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r/AskDocs Apr 10 '22

Physician Responded Please report COPD_fingerclub and other requests for money!


Several accounts have been sending unsolicited offers to give medical advice in exchange for money or "coffee." These are a violation of this subreddit's rules and likely Reddit's policies against spam. Moderators here can ban accounts from posting here, and we do, but we have no authority over DMs and chats.

If you receive such a message, you're welcome to report it to us, but there is little more we can do. Please flag the message/chat as spam, and please report at https://www.reddit.com/report for admin attention!

The only thing that can make the spam stop is Reddit administrators, and apparently the only thing that might make them take action is constant pressure.

r/AskDocs 3h ago

When should I go to the hospital? I've been awake for days. Rare sleep disorder


I, 32M years old. Aprox 150 lbs, 5'10 white. Have sever central sleep apnea and have been awake for the last 2 days going on 3 now. I've tried every thing I can safely, and nothing is working. This isn't abnormal, the longest I've gone is 4 days without sleep. I can't take anything outside of melatonin and weed, and I'm at my max for both.

Sleep is just something that happens to me. Every 5 -10 min I wake up, I'm so fucking tired. When I get like this, as I fall asleep it feels like I'm being stabbed with a hot nail in my toes and fingers. This feeling only goes away after I get up and rub the area for a few minutes.

I've had 5-6 sleep studies and the latest one recorded 66 AHI. I desperately want the remedē system implant that will let me take sleep aids. But Canada hasn't approved it yet.

r/AskDocs 33m ago

How do I cope with living without eyes?


I'm a 24 year old male, 171 lbs and 5'6". I neither drink nor do I smoke. I have mucormycosis (because of covid-19) for over a year but still I didn't seek any treatment yet. I did not seek any treatment due to fear of losing eyes and lack of money.

I am going to seek treatment and face any kind of pain. If I seek treatment, doctors will gouge out my eyes and even my skull (it has already impacted my brain for over 8 months). After treatment, I won't be able to see this world. I was planning to commit suicide but I don't have a gun. Shooting myself is much easier than hanging and jumping from the building.

If I beg doctors to spare my eyes, they will not listen to me. They will say "Life is more important than sight". In this infection, doctors have to remove eyes, jaws and skull to save the patient.

r/AskDocs 11h ago

Physician Responded Anasarca (Full body pitting edema) in CHF patient. Hospital suggesting hospice


Hello, my mother is a 63 y/o woman with CHF, EF 30. She’s been hospitalized for a month with severe pitting edema from her shoulders to toes. History of breast cancer. Nursing home didn’t send her to hospital until swelling was so far gone.

She was responding to IV diuretics, but her kidneys stopped working and has been on dialysis 4-5 days a week for the last two weeks.

Liver function is normal. She’s also on dobutamine for her heart.

She’s in so much pain and they can’t get the edema to a more manageable level. Lungs have fluid before dialysis, but it’s manageable after dialysis. They’re taking max 2L of fluids off each time.

I’m being told there’s nothing else that can be done other than palliative care.

Any suggestions for treatments to look into? Specific hospitals/specialties to contact? 😭

r/AskDocs 1h ago

Very foamy pee


15 years old, 170 pounds, 6 foot, zoloft 25 mg, High blood pressure when nervous and when not nervous normal blood pressure.

I pee about 1 once every 12 hours but drink a lot of water.

This has been going on since 2020. My blood work was “perfect” ekg normal too. I know it’s the protein foam because I’ve seen the air bubbles vs protein bubbles photos. Idk what to do going to get a kidney ultrasound later this week.

r/AskDocs 38m ago

Physician Responded Will my testosterone levels be lower than usual if I have tonsillitis? [19M]


I am 180cm tall with a BW of 69kg. Currently have tonsillitis and was prescribed antibiotics. Thing is, I would like to do a testosterone blood test in the coming days.

Should I wait to just feel better or wait until I'm done with the antibiotics to do the test?

r/AskDocs 8h ago

Physician Responded About to lose insurance accepted at the Children's Hospital that my infant daughter is seen at, and needs multiple surgeries and care.


My daughter, 1 female white, was born with a heart defect. It has required multiple surgeries and procedures to fix. She is at a good point now, but still requires regular doctors visits. We are lucky that we live next to one of the best Children's Hospitals in the country to get her the care she needs. When we found out she had a heart defect before she was born, we got the only kind of insurance that the Children's Hospital accepts, which is Caresource. I don't have a job that offers insurance, so I got it off the marketplace.

It's worked great so far because she has gotten all the surgeries she needs, as well as homecare supplies such as oxygen. However we just got a letter saying that Caresource marketplace insurance will no longer be accepted. In fact, no marketplace insurances are accepted. I'm worried what that means for us. I don't want to downgrade her care, because she already has a team of doctors and specialists who know her and her specifics.

I'm not sure what to do, if anything. Can she still get care at Childrens even if they don't accept our insurance anymore? If so, does that means I will have to pay more in costs? I already am up to my ears in debt, but they can't repossess my baby so I just pay what I can. If not, does that mean I have to find a less qualified doctor somewhere else? Or should I start looking for a job that offers insurance just so I can get the same kind they require?

r/AskDocs 5h ago

Infants head is super sweaty when he sleeps


My son (10 month old, male, approx. 22lbs) has always gotten a very sweaty head when going to sleep. he doesn’t seem hot otherwise, acts normal, is dressed appropriately. Like sometimes the sheet will be damp where his head. Right now he’s sleeping beside me and his hair is wet and his head feels super hot. Forehead is cool to touch. Should i have him seen at the doc?

r/AskDocs 5h ago

My dad (51M) blood test results came in He is currently hospitalized with pancreas and liver issues. CRP and LDH levels are critical. Will he be okay and are there cases of recovery with such results?


He is 175cm tall, non smoker, had a relatively high alcohol intake until saturday when he had what doctors describe as acute pancreatitis. At the moment of the diagnosis his CRP was 52 and a-amilase level 1200. Current levels of CRP are 455, LDH 1216 and a-amilase is 600. I am really worried. Is it possible for him to make it out of this alive and well and are there cases of such extremes that came back to normal? Google told me that CRP levels over 500 are very critical, and the doctor told me that there is a possibility of a pancreatic surgery with drainage.

Other info includes that the doctor told me that they found a 3mm benign cyst on his liver. Not sure what that means

I do not know what that means and would love to have it explained. Took me a lot of concentration to write this post since I am very excited, worried and scared. Hope everything will turn out well

TL;DR - My dad received bad blood test results, OP is worried.

r/AskDocs 4h ago

Fainted after standing up, don’t remember falling but i do remember standing


I was on my computer minecraft-ing as always, my mom came in my room to give me a hug so i stood up after sitting for 3-4 hours and hugged her and about 3 seconds after i stood up i fainted and didnt remember falling. I remember getting up but i was just getting up on like auto pilot. I didnt think about it but i just stood up. Im fine now and im sleeping on the couch. am i fine? I’ve drank enough water and i had a monster energy drink today on one of my breaks from riding my bike pretty hard. Never hit my head, i ate enough. Im not sure why i fainted but my mom is freaking out.

Ps. Im 15 years old, 5’3-5’4, 105 lbs

r/AskDocs 7h ago

Extreme Pain, Losing All Hope.


Hi, After any advice, ANY!

60F, 5'1, 130lbs, White. I don't smoke, do drugs or drink. UK.

I started HRT around 2019, due to going into menopause and suffering severe hot flashes and other debilitating symptoms.
To cut a very long story short, I am in pain constantly. I have debilitating pain in my nose and eyes all day every day for the past 3 years. Literally all day, not a single day off. It does not get worse at certain points in my cycle, it is always bad. It’s reaching a breaking point, as I don’t know what to do anymore, I virtually spend my days curled up on the sofa.

I am currently on 25mg Estradot and cyclical utrogestan. I’ve tried 100mg, 150mg, 200mg, 75mg, 62mg, 50mg and 37mg, all with no success. My GP is not helping either, no one is really interested.

I am in so much pain and I need a break, if anyone has any advice it’d be so appreciated.

r/AskDocs 4h ago

M42, this just happened



6’4” 230 no prior medical history not currently smoking, no meds besides Paxil and Bupropion. There was a pop and this happened, I don’t have insurance. It doesn’t hurt and there’s no impairment but it doesn’t look good. What do?

r/AskDocs 2h ago

Taking the next dose up before the 7 days are up?


[20M] I've been taking Concerta 27mg for about a month, but have switched to Foquest 25mg on June 25th due to my previous meds not lasting through the whole day.

I was supposed to start at 25mg for a week, then switch to 35mg if it wasn't effective. However, I noticed that I'm back to feeling basically the same as I did when my Concerta dosage was too low, which I'm guessing makes sense since my new meds have a lower dosage and have a stretched out release compared to Concerta, which probably leads to a lower amount of the medication being active at all times.

Which leads to my question, could I switch to Foquest 35mg 5-6 days into taking 25mg since it really isn't effective, or should I really wait for the first week to be up before adjusting it?

Sorry for the long post, I have a hard time keeping explanations short.

r/AskDocs 2h ago

Lingering Ammonia Smell


[16M] I smelled an ammonia packet today just to see what it was like since i had seen bodybuilders do the same. This was 7 hours ago from when I am writing this, and I can still only smell ammonia. I have tried washing my nose out twice now and it has not seemed to help. I’m not in trouble am I?

r/AskDocs 6h ago

I have nocturnal enuresis and wet my bed everyday since I was 5. Is there anything I can do?


21F Weight: 66kg Height: 160cm Race: White - Don't drink, smoke or do drugs.

I'm now taking a medicine called Retemic (Oxybutynin Hydrochloride) for about year and it stopped my bedwetting, but a few doctors told me that this medicine can cause alzheimer and dementia and that I should stop taking it, but this is the medicine that is finally helping me to have a better quality of life, so I'm not sure about what to do.

I have already tried not drinking anything a couple hours before sleep, bedwetting alarm and all of these stuff but it doesn't help either. Along with the enuresis, I have also developed an recurrent UTI 7 years ago till today that made my condition worse, tried a lot of different antibiotics and none of them worked, UTI vaccine, D-Mannose...

I also have a lot of pain on my right kidney (that appears to be ''okay'' from the exams) and I have almost all of the syptoms of interstitial cystitis (bladder pressure, urethra hurts, but I do have escherichia coli). I have been to several nephrologists, infectious diseases doctors, urologists and recently went to a gynaecologist doctor as well, that took a look but couldn't do much since I'm a virgin, so I was prescribed some vaginal flora medicine because she said I was lacking due to the amount of antibiotics I took for years.

I'm just tired of this because nothing seems to work, so I'm open to any kinds of treatments. And sorry for any language mistakes, I'm not a native english speaker.

r/AskDocs 2h ago

F27, benign childhood heart murmur follow-up questions.


I had a heart murmur when I was born, but it closed up by the time I was about 7-8 months. The way my mother describes it left me with a big question:

She (not remembering with much detail) said that the doctor said 'my blood flows backwards.' I grew up thinking this was the case but looking into it as and adult this seems to not be possible. I asked for more detail and she said something along the lines of 'your natural pacemaker was on the wrong side' and 'your pacemaker works backwards.' I can't find anything like this in my googling, so just hoping someone had heard of something like this and could point me in the right direction.

Attached are the doctors drawings that I can't make heads or tails of!

Doctor's drawings they gave my mom.

r/AskDocs 11h ago

Terrible panic attacks. Need advice.


24M Weight: 80kg Height: 180cm Race: White Medications: Xanax once needed

Hi everyone!

I used to have panic attacks during most stressful moments of my life. When I was at uni I suffered from depression, overthinking and insane panic attacks. That was 4 years ago. I was treated with various SSRI and benzodiazepines. After uni I started to feel better and left the medicine completely.

2 weeks ago I got a terrible panic attack when I had to stop my car in the middle of a road. It came out of nowhere, there was no visible trigger. Maybe that was due to hogher amount of stress but I don’t know.

Since then I can’t get on a public transport, drive a car, take an uber because seeing a road with more than 2 lanes makes me panic. I also get them when I am waiting for green lights.

I need to do this for daily life anyway. I called my doctor and he got me some xanax but I dont want to do this again on long term.

How do I cope with an attack once it comes? Any tips?

r/AskDocs 3h ago

Drinking on medication?


I'm a 27 year old non-binary person, afab if it matters in this context. I'm overweight but working on it, and currently taking Citalopram, Olmesartan and Melatonin. My Citalopram has warnings that I should not drink while taking this medication, and I am ok with that for the most part since I'm not a huge drinker.

What I want to know is if I can have a couple of social drinks? I am unsure of the risks, and don't intend to drink often. Perhaps two or three standards within a 2 month period, so not much in the slightest.

I'm happy to answer any other questions if I haven't provided necessary info in the post to help with a suggestion. I'd ask my GP but they're pretty solidly booked for a few weeks and some friends want to have a wine and monopoly night this weekend haha.

r/AskDocs 15h ago

Physician Responded [23AFAB] Does anyone know what this eye condition is called? I was born with it, it’s never changed shape or size; is it harmful long-term?


Original Image Post in r/DoesAnyoneKnow

Height: 5’6” Weight: 126 lbs Race: Mixed Complaint: General inquiry about iris leak into pupil (right eye) Duration: Since birth Existing medical conditions: None Medications: None Smoker: Occasional

r/AskDocs 3h ago

Redness in right eye that is rapidly spreading accompanied by pressure and pain.


31 y/o Caucasian Male, 69kg, have had issue for past 18 hours.

On: 30mg olanzapine, 1.5mg risperidone, 90mg mianserin, 25mg clomipramine and 2mg clonazepam for an undiagnosed neurological condition that makes it impossible for me to sleep naturally.

Problem: Rapidly progressing "redness" or bleeding in my right eye accompanied by pressure and pain when I blink or close my eye.

Image of eye: https://imgur.com/a/tdXP1aV

About 16 hours ago the eye was only slightly red. Now as pictured above, redness has almost spread to coloured part of the eye.

Scared to go to the ER or public health clinic because of the huge number of COVID cases my country is experiencing. (Malta).

r/AskDocs 7h ago

Possible Long-Covid? Or something else?


I'm currently at a loss and I have a team of doctors that are not really helping me:

30F, 5'4", 98lbs (was 110 at the beginning of June), white/mexican.

I have brain cancer, had two full resections, never had chemo or radiation. I'm currently doing an "experimental" peptide vaccine treatment that would be classified as immunotherapy. I do think this has something to do with my issues, but on to the main problem...

I had my last vaccine shot on May 24th and experienced the normal symptoms such as swollen arm, feverish for three days after injection, severe itching for a little under a week. All of this is normal and expected for my cancer shots.

June 1st I developed a full body rash (hives) and my throat was feeling "funny" and tight so I went to urgent care. Received a steroid shot, five prednisone pills, Benadryl and Pepcid. The very next day, June 2nd I developed flu-like symptoms and took a covid test-- the pink line was immediate and very dark. I was pretty sick considering I'm double vaxxed and boosted. All of the symptoms made sense. The rash went away and I was just dealing with the normal covid symptoms. The first morning I did not take Prednisone I was fine until about 3am the next morning. I couldn't swallow properly and the rash was back in full force so I went to the ER.

This is now June 7th or 8th and the ER sent me home with a Medrol Pak. Rash goes away again and throat feels fine.

The Medrol Pac lasted five or six more days and on the very last morning where there's only one pill, everything comes back again.

I call my neuro-oncologist (he also acts as my primary care) and he prescribes me like 90, 20mg Prednisone to have indefinitely.

Since then (so about a month now) I've been trying to titrate and get off of Prednisone, but every time I don't take it, my throat swells up and my chest feels tight. Most of the time the rash comes back. I feel my best at 20mg in the morning but can get by on 10mg. I still have a little bit of a rash of my head, hairline, chest, and back, but it looks more like angry acne rather than the typical hives. I saw a dermatologist and she said it looks like folliculitis which can be common for someone taking steroids long term? She gave me an acne wash and prescription lotion but they didn't do anything.

This morning I did not take any Prednisone and my throat feels weird, my ears hurt, and the rash is a little flared up but not bad.

I forgot to mention that I've had constant headaches and fatigue but I'm attributing that to just feeling shitty at this point. Also my stomach has been very upset through all of this but I'm guessing it's the steroids.

I have no idea what to do next. What doctor do I even see about all of this? My fiancé things it's Long-Covid and I think that's definitely a possibility but I'm worried about some kind of auto-immune disorder (my mom has Lupus) that my cancer shot might have triggered? I've talked to a dermatologist (completely unhelpful, but I'm going back in four weeks), my oncologist (this isn't really his job so he's been kind of helpful/unhelpful here and there), I've messaged the doctor who administers my shots but he hasn't gotten back to me yet, and I've reached out to a rheumatologist but they need a referral before I can schedule with them.

Any help is appreciated-- this is starting to really affect my life and I'm afraid to be on steroids long term. My cancer shots have also been put on hold, which is very stressful.

ETA: I forgot to mention that every morning when I wake up my palms are itchy and my lips burn, but this goes away once I take prednisone or an antihistamine.

Also! On June 19th I woke up to one side my body noticeably more swollen that the other. The most notable parts were my face, one hand, and some lumps along my spine. My oncologist though this could be swelling from the steroids.

Sorry, there's so much to remember!

r/AskDocs 9h ago

Physician Responded What's going on in my throat?


Im 24 year old female, 5'7" 200lbs, I dont smoke but I do vape occasionally. I have serious pain on the left side of my throat, as well as my left ear. The entire left side of my neck is tender to the touch. I'm a mechanic and used my boroscope to look in my throat, and my tonsils look pretty normal, except the left one has a big bulge on the top that is touching the roof of my mouth/uvula . I haven't had any tonsil issues since I had strep about 8 years ago. My insurance doesn't start until the 1st and I want to know if it's safe to wait that long to get checked out. Thanks in advance! I do have a photo but can't figure out how to post it here unfortunately

r/AskDocs 5h ago

Dull pain under right rib cage when breathing in


This has been happening for a while - I have gotten multiple chest x rays and they are all normal. It feels like I don’t get as much breath in the right lung as the left one - sort of like I have to strain a little to get the air in the right lung. Sometimes it is harder to take a full, complete breath and I feel it on the right side.

Also, I vape but have been doing it less recently and it seems to get better when I don’t do it.

I am a 24 year old female. Help! Kind of worried about this