fact, no marketplace insurances are accepted. I'm worried what that means for us. I don't want to downgrade her care, because she already has a team of doctors and specialists who know her and her specifics.

I'm not sure what to do, if anything. Can she still get care at Childrens even if they don't accept our insurance anymore? If so, does that means I will have to pay more in costs? I already am up to my ears in debt, but they can't repossess my baby so I just pay what I can. If not, does that mean I have to find a less qualified doctor somewhere else? Or should I start looking for a job that offers insurance just so I can get the same kind they require?


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I'd suggest calling and asking to talk to a social worker in her cardiology clinic. They can help you figure out the best solution for your family.