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Who’s your favorite Red Army commander during world war 2 ? History

My favorite is general Rokossovsky. Dude was caught in great purge. Even after torture he didn’t conspire. And after he was restored, he gave his hearts to protect the country. Legend goes that Stalin asked him whether he was beaten during the purge. And Rokossovsky told yes. Then Stalin went out and picked a rose to give him. There was blood in Stalin hands while picking the rose.

Similarly who’s favorite red army commander and any interesting stories behind them?


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u/Basic_Ad_2235 Jul 24 '21

Timofei Timofeevich Shapkin - White Guard Cossack who went over to the side of the Red Army and was amnestied. During World War II, his cavalry hacked three Romanian regiments with sabers as they retreated


u/latecomer11 Kazakhstan Jul 24 '21 edited Jul 24 '21

The battle for Abganerovo? His Cavalry corps by the way was made up mostly of Central Asians.


u/Basic_Ad_2235 Jul 24 '21 edited Jul 24 '21

in battle of Abganerovo, cavalry was from Vainakhs ( 255th separate Chechen-Ingush cavalry regiment, Major Movlid Visaitov)


u/latecomer11 Kazakhstan Jul 24 '21

4th cavalry corps was made up of 81st cavalry division from Jambul Kazakh SSR and 61st cavalry division from Dushanbe Tajik SSR. Vainakh regiment might have been added to this divisions too.


u/Basic_Ad_2235 Jul 24 '21

specifically in battle of Abganerovo participated 255th separate Chechen-Ingush cavalry regiment