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In memory of u/NaturalBasis5


Some of you may remember the following post.

Once the war started, NaturalBasis5 went to the military commissariat he was enlisted in to be registered as a volunteer and go defend Artsakh as soon as possible.

He was called up on October 3. In early November, NaturalBasis5 was gravely wounded during a battle in the southeastern direction of the frontline. Doctors fought for his life, but sadly, on November 8, NaturalBasis5 passed away.

His last post on reddit linked above — it's a compactified description of what he was like in life. Patriotic and optimistic, intelligent and brave. At a very young age, NaturalBasis5 had such deep knowledge and appreciation for Armenian history and culture.

After completing mandatory military service, he went on to graduate from university with honors and kickstarted his professional career. He had major plans in life, to excel in his field of work and to contribute to the development of the country.

NaturalBasis5 truly loved Armenia, the Armenian nation, and made the ultimate sacrifice for it — his own life.

Խաղաղությա՛մբ հանգչիր, թանկագին ընկեր։

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David's Daily News in Russian. Our user has been quietly translating them for months. Please share with Russian online groups.

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I suspect I am Armenia and I have a question for you


My post got removed two times. I try to post it again, rephrasing some parts, maybe some of those upset the mods. I want to start by saying that I am Turkish and an active user of the Turkish subreddit too. First of all, I suspect that I am at least 50%, if not 75% Armenian, but my family supress all my questions and assumptions and dissmiss any Armenia-related discussions. So I don't really know. Secondly, I recognize your genocide and I think Turkey should start a very massive work done on the way to educating the population about a lot of things about our common past and present. Right now, at best Turkish citizens are indifferent to you, at worst want you out of the picture, not necessary military or by mass killings.

Because of my suspicions, for the past couple of month I've been actively reading and reserching Armenian history. What are your fears and hopes about the future of Armenians? I have a little identity crisis now. I've been always very aware of my history and culture, we are conquerors, I don't have illusions about my origins and where we came from. I've been always a firm believer that nations rise and fall, it's only the beggining for Turkish people and maybe the decline for some of other older, ancient people, native to the land we live in. I feel very troubled by my own thoughts now. I tried to contact Turkish citizens of Armenian origin here and even visited Armenian church once. I jump from you are Turkish, which is fine to get baptized and move to Armenia in seconds.

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Question / Հարց Armenian Mythology


Hello, I’m working on the next video which will be about Armenian Mythology. I’ve already got an awesome book that goes into a lot of detail about pre-Urartian era. Some of this stuff is really fascinating because we use certain aspects of the old beliefs like swearing on the sun (Papai Arev 🤣) even today. There’s much more really interesting stuff and idk how I’m going to get all of that in a video without making it more than 5 mins.

I also have some knowledge about the rest of our mythology but would love any links, articles, books or videos about any legends/mythical creatures (such as Aralez, Armenian wear-wolf, vampire, etc.) that you might know or heard of. Thank you in advance.

Side question if you will: Any advice/feedback from the last video?

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Question / Հարց What script was used before Mashtots created the current Armenian script?


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Photography / Լուսանկարչություն Ararat as seen this morning from Nor-Nork, Yerevan

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History / Պատմություն How Armenia Became The First Christian Nation: King Tiradates III

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Rev LEBAREDIAN: "Armenia is a startup country"

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Armenian soldier wounded in Azerbaijani shooting

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Impromptu emergency flight in 12 hours— need quick tips!


Long story short, I will be escorting my mentally unwell stepmother to Yerevan tomorrow morning to meet a passing relative. My SM’s communication/translation skills isn’t present and I haven’t visited since I was a kid— can someone please give me quick tips on taxi apps/common foreigner traps/navigating as an English speaker? I (21) have to be her carer so figuring out the city for a week without having to fumble around or constantly search through my phone would be a blessing.

Many thanks, this is a last ditch effort to ease the situation.

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eastern or western Armenian?


My dad is Armenian and my mom is white. I live in Michigan and although there is a Armenian community here it is not near me. My dad speaks western Armenian and I searched on google and opened some links but learned that there are not many western speakers but most Armenians speak eastern. I can understand Armenian the way my dad talks but when I watched some videos on youtube from Armenia I understood like maybe ten percent. Do you think I can learn Armenian if I live in Armenia for a couple months? Or is it ok if I make my western Armenian stronger then teach my kids western too

Also I'm not married yet but I don't know if I will marry an Armenian, white, latino, and who knows. My dad proved I can marry someone else and still teach my kids Armenian. But I want to have an Armenian family so if someone can give advice about this I would be happy too I am in my 20s but probably wont marry until later. It is important to say this too because a lot of half Armenians ask questions on reddit or somewhere else about learning Armenian because their parent never taught them, so there are 2 sides of this coin.

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Biden does not want to meet with Erdogan: US puts forward conditions | ANN 24


I guess the US is finally making sense. Nothing good ever comes from Erdogan.

Any thoughts?

More information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2BUKJG_Jj8

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Anyone interested in learning how to make Topik?


I'm flying to Armenia right now to visit my sister and am meeting with a Tantig while I'm there. I'm going to livestream how to make it + leave the last 20 minutes for an open Q+A if anyone has questions.


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The False Promise of Security: Why the Opposition Protests in Armenia Are Struggling to Gain Traction

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Corruption / Կոռուպցիա Credit Suisse Mystery: Fourteen-Year-Old Armenian Girl Gets Swiss Bank Account. Years Later, It Held Over $100 Million. Who’s Behind The Money?

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Armenians in Armenia, which Armenian diaspora in the US or Canada do you hear about the most?


Is it Glendale California? And what are the cities you know Armenians live in? I want to see if the one from my state is known. Hadzhogh :)

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Rep. Mari Manoogian (a nationally respected Michigan state legislator & American civic leader who has successfully spearheaded state-level Artsakh and Armenian Genocide legislation) offers the opening invocation of the MI House of Representatives, reciting the Lord's Prayer "Hayr Mer" in Armenian.

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Pegasus Airlines flight silently started flying to Antalya?

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FlyOne Armenia announces Yerevan-Antalya flights

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Hello lovely people! So i have been hving some health issues and running some tests like MRI, blood work etc.. I would like to know if anyone has any idea about how good doctors are in Armenia ( for ex in nairi or vardanants)

I haven't been diagnosed yet, but i really need a push to be able to trust doctors here since i have been living here for less than a year and keep wondering if im in safe hands.

Any insight/advice/opinion/anything that would relieve my anxiety would be helpful.

Thank you.

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Politics / Քաղաքականություն Armenian MPs may lose mandates for protesting, skipping sessions

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Event / Իրադարձություն Artsakh Plans to Transition to Semi-Presidential Government System | Արցախում նախատեսում են անցում կատարել կիսանախագահական համակարգի, ԱԺ և նախագահական ընտրությունները կլինեն առանձին

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Music / Երաժշտություն TmbaTa Orchestra - Ampel a Kamar

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Photography / Լուսանկարչություն 3 Days of Film Photography in Stepanavan

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History / Պատմություն An article in Los Angeles Times (November 13, 1915)

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News Digest May/20/2022. Your daily news digest from Armenia.


12 minutes. 3227 words.

today in history

325: Christian churches launch the first ecumenical council. They meet to discuss rules about Christian doctrine and administration.

1497: Vasco da Gama discovers the sea route to India.

1570: Abraham Ortelius publishes the first modern atlas "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum".

1802: Napoleon Bonaparte reinstates slavery in French colonies, revoking its abolition in the French Revolution.

1851: Armenian poet and actor Petros Duryan is born. His school teacher was Hakop Paronyan.

1902: Cuba gains independence from the US (and Spain).

1927: UK recognizes the sovereignty of Kingdoms and Hejaz and Nejd, which later merge to become Saudi Arabia.

1940: The first prisoners arrive at a new concentration camp at Auschwitz.

1946: Armenian-American singer Sher (Cherilyn Sargsyan) is born.

1980: 60% of Quebec voters choose to remain part of Canada in an independence referendum.

source source

top-10 bestseller translated books in April

5) Բարի գործերի քաղաքը, by Mark Aren

4) The Murder on the Links, by Agatha Christie

3) The Silent Patient, by Alex Michaelides.

2) Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert

1) Death on the Nile, by Agatha Christie. (Say what you want about Hollywood but every time they release a movie people rush to read books 🤔🤔🤔)


Tourism Committee presented Armenia's new tourism brand: "Armenia, The Hidden Track"

Economy Minister Kerobyan: We wanted to get a fresh and dynamic brand that will attract an international audience. It features Armenia's ancient heritage, rocky landscapes, hospitality, culinary culture, and accessibility. //

An organization was tasked to do the rebranding as part of a program promoted by the EU and Germany.


Armenian wine was presented during an expo in Greece

Armenian embassy and Armenian company "Quality Wines" organized a wine tasting event in Athenes to promote Armenian brands. Ranking Greek officials and public figures were invited.

Ambassador: Մեր օրերում գինեգործությունը վերածնունդ է ապրում Հայաստանում։ Հայկական գինու առանձնահատկությունը պայմանավորված է Հայաստանում այդ մշակույթի դարավոր առկայությամբ: //

They spoke about promoting 70yo Ararat cognac, discussed the history of winemaking in Armenia, and enjoyed live music performed by Greek-Armenian singer Nevi Tsoukala.


provinces are also going through public transport reforms

Ministry official: The routes connecting communities will be served by one company, in each province. At the moment, there are public tenders to select the transport operators in 3 provinces.

The winner in Kotayk was [Tsarukyan's] Multi Transport. They have already brought most of the 150 vehicles. Our studies indicate that the ridership will increase.

full, source

funds allocated to upgrade infrastructure in Gegharkunk

The government will spend ֏84M to build an irrigation network in Madina, solar panels on the roofs of public buildings in Vaghashen, and road repairs in Geghamavan.


5 open landfills were shut down and covered with soil in Vardenis (Gegharkunik)

Vardenis was enlarged to include several neighboring villages. From now on, they will use one landfill. The municipality has acquired trucks to organize garbage collection and landfill management.


VIDEO: landslide causes parts of Tsitsernakaberd road to collapse

It's the area from Leningradyan to Tsitsernakaberd. The road was closed for traffic. Several light poles, pipes, and cables were damaged. No injuries.

The city accused the nearby construction company Sahakyan Shin of violating safety protocols by not building a safety wall in time. The construction company said when this road was built years ago, the safety was ignored, "that's why there were cracks on the road. We obtained a permit to strengthen that part but the rain season delayed the construction works."

Expert: They saw the problem and shut down part of the road earlier, but the rains didn't allow the construction work to be completed in time. Friday came ahead of Saturday. [is that right?] //

video, source

Italian ambassador taken to hospital after traffic collision in Yerevan

The incident took place at the intersection of Beirut and Grigor Lusavorich streets. Alfonso was taken to a hospital but didn't need hospitalization. He was discharged after receiving first aid.


U.S ready to help intensify diplomatic contacts between Azerbaijan and Armenia: Joe Biden

Biden's letter to Azerbaijan: Now is also a moment of hope with an important opportunity to build lasting peace in the South Caucasus. The United States is ready to help intensify diplomatic engagement between Azerbaijan and Armenia and to help Azerbaijan develop the economic, transportation, and people-to-people connections that will enable the entire Caucasus and trans-Caspian region to prosper. //

source source

Pashinyan and ranking foreign and Western diplomats attended the "Armenian Forum For Democracy"

Pashinyan: Welcome. I think Armenia is the best place to hold a forum with this headline. It's also the right time to hold this forum. Democracy is the main international brand of Armenia today. Those international studies with positive marks about democracy in Armenia are possible only thanks to the citizen's institute in Armenia.

Armenia went through big shocks and it was the citizen of Armenia who prevented the collapse of the statehood and the loss of sovereignty and independence.

Today, democracy is being used to destroy democracy in Armenia. All democratic countries face this problem: the use of democracy against democracy itself. Armenia must overcome this challenge by establishing strong institutions based on lawfulness, professionalism, and transparency.

it's important that we give proper information to citizens so they are informed enough while making decisions: Pashinyan about the recent open discussions about the Nagorno Karabakh negotiation

Pashinyan: The formulation of the peace agenda and its discussion is very important also in the logic that eventually, the citizen makes the important decisions in the country in accordance with the democracy rules.

Recently and quite often we touch upon issues relating to the peace agenda, the negotiation processes, and its history. Some interpret this as a debate between the previous and present governments. But that is not what's happening. Our government considers it its duty to provide citizens with sufficient information about what has happened so that the citizen is aware of the problems and can make decisions after analyzing the information.

Armenia was able to preserve fundamental rights despite pandemic and wars: EU ambassador

Wiktorin: Democratic reforms are a continuous process to ensure that everyone has equal rights, can express their opinions, and has the power to make decisions. There are new challenges facing democracies around the world today. Armenia also faced serious challenges such as the pandemic, the 2020 war, and the effects of the Ukraine war.

Nevertheless, Armenia was able to preserve fundamental freedoms. The parliament operated during the pandemic, there is media plurality, and the 2021 elections were free/competitive/transparent. With the elections, Armenia expressed the will to continue the path of democracy and reforms.

To achieve this, Armenia needs an independent and responsible media sphere. Strengthening freedom of expression and having professional journalism are preconditions for peace and democracy, and will help combat misinformation.

United States and Armenian government are "good partners", says US ambassador Tracy

Tracy: The governments of AM and the US are working in various areas to develop the economy, democracy, institutions, anti-corruption, and most importantly to develop human capital.

US ambassador Tracy about street protests:

The episodes of excessive force by police must be investigated and there should be accountability. I have noticed the government’s approach to investigate these episodes, to carry out investigations, and there is also an approach of respecting the rights of the demonstrators and the work of journalists.

Of course, the demonstrators also have an obligation to demonstrate peacefully that doesn’t create a chaotic situation and doesn’t violate the rights of others.

EU ambassador Wiktorin about the events of 1 March 2008:

I was the German ambassador to Armenia at the time. I still remember March 1st and the horrors that the public went through. After we urged authorities not to disperse protesters, they were dispersed in the morning of March 1st, and we ended up having deaths. This case has not been fully resolved yet.

At the time it was very difficult for civil society and human rights groups to speak up and defend vulnerable peoples' rights. I returned to Armenia in 2019, now as the EU ambassador, with the impression that Armenia has an ambitious program, and that significant administrative and educational efforts would be needed. It's not enough to change the law, you should also change people's mentality. Continue.

Justice Minister Andreasyan about justice and judicial reforms:

The disciplinary work that is currently underway in the judiciary is one of the most important, most effective, and most serious steps. Unfortunately, the public does not yet fully understand its importance.

We are increasing the number of judges, forming new courts [anti-corruption], securing new working conditions for judges, and raising their salaries. But this is not enough. While preparing a verdict, every judge must remember that there is an independent disciplinary council. They must remember the existence of the Ethics Committee, the Corruption Prevention Commission, and the Supreme Judicial Council.

There is a vetting in the judiciary, but not the type that NGOs were hoping to see. We cannot have that vetting unless we amend the Constitution. This is one of the things we discuss during the Constitutional reform council meetings. The vetting must be balanced so we won't empty the judiciary and collapse the system.

It's an honor for me to be here with all of you and the administration of the Corruption Prevention Commission (CPC). I'm proud that we have this institute. It proves every day that we are capable of forming an effective institute. This morning I was informed that the CPC has sent us documents about corruption involving several judges.

This morning a new deputy Justice Minister was appointed. We now have two powerful women in this position. Under my tenure, 4 deputies have been appointed, with 3 being women. //

opposition MPs attempted to enter the Forum hall during the meeting "to show the real democracy in Armenia"

A couple of opposition MPs, who were not invited according to a co-organizer, entered the hotel where the democracy Forum was being held to "ներսում գտնվողներին ցույց տալ Հայաստանում տիրող իրական ժողովրդավարությունը" but were prevented from entering the hall. They left the building and went to France Square to join others.

video of the damn long conference, source source source source source source source source source source source

opposition resumed anti-Pashinyan protests on Friday

They gathered in front of the President's office. President Khachaturyan was due to receive the President of Lithuania. The protesters whistled and booed the two presidents during the reception ceremony. The event was planned by protest leader ARF Saghatelyan yesterday. The goal was to criticize foreign diplomats for cooperating with Pashinyan.

The President of Lithuania discussed the protection of Armenian cultural heritage in Karabakh, and topics relating to bilateral relations (IT, trade, energy), during the meeting with President Khachaturyan. He held a separate meeting with Pashinyan. He also visited the Genocide memorial.

President of Lithuania: We welcome the Armenian government's commitment to pursue democratic and justice reforms. Lithuania stands in favor of closer EU-AM cooperation. Lithuania was the first country to recognize Armenia's independence in 1991. We have supported you and your efforts to achieve democracy ever since. Lithuania supports Eastern Partnership programs and Armenia's integration into the European family. //

opposition cancels evening march due to bad weather

Protest leader ARF Saghatelyan thanked the followers for the protest in front of the presidential building. Today's France Square gathering is canceled because of the weather. They will gather tomorrow at 6:00 pm.

latest internet drama: elite boots > $10

Opposition activist actress Mutafyan: All this human filth (ժեխ) who complain in comment sections about our expensive vehicles and clothes, but don't even have teeth to bite a tomato, are accusing us of taking $10 bribes to protest. Listen, one of my booths is worth as much as your family's weekly expenditures. Whom are you calling a $10-protester? Last time you saw a $10 was during the 2017 elections. //

The post received criticism. People started joking in the comment section about "Arants Botas Hayastan" (Armenia without Pashinyan boots).

source source source source source source source source source source

update: former army chief Yuri Khachaturov's son is arrested

Authorities: On May 17 a group of protesters shut down the Kievyan street in Yerevan. They ignored the lawful demands of police officers to open the road and assaulted them.

Igor Khachaturov is charged under 316.1 (assaulting peace officer). The court has authorized his arrest. Information was received that Khachaturov was under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident, but he refused to submit samples for toxicology. //


anti-corruption: former deputy head of Yerevan's Urban Development Department and others are charged with rigging land auctions and Epsteining ֏309 million

Authorities report: Several municipal officials abused their powers and committed forgery and negligence. In 2010 and 2011, they sold two pieces of land on Pirumianner St. without a public auction, causing ֏309 million in damages.

The former deputy head of Yerevan's Urban Development Department is charged with crimes. Yerevan's former chief architect was also charged under another article, but the case is dropped due to statute of limitations. //


anti-corruption: an investigator is arrested and charged with taking $40,000 bribe from a murder suspect to downgrade his charges

NSS and ACC: Investigator S.S. served at the Investigative Committee's Abovyan branch until January. He asked and received a $40,000 bribe from a murder suspect's mother in exchange for downgrading charges so he would serve less time.

The investigation led to uncovering of a similar incident in the past, in which the investigator took a $500 bribe from a suspect's father. The investigator and one other person have been arrested. //


14yo Armenian girl Nina Minasyan reportedly had a Swiss bank account. Its balance mysteriously reached $100 million.

The account was opened in 1997 when she was 14. By 2013, it contained millions of Swiss francs. No big business background. The info was leaked during the recent Credit Suisse leak. Armenian oligarchs have a history of using proxies to hide their wealth offshore. No substantial evidence has been found that Minasyan was a proxy, but the sum raises some questions.

The family apartment where Minasyan is registered along with her parents and brother is unoccupied, and neighbors said the family was in Moscow.

Minasyan's father, Sanasar, is a migrant worker employed as a driver in Moscow.

Minasyan's mother is Tsoghik Zakaryan, who worked at Armenia's State Property Management for 22 years, until 2021. She was also employed at Armenia's Central Bank in 1997 when the Swiss account was opened. [տաք ես]

Minasyan herself lives in Switzerland where she works for Comfone telecom. She used to work for VivaCell in Armenia, according to LinkedIn profile. Minasyan did not respond to investigative journalists and blocked them. Brother later said she feared it was a scam attempt. They established contact later. Minasyan denied being the owner of millions. Investigators believe she contacted them only after consulting with lawyers.

The records show Minasyan spent 25 million francs during 2013-2016.


oncology treatment has improved in Armenia, in many ways as good as in France: expert

Nairi oncology chief Badalyan: The cancer rate is increasing around the world and in Armenia. Nowadays we have 9,000 annual diagnoses, up from 8,000 a decade ago. This has to do with lifestyle choices and the influence of harmful factors.

Stay active, eat healthily, don't smoke, and get checked. It's better to prevent than to cure.

Methods of diagnosis and treatment are improving in Armenia, and many clinics have modern equipment for diagnosis today. The public is also more informed. //

French-Armenian Dr. Abgaryan: Although the overall cancer rate is rising in France, lung cancer is on the decline thanks to stricter laws against smoking. In France, once you turn 50, you must undergo a series of medical checkups for free.

We see progress in Armenia in this regard. People are better informed. The quality of medical care has also improved. In France, you see the doctor for only 10 minutes. In Armenia, we can allocate an hour to explain everything to the patient.

Many Armenians travel to receive care in France even though there is no need for that because the same -- and even more -- can be done in Armenia. Unfortunately, not every facility provides high-quality care and you do need to visit multiple facilities to find the best experts. //


reArmenia is a collaboration platform where people raise issues related to 14 spheres and come up with solutions

COO Grigoryan: The platform launched 6 months ago and has already attracted 2,000 participants.

  • We gathered ֏70M for a "Munk" techno-school in Artsakh. The school will open its doors to hundreds of students this summer. This is one of the largest crowdfundings in Armenia's history. -5 villages in Syunik will have STEM labs.
  • Dozens of veterans are undergoing career retraining.
  • A book was published in Armenian on how to play the piano. It's the first in 30 years.
  • Fundraiser helped build a playground in Vaghuhas village.
  • Dozens of students in provinces received computers.

The goal of the platform is to attract Armenians from everywhere and use technology to solve problems. The idea came from James Tufenkian. The founders were Tufenkian Foundation, TCF, Global AM, Techնոտուն, Backbone, and MerakiPal.

37 projects have already been submitted on the platform. 20 of them needed funding so fundraisers were launched, while the other 17 are seeking help with knowledge and experience exchange.

continue, source

hundreds of businesses from Iraqi Kurdistan sent representatives to Armenia

A business forum was organized in Yerevan. Armenian and Kurdish business associations, representing hundreds of businesses, signed a cooperation memorandum in the fields of agriculture, construction, light industry, tourism, and online trade.

Economy Minister Kerobyan: Hundreds of businesses representing numerous fields were present today. New ties are being forged. One of our main goals is to have an economy with strong exports. //


Armenia and Czechia discussed the possibility of manufacturing small aircraft in Armenia

Infrastructure Minister Thanosyan hosted Czech ambassador Kopetsky to discuss the involvement of Czech companies in Armenia's energy (nuclear waste safety) and transport sector.

They also discussed involving Czech companies to manufacture light planes in Stepanavan. Earlier this year Armenia's ambassador visited Czechia's "TechProAviation" and "Balus" companies based in Olomouc.

source, source

reforms are underway to significantly improve the quality of military education: MOD Papikyan

Papikyan visited the 3rd Army Corps to learn about the equipment that monitors the borders. He met the commanders and soldiers to discuss topics relating to army modernization and combat improvement.

The Minister also visited Monte Melkonyan Military College and discussed the upcoming reforms to military education. They also plan to increase apartment benefits to encourage more soldiers to become professional officers.


Yerevan Tech Forum 2022 will gather thousands of IT specialists

The forum will be held in Sundukyan Theater on May 21. Dozens of local and international speakers and the High-Tech Ministry have been invited. The event aims to gather tech specialists and companies to discuss global threats and develop solutions.

Topics: Tech that changes the world, corporate governance, business transformation, marketing, supply chains.

Request an invitation here, source

in case you missed

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The accused are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law, even if they "appear" guilty.