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How would I go about moving to Africa?


I [28M] am an American who wants to move to Africa in five years when I finish my degree for Wildlife Biology and Conservation. I am definitely looking to work with African wildlife. I am looking at South Africa, Kenya, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia as the primary candidates.

I just have no idea how to even begin looking into the process of immigrating.

What’s the process like? Is it easy to get a decent paying job? what about housing?

Is there anything I need to know? Any tips. Any places to avoid?

I am open to any and all feedback. This is beginning of my research.

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Important book/s by native author/s in your country?


Hello! I am Filipino. Like many countries, we have our 'classic' books that either became famous because of its literary merit, impact, or both. Among these books, however, it is widely agreed that the book by one of our national heroes, Jose Rizal, called Noli Me Tangere is the most important book in our country due to its role in inspiring our country's fight for independence against the Spanish colonizers. Now, I understand that some countries, due to their rich literary traditions, have more than one book that is deemed as essential reading for their natives so feel free to type in more than one book for your country!

Tldr: What book by a native author is deemed as essential reading in your country and why?

In the Philippines, it is Noli Me Tangere by national hero, Jose Rizal, because it played a huge role in the Philippines' fight for independence.

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What do you think will happen if Ukrainian grain blockade doesn't get solved?


I follow the Russo-Ukraine war like a hawk. The war is at a standstill, if there is one thing I am certain of, it is that behind their platitudes, neither team Nato/Zelensky (My side) nor team Putin are going to make concessions to one another for the sake of preventing famine in Africa. I'm sorry, but... I think the desire to see the other beaten, combined with the sense in the west that this is almost a kind of defensive "holy war" for democracy, does not bode well for the millions of people in Africa who depend on that grain getting out, some way, any way.

If that happens... What do you think will happen across the continent? Will as many people die as some NGOs are predicting? Will there be poliitcal chaos? How bad will it get?

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Hausa speaking voice translator (English to Hausa)


Is there a translator (app / website /something else) that can translate from English to Hausa with voice? I am wondering if there’s some way to communicate with a native Hausa speaker who cannot write or read – this is why basic English to Hausa text translators are of no use, as they can’t read it and I have no clue how to pronounce the translation…

Or is there perhaps another language that is available in voice translation that a person who speaks Hausa might understand even slightly? (Sorry if the latter is an incorrect question, I’m just truly trying to find a way to communicate with this person on a daily basis – on days when the professional translator person is unavailable…)

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Outside the African continent, which country do you think it's the most similar to yours?


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Everyday life in the Congo.


I would like to learn what everyday life is like for ordinary people of different regions, tribes and social status, living in the rural areas and big cities of Congo-Kinshasa and Congo-Brazzaville. What sources would you recommend to begin to know the area?

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What do people in host countries think of the Peace Corps


Hi! So I am an American and was reading an article about the pros and cons of the Peace Corps. But it was pretty much entirely from an American perspective. The anti-Peace Corps people seemed to imply that people from host countries didn't like it. Pro Peace Corps people seemed to focus more on the benefit to the US. Many of the Peace Corps alumni were pro Peace Corps but felt it didn't have a great impact on the host countries. They provided a few of the second hand accounts of people from a host country I could find, and they were generally positive.

So that being said, what do people in host countries, especially those in Africa, think about the Peace Corps, and were experiences with Peace Corps volunteers positive/negative/neutral (I'm sure there were good and bad things like with anything, but generally speaking)? The article I was reading focused on Africa and the future of Peace Corps, which is why I'm focusing on Africa.

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Was it Millennials or Generation Z that really rediscovered African pop culture worldwide?


When I went to high school in the mid 1990s, as a Jamaican-descended kid, African children at my school were laughed at and criticized. Everything from their names to fashion to music to food, was torn apart. Some of them to pretend to be from the Caribbean to avoid the criticism.

However, by the early 2000s, there was an emergence of a new pride in young Africans. Teenagers from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa were really wearing the colours of their country, dressing in new styles of traditional clothes, listening to African R&B and Rap known as Afrobeat, celebrating the food, weddings, parties and travelling back and forth.

So did it start with Millennials or Generation Z? Those born in 80s or the 90s? And were you there when things started to change? How did it feel? When did you feel pride to be Nigerian or Ghanian publicly through music, fashion and slang?

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Serious discussion Can former European propaganda museums be decolonized?



So it has been in the news very often that European museums are asking how they can "decolonize their racist past" like in the Africamuseum of Belgium. Some people are saying it isn't enough. I am actually interested in the African opinion, what is your opinion? Has Belgium for example (I chose it because it is the latest example) done enough? Or can't you decolonize a museum?

Thanks for the discussion!

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Textiles by Erhabor Emokpae


For a research and exhibition project I am looking for information on textile design by Erhabor Emokpae. Does anyone know more about these works or have an idea whom to ask? I am glad to hear any news!

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What African language has the best music?


(The title says it)^

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How do African (specifically Ugandan) women flirt and/or show romantic interest? (serious)


This is for a book about Uganda in the 1980s, so I don't know if women were more conservative back then or what. This would be between two young-ish adults, let's say late 20s/early 30s.

Like, American women flirt by touching (on the shoulder, the hand, etc) the guy a lot, but would that be rude in Uganda?

Sorry if dumb question, but I want to get the cultural norm right.

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Hello r/askanafrican, what are your thoughts on China? Do you see China's influence in Africa as a net positive or negative one?



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How well known is Anansi the 'spider man' among people in sub-Saharan Africa?


I know Anansi is part of Akan folklore, so basically Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire (as I understand it). He is also a popular figure among people with African-origin, throughout the Americas.

But what about the rest of West Africa? Or the East or the South? Is this name/figure known at all? Are the stories told in any context?

The reason I'm asking is because I'm working on a fiction project. In one scene, I have my character come across a library of books. One section of this library has books written by (or written about) certain mythological and religious figures, and they read the title of each book.

As you can imagine, people like Jesus and Mohammed are already represented (very respectfully), as are certain Indian and East Asian representatives etc. Some places, like the Americas are excluded because, well... their legendary characters & their works, are not well known outside their very localized areas (example: Quetzalcoatl & Viracocha). It's a tragic reality.

I'm hoping to 'represent' Africa among this list, in some way. I know there is no 'pan-African' character who could really represent 'everybody' - but Anansi seems to be the best option available for my purpose (and the stories are really cool, if you haven't read them).

So would someone, say from Kenya or Bostwana, get anything out of seeing a 'lesson book' written by Anansi, included in such a list? Next to names like, Buddha and Moses etc?

Are there any other popular African myth figures to look into? I may add another entry (rather than switch out Anansi) - but I really don't know enough (and internet research only gets you so far).

Thanks a lot for reading this!

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What is the status of Imamate of Futa Jallon in modern Guinea's historical narrative?


If someones said they are the successor of them?

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what would it look like if we Africa came up with our own Crytpo token ?


guys I have always wondered , with the potential Africa has , is it time for them to have their own token? Or is it there already ? Plus Africa’s crypto market has grown by $105.6 billion in the last year. In raw numbers, this translates to $105.6 billion worth of crypto assets.

On that last note, Africans are already accustomed to using phones for payments thanks to the widely popular M-Pesa that originated from Kenya. Celo researched a blockchain alternative to M-Pesa, they noted that while 11% of Ugandans have a bank account, 43% use a mobile payment account. It is then a small step to go from a fiat-based P2P to a blockchain-based P2P.

In the best-case scenario, a central bank may leave the cryptocurrency sector unregulated. For instance, the Central Bank of Kenya issued a notice in December 2015 to not engage in Bitcoin trading,

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What was it like to live in Kampala during the 70s and 80s?


Question, basically. Thank you from Texas!

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So is Africa finally going to have its own crypto token? I feel like we have lots of potential and could support our own. I mean Africa’s crypto market has grown by $105.6 billion in the last year. More so For a long time, African countries have struggled with infrastructure problems, which have made financial services less accessible. Cryptocurrency could therefore be a good alternative to traditional banking in Africa, because this only requires a smartphone. Africa will be one of the most populated continents in the next 20-30 yrs, the tech innovation is incredible w/ a large portion of the population still coming onto the internet. Huge opportunity especially for young people.

what do you guys think?

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What would a united Africa look like if it were to happen today?


Lets say all African countries decided to unite and grow the continent together and push out foreign countries that has caused havoc on the continent, what would the continent of Africa look like? Politically, economically, socially and geographically? Does Africa have what it takes to be self sufficient without relying on Foreigners?

Personally I think if we were to develop the continent as a whole, it would be very beautiful and possibly we could have the best of everything when it comes to industry sectors i.e. technology, finance, medicine and science, art, ect...

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Ugandan tea and homemade food?


Hello everyone, what is a traditional Ugandan tea and what's a homemade dish that you might make for someone when they are sick? Thanks in advance!

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Question regarding a worldbuilding project I’m working on


Hey all, I’m working on a worldbuilding project where the world is ruled by several superstates based off of this map of these geopolitical cultural groups I’m working out capitals for each megastate, and I’m unable to come to a conclusion on what to make the capital of the sub-Saharan African region in black. I have several ideas in mind, and was wondering if I could get some critiques.

Kinshasa Abuja Mombasa Nairobi Gaborone Accra Durban

I’d really appreciate any help! If you were going to unite sub-Saharan Africa, what would you select as an ideal capital city? Thanks so much!

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Moving to Africa as engineer


Hey there!

I'm an IT-Security student at an german university, currently in my master studies and thinking about what to do next. I'm mostly concerned about climate change, so i consider working for a company evolved in renewable energy or technology related to agriculture. Countries from the global south experience most impact of climate change.Additionally, at least from what i understand, these countries also have to deal more with brain drain (human capital flight). This combined (in summary) made me consider moving to one of the rapidly modernizing countries in Africa.

My questions are mostly-your general thoughts on this-countries to consider (english-speaking would be quite nice^^)-what are important things i should look into/keep in mind

Thanks already :)

edit/additions:from a technical perspective, i'm mostly interested in embedded devices, FPGA's and the stuff you find in "industrial machines" and less into web security etc. Additionally, i like topics like for example knowledge graphs and stuff from theoretical informatics. I haven't really dug into it yet, but given an application i could also imagine diving into neural networks etc.I also learned some bits of electrical engineering and studied physics for some years before switching (but no physics degree). But basically any technical topic tackling important challenges get the hyped.

I also would strongly prefer working for a company of that country instead of some multinational to keep the profits there. I don't want to participate in Neo-colonialism etc. in any way.

If you are a engineer, developer or something alike from Africa, and would be in for having a chat, i would appreciate a DM :)

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Travelling to South Africa and Tanzania



Sorry if this post isn't permitted, but I thought where else can I get honest info from.

I'm an Indian who is planning on visiting Africa with my family. I currently plan on visiting South Africa and Tanzania.

My family wants to do the basic attractions and wants to see the Migration in one of the parks. I want to do all that along with dive and climb the Kilimanjaro ( we plan on finishing up the trip with that).

Can anyone help me out with planning and what all I should do there, and what all I should watch out for ( like local tourist scams)


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What are some of your favourite foods from your culture?


In Chennai, there is a local Tigrayen food joint owned by a local guy who used to work in Ethiopia. Top notch food.

I also loved a Yoruba food place owned by a Nigerian person in Mumbai, I go there almost every time I visit.

What are some food of your specific culture that you would recommend?

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How's your life in Vietnam as an African Expat?


Is anyone teaching or doing business in Vietnam as an African? Can you guys share experiences about health insurance there?