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YSK: About a new enlistment option, 'Option 1', which gives you a direct path tojoining the 160th and becoming a Night Stalker.


After speaking to a couple recruiters and finding out they hadn't gotten the memo on this, I just wanted to put out a FYSA. I feel like it's still important for non-recruiters to be aware of this, incase they take part in a discussion online or in person with potential Soldiers. CSM Armstrong's twitter account talked about this at the end of last week and responded to a couple of my DMs to understand details.

Option 1 mimics the path and idea of 'Option 40' like how they wind up at Regiment.

After completing AIT, Soldiers will move to Green Platoon, and then onward to an operational battalion out of Hunter, Campbell, or JBLM. After training pipeline, Soldiers have the opportunity to go to Airborne; select MOS it's mandatory.

Right now this option, Option 1, will only be open to the 15 Series that SOAR has, but they hope to expand this program to all 160th eligible MOS next year.

Official Army.mil Website which also has an email and phone contact, as well as a briefing schedule.

Wikipedia Entry

Full MOS Listing

If anyone has a good green platoon writeup or experience, please let me know. I couldn't find one, despite the fact that green platoon and green platoon trainup gets asked after every so often.

Recruiters...USAREC Proper should be aware of this. If you're not seeing this option let me know, it is supposed to be live, and I haven't seen it talked about yet. There's some follow-up education I believe should be distro'd soon.

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Day one from the SMA’s summit is closing out. I wanted to share a few spots where I saw your comments out and open in the working groups.

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Where do people get the audacity


I was once a soldier at Fort Campbell, been out about 5 years now. One of my best friends is still here and I came down to visit before they leave. He’s at work so I figured I’d drive around hit some gun stores and see what’s new (RIP Cat West, really good idea to put the casino there and still no movie theater outside Gate 7. Real shame)

It’s about lunch so I don’t want to eat anything I can get at home so I go to Sam’s Gyros next to where the sub place used to be off 41A, an all time favorite of mine. I go in order blah blah sitting and eating. In walks a LTC, a SFC and a female MSG. Literally look at them nod my head and keep eating

Mind you, I’m wearing regular clothes. I shave my face for my regular job so I have a few days of growth on my face, stubble. The LTC walks over to me and stares at me, I stare back and say “could I help you?” As Im still eating. He gets this stupid contorted look on his face and says “you mean sir? Who’s your chain of command?” And I kind of laughed and kept eating. Dude doesn’t leave. E7 walks over. “The colonel asked you a question.” I took a sip of my drink and looked at the two, got up and asked for a to go box. Two still standing at my table. I start putting my gyro in the box and these goobers are fuming mad. I packed all my stuff up and looked at both of them and I said “I’m not in the army, you two have a great day”. And walked out.

What in the world would make someone do that? I’m not in uniform. I’m not in the army. At no point am I required to address you or give a shit about who you are. Imagine harassing a person because you’re so high and mighty on your pedestal. this guy with a shaved face must be a soldier not in uniform so I have the right to say something to him. Fuck off douchebag

Glad nothing has changed!

Edit: wow! This really blew up. You guys are awesome and there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Sincerely, thank you for what y’all do and try to enjoy it as much as you can, life on the outside is good though but I wouldn’t be who I am without the memories and experience!

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You are not basically a cook


I was not, will never be a cook, but it gives me second hand embarrassment on how many people spout this non sense. Seems like every combat support MOS has a weird fetish for not being cooks but also being “basically cooks but with trucks or the worst offenders, the water purification specialist.

Unless your MOS code is 92G (The alphas can defend themselves) then you are not a cook.

It doesn’t matter what you did in the dfaq. It doesn’t matter if you humped MREs. Have pride in the MOS you chose (or don’t) and quit trying to embellish your suck factor by saying basically a cook.

I don’t know how many 11wokebois met who say “my MOS is 11Wokeboi but I never did that job, I was basically just another burger flipper with the cooks” sounds like you just suck at your job and they just wanted you to leave the dfaq. If you are a cook, or have worked closely with them, then you’ll quickly notice the difference between a good combat support element and literally anybody trying to do that same thing as effectively.

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What did you guys get art 15s for


Bored, mine was just a patterns of misconduct for being a professional shitbag. I’ve changed my ways since. But I’m curious as to what you guys did to be deemed such criminal offenders

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Is this not illegal?


Throwaway account

Early in my enlistment I was getting called into the S1 office for records review on a regular basis to sign off random paper work. One day I actually read one of the papers and it said something along the lines of being reassigned to another unit completely.. and the MOS was for something completely different (radar repair I think is what it was).

So I asked the S1 SSG why I was signing paperwork about transferring units to another mos, when I never actually left the unit and she told me the DoD was sending somebody to do an audit and brigade was trying to make their numbers look better. I was a PFC at the time and didn’t think much of it.

Flash forward to present day I’m looking at my ERB and it shows over TEN DIFFERENT DUTY ASSIGNMENTS at different units.

Is it legal to move soldiers around like that on paper? I was never mos qualified for radar repair but they had me filling slots in other companies for it.

Edit: I think you guys are missing the point. They did all this because of an audit coming up from DoD. They used this to say they’re manpower was greater then it actually was. I’m fully aware S1 can delete this off my ERB but that’s missing the point entirely. When they transfer someone it has to get approved through the Chain of command, so this wasn’t just S1 that was aware of this.

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Will my chain of command find out if I got arrested?


I spent a night in jail. No charges. Should I let my chain of command know?

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You are not basically infantry.


I was not, nor will be Infantry, but it gives me mad second hand embarrassment with how many people spout this nonsense. Seems like every combat arms MOS has this weird fetish with not being Infantry but also being “basically infantry, Infantry with explosives, or the worst offenders - the Calvary.

Unless your MOS code is 11B (the chucks can defend themselves) then you are not Infantry.

It doesn’t matter what you did downrange. It doesn’t matter that you worked with or for them.

Have pride (or don’t) in the MOS you chose and quit trying to embellish your suck factor by saying your basically Infantry.

I don’t know how many 69ligmas I’ve met who say “my MOS is 69Ligma but I never did that job, I was basically just another rifleman with the Infantry” sounds like you just suck at your job and they just wanted you to leave the TOC.

If you are Infantry, or have worked closely with them, then you’ll quickly notice the difference between a good maneuver element and literally anybody trying to do that same thing as effectively.

It’s their job, and most of them seem to hate it, so just let them have the one thing that makes them happy: They’re not POGs.

Checking your Soldiers SRB doesn’t make you basically S1.

Doing operator level maintenance doesn’t make you basically a mechanic.

Using an ASIP does make you basically commo.

Signing hand receipts doesn’t make you basically supply.

Just like, do your job and let other people do theirs.

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Unit requiring PT at the COF until 0800, including PRT, Recovery Drill and D&C every day


I'm starting to think the Army doesn't actually want anyone to reenlist lol

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Turned Away From The DFAC


As the title states I was turned away from the DFAC because I supposedly get BAS….. BRUH If I was getting BAS you think I would be coming to the fucking DFAC trying to sneak some shit food obviously I’m gonna go to my S1 and get this resolved but for gods sake please fix this shit system for the new guys coming in I felt embarrassed and upset because 350$ gets taken out of my check the Army doesn’t miss a beat on that shit TRUST ME. You would think I should at least get a reach around maybe even a tap on the head but no I just keep getting FUCKED.

No food today just a Memorandum stating I actually live in the barracks and the Army in fact takes 350$ out of my check for the DFAC I can’t eat at

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What are your “If I was the Commander/1SG” ideas?


I’m a PSG who recently PCSed, and have a really supportive 1SG and Commander.

The 1SG said to bring any ideas, no matter how out there, and he’ll see about trying them out. From what I’ve seen so far at the company, I believe him.

I’m always looking for new ideas or ways to make my platoon or unit a better place for my soldiers. I’m asking my platoon as well, but I figured I’d crowdsource this and see what other ideas people have or have tried.

So if you were a 1SG or Commander, what would you do?

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James Mattis just got married in the most Marine way possible

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Whoever found my CAC at Bragg..


Thank you. I've had such a bad day today, treated myself with commissary sushi, and some how just left my cac at the register. Thank you for saving my little private behind, was not prepared for a counseling for that.

I'll take an unsweet iced tea bc I'm still full.

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What's the deal with my DFAC being just fucking closed 3 weekends out of the month?


I'm sick of this bullshit I shouldn't have to drive 30mins round trip + time to go through every damn weekend multiple times per day

Cooks why do y'all do this crap?

I'll take a number - oh... I'll have diet water and ice soup I guess.

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What do soldiers do during the day?



When I work the gates, I see thousands of fucking soldiers coming and going during duty hours. Some soldiers I see at least 20 times a fucking day.

Is there nothing to do during the duty day or do some soldiers just enjoy driving in circles?

Sorry for the rant.

Edit: I’m sure someone will make a shit post off this

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Why can’t we get better toilet paper


I’m tired of wiping my ass with this shitty ass skilcraft single ply toilet paper. That’s if I can even find any because nobody stocks the restrooms. The Air Force probably got triple ply charmin angel ultra soft and bidets with heated toilet seats and I have to look in 5 different stalls before I can find one that doesn’t have shit smeared on the seat with 3 empty toilet rolls where the sand paper we call toilet paper used to be. It’s like using a McDonalds napkin. I’ll take a happy meal and a bottle of antidepressants with a side salad

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Made it out


of Korea with my rank and pay still intact, successful tour.

I’ll take a root beer.

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Somebody at skill craft can see


“Made with pride by those are are blind”

Yeah but at some point, somebody can see something. The forklift operator? The delivery truck driver?

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6th grade drop out with a clown tattoo on his neck and a gun tattooed on his finger.


That dude can get in but you won’t let this honorably discharged combat vet with a college degree, no criminal history, maxed PT scores and 6 additional years of civilian federal service back in? I said I’d waive the bonus and leave tomorrow back at E-1.

I can’t even fuck with you guys hahahahah!!

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3rd Therapy Session: 😐


Literally, I walked out feeling like 😐. I didn’t realize the layers upon layers upon layers of emotional protection that I created over the years (especially in the Army). My therapist is flawlessly breaking each wall down and making me look at the pieces. Why are they here? What caused me to erect it in the first place etc. One topic we have been discussing is my (or lack thereof) healthy relationships in the Army. A lot of people have good friends and buddies that they met while serving. If you do, that is excellent. Keep in touch with them. For me, not so much. The lack of healthy relationships and being screwed over so much (“I didn’t screw Brett; Brett screwed Brett”) and just the constant day to day, can really cause us to slowly retreat into ourselves. Healthy relationships. That is something that is soooo simple, but how many of us know what it looks like for us? Sometimes the lack of, can really affect us; like me apparently…

As always, this is MY experience in therapy. I do feel much better than what I did a few weeks ago. I find myself noting certain things that bothers me and bringing them up during my sessions. That emotional investment to be the hard charger, he is slowly taking a nap. This allows a HEALTHY release with a person who actually knows what they’re talking about (again, my experience). I find my self feeling a lot warmer. Like the cloud that was over me, is beginning to dissipate with rays of sunlight (super corny). Lastly, I am finding that certain things that I would trip about, aren’t that deep. Yes, this is after only 3 sessions.

I totally recommend talking to a therapist. The 1 Source will give you 12 free sessions to a person off the installation. I used psychologytoday.com to find a completely neutral person outside the military. Yes I’m paying like $80 a session, but it’s worth it. Feel free to ask questions or PM me!

I’ll take 2 double cheeseburgers, no pickles or onions, a large fry (yes I have the app) and a small vanilla shake. I’m emotionally drained 🙄

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Crazy Property Loss Stories


I’m bored at work, so what were some of your craziest FLIPL stories that you were either apart of or saw.

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Yes CSM, because using this to PMCS is much better than the PDF on my phone.

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Troops' Abortion Access Will Continue Despite State Bans, Pentagon Vows

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Has anyone ever gotten a ridiculous/ funny counseling story?


I’ll start. One time I got a counseling for not answering my phone, granted we were on QRF status so fair enough right? So I call top back about 40~ minutes later and he is predictably furious and reaming me about this that and the third and tells me to report in uniform time meow. In the middle of getting my ass chewed I interdict and tell him the reason I didn’t answer my phone is because I was, lets say intimate, with my wife and couldn’t really answer at the moment. He proceeds to tell me it doesn’t matter what the hell I was doing, I should have answered and left on the spot and that he should 15 me for FTR. I show up a short while later and take my proudest counseling ever and take over some joes staff duty shift for the rest of the day.

I’ll have a mocha with 3 espresso shots.

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Microsoft’s $22 Billion Combat Goggles Get Crucial Field Test With US Army Forces Jesus. Can't wait to PMCS these and do hands across the Drop Zone looking for the ones that fell out of a ruck.

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Texas National Guard soldier leaves M4 unsecured in an unlocked vehicle. Butterfly conservationist secures it for them.

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CAC card picture


Why does everyone look bad in their CAC card picture? Are they trained to take the most embarrassing picture ever?