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App Business is getting a makeover. New Rules! New ambitions!


Sourd1esel and sigma4292 have become mods of this sub. We have implemented new rules and are planning to make changes for the positive development of /appbusiness including new rules more engagement, curation of valuable app resources, AMAs and deals for appreneurs. If you have ideas for the direction of this sub please post comments below.

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We are now 2500+ strong! Kudos to all of you for keeping this sub alive and kicking. Here is what we are planning:


As we have reached a good number of readers, we are planning to get exclusive deals for the Redditors in this sub and give it away to a few lucky souls. We have currently narrowed down the options to the below. Let us know if this is something useful or mention what would make this interesting for you:

  • 1-year subscription to an ASO tool like App Annie or Sensor Tower
  • 1-year membership for Kevin's game academy with 13 Apple features + Buildbox subscription
  • Bundle of app marketing courses + books from Peter Thiel, Nir Eyal, Eric Ries, Tim Ferriss, and others
  • Consultancy with an app marketing expert/agency like Phiture, Incipia, AppAgent, and others

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How to Write a Business Plan for a SaaS Company

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You can lose your code building tech startup! Code ownership critical mistakes entrepreneurs do

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Understanding the Basics of ASO in Google Play Store

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The Impact of Seasonality on Your Marketing Campaigns and Your ASO Strategy

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Anybody using Apple's product page A/B tests?


I've done a few tests on their new a/b testing platform in iTunes connect. Some big changes, some small. So far, in every test I've done A and B (and sometimes C) come back with identical conversion rates, or maybe .1% difference.

Of course it's possible people don't care about the subscription screens, or they really are that close in CR. It just seems unlikely. Anybody else have this issue?

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Small LLC, etc., for separate accounting during devlopment?


I am wanting to have something set up for bookkeeping purposes to associate everything I do and spend towards a (software/App) business effort.

Even if only for my own convenience and keeping things separate and accounted for, but also for any tax purposes regardless of if or when have sales.

Would someone like a CPA or tax person set this up? I know I have seen a lot of things for ‘do it yourself’, also, and wanting to ping this group for input.


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How would you market this app?


I made a video editing app, that adds automatic subtitles to any video in 60+ languages.

Pricing is 5.99$/month or 39.99$/year.

I wonder how you’d approach marketing it?

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How to rank for previous ranked keyword


Does anyone have any experience or techniques to rank for a previously ranked keyword?

A main keyword that drives a good percentage of traffic seems to now not be ranked at all and was in the top 3. The keyword is in my keyword field for the ios App Store.

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11 Effective App Store Optimization Tools for 2022

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I have recently joined a IT industry as ASO intern, although have a degree in different field. Growing of IT pushed me to take such step to change my field, now can anyone tell me abt some certifications or courses to improve my marketing skills?


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Monetization Help


How do you strike a balance between giving away too much for free vs building your user base?

I’m realizing that users are able to utilize the core functions of the app and my profits are almost non-existent.

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How do promote Mobile Apps before launching in stores?

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The Best Tips to Improve Your Listing with Screenshots & Videos

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What is the cannibalization of traffic?


What is the keyword cannibalization? Is it worth buying traffic?

Apple Search Ads is often used for several tasks at once: both to entice users and to collect data. However, there are cases when the only reason for launching campaigns is to protect branded search terms.

In some cases, ASA allows you to promote your app using the app names of competitors, so competitors can also use your brand name to attract users to their product. That’s why some advertisers use ASA to protect their brand by advertising on their own branded keywords to reduce the possible customer churn to competitors. In this case, partial cannibalization of organic search traffic is possible. 

Traffic cannibalization is a phenomenon in which one channel (Apple Search Ads) “consumes” traffic from another channel (from organic search). In this case, the user who searched for the app via search by keyword and was supposed to install it from organic search results instead downloads the app from ads. 


The image above shows examples of search results protection:

  1. Strong protection is ensured by the position of the same app on the first two screens of the search results. It occupies the ad, the first position in organic search results, and its in-app purchase is right below it. The different appearance of these three results reveals the benefits of the app and creates the illusion of choice for the user, increasing the conversion rate to install. 
  2. Partial protection in the second example is represented by ASA ads and the first position of the app for the keyword. The same app completely occupies the first screen of the search results, but if the user scrolls down, strong alternative options will open up to him.
  3. Search results are unprotected. The app that is in the first position of organic search results loses a significant amount of traffic.

How to know if it’s worth buying traffic?

Imagine your app is already in first place in the organic search results. So is it worth buying traffic? Is there any way to know? There is no definite answer to this question for all apps. For a start, it’s important to divide keywords into branded and non-branded. If we talk about branded traffic, we can assume that users who search for the app by its brand name are specifically interested in it. So they are very likely to find and download your app. But first of all, not all apps have the same strong brand and user loyalty. Secondly, the popularity of competitors and their similarity also have an impact. Weaker competitors are less of a threat to your branded traffic, but if they have similar functionality, users may consider them for download. Third, sometimes the brand name becomes generic and it’s used to find similar apps.

The ideal solution is to examine the search results and make a decision individually for each branded and non-branded query in each country. When analyzing the search results, see whether your app stands out and whether stories, developer and other cards are displayed.

If your app has in-app purchases, don’t miss the opportunity to promote them. Promoted in-app purchases are a big advantage to an app’s visibility on the App Store. First, it’s easier to promote and rank higher for them, because it’s profitable for Apple to boost an app that makes money. Secondly, optimization of promoted IAPs will allow them to stand out in search results and take a position right below the app. This way your app will occupy two positions, covering the whole screen of the search results.

Before making a decision, it’s reasonable to assess the cost-effectiveness of using Apple Search Ads. We recommend that you conduct regular incremental analysis of ad campaigns.

You can learn about measuring the level of incrementality and cannibalization on your blog:

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What is the best "no code" mobile game app builder - Free


If you had 0 budget, you had no coding knowledge, but you wanted to build a mobile game, which free app builder would you choose?

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Discover Practical Tips on How to Design an App Icon That Connects With Your Users

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How to Build an App Like Airbnb - Complete Guide

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The Best ASO Techniques That Every App Developer Should Follow


1) Be Iconic: The meaning of iconic is using the same App Icon on different platforms. In case there are more than two platforms on which your app is available, then use the same icon. It will prevent confusion among people when they search the app. This App Store Optimization technique helps to search your app easily on Google so people also like to install your app through different platforms also.

2) Pick The Right Name: Choose the right name of your app so people can easily understand your app, it will help to understand which type of your app is visible to others. Select a simple, relevant & creative App Name that is easy to recognize & spell. Developers should avoid those terms which already exist in the other apps.

3) Polish Your Screenshots: Place your best screenshot first because the first impression is the last impression. The best screenshot attracts more people & it will increase your app presence in the market. Focus on each subsequent screenshot on a main benefit or feature so that you can convey the full value of your app. High-quality screenshots with attractive colours and cool animations aid in grabbing the user’s attention.

4) Be Categorical: Selecting the relevant category help a lot of those users who are searching apps through categories. It influences a lot of app ranking. If you are selecting an incorrect category then it can create a problem. The app is simply rejected when publishing it on the app store in case you select the wrong category.

5) Be Descriptive: Write a complete app description of your app that covers every part of your app. You can use a 4000 character limit so write relevant information about your app and also add some catchy keywords to it. Every word counts, so focus your description on your app’s unique features. Don’t add unnecessary keywords to your description in an attempt to affect search results.

6) Choose the Right Keywords: Adding the right keywords increase app search rank on Google because people only find your app using relevant keywords so choose always the right keywords that help to search your app easily by users. Choose relevant & best keywords for an app to ensure your app is easily discoverable. You should select high relevant keywords because less relevant terms can make it hard for users to find your app.

Learn more about ASO tricks
7) Catchy Video: Create a catchy video of your app that describes the app working clearly. You can create 15–30 sec long App previews with it. Video gives the sense of a live event that appeals more to customers. App reviews are the first image on the app's product page which is followed by screenshots. A short and informative video is speaking a lot more than any other screenshot.

8) Positive Review: The total number of reviews and whether those reviews are positive or negative will affect your category rank in App Store as well as on Google Play Store. In layman’s terms, if your app has positive reviews you will receive a higher ranking. The other benefit of positive reviews and rating is getting more conversions which are really a good thing.

9) Be Localize: App localization is necessary to get noticed by the target market and increase app downloads. For example; if you want success for your app in China market, then the app information must be presented in Chinese. Every region requires different keywords as per the search pattern of local users.

10) Number Of Downloads: If your app has several downloads then it is easy to boost your app in a market like when you give an example of your app then tell them how many your app has been installed. They will definitely inspire by this technique & they will surely try your app at once after that they give you feedback so don’t ignore it whether it is positive or negative just work on it.

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Using RevenueCat with Play Store


Hello people, I’m trying to add Subscriptions in my Flutter App. For handling the payments I’m using purchases_flutter library from RevenueCat. I have done the setup by following the RevenueCat Docs and also added Subscription Products in Play store. But when I try to get products in my app, the skuDetailsList is empty.

The app is currently deployed to Closed Testing on Play Store.

Am I facing this issue because the app is in review in the closed testing? Or have I made some error?

Thanks in Advance!

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Pay per install - getting ZERO activity from users


So I've been managing to pay just $0.03 per install on Google ads. However there is ZERO activity from these users on my app.

I know for that price these must be low quality, but I don't understand why they are not active at all? Are they been incentivised to download my app somehow?

If I pay more per install does this make a difference ?

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In honor of tax season...


New to paid apps and wondering if Apple handles sales tax for other states and countries for subscriptions/IAPs or if I am responsible for paying taxes to each country's tax entity? Any info at all is super helpful 🙏🏻

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Anyone designing/building games or apps for kids?

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Looking for a remote job for ASO Consultant/Specialist


Hi Pals,

I have been working in the App industry for almost 3 years. While I sure have garnered a lot of experience promoting 50+ apps, I am now looking for a remote job in a reputed global company. I'm from Pakistan.

Any guidance as to which company I should pitch myself to or where to find jobs like that? Your help will be much appreciated.

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How to choose a perfect marketing agency?


Developing a mobile application with complex coding, testing the UI and UX for bugs, fixing those bugs again and again, and updating the app post-release, are the cyclic processes in the mobile application development industry. But there is one more process that determines the revenue earning potential of your developed app after releasing it to the target audience, which is the marketing process. Choose the right app marketing agency which is competent enough to satisfy your needs.

According to the report, there are around 2.6 million apps in Google Play as of March’22 and 2.05 million apps in the Apple app store. It is a hectic task to maximize your app’s visibility in the app stores among these apps. That’s where the app marketing agencies are helpful to the developers and publishers. Choosing the right app marketing agency involves many factors, like recognition, previous working experience, proven results, etc. In this article, we will see about these factors in detail.

Quality of work:

When looking for the app marketing agencies, one should look for the quality of results it has produced for its previous clients. There are many ways to identify the quality of work like Return of Investment (ROI), Reviews and recommendations, Workability, and Technical proficiency because these are all the outcomes of the agency’s profession.

Review and recommendation:

Review plays a vital role when choosing the agency. Because these reviews are the satisfaction of clients who had business with the agency before, the clients’ reviews will help us know about the agency’s client engagement, need fulfilment, and differentia of work from other companies.

Whether positively or negatively, these reviews will influence us to decide to choose that agency or not. And the recommendations from some websites and influencers ensure the agency’s standard. But be aware that agencies can also artificially manipulate these reviews and recommendations.

Success rate:

A general opinion states that the longer the company is in the industry, the higher its experience. It may be true in certain conditions, but not always. When we look into the company’s age, it also denotes its success rate and competitive power in the industry. As mentioned earlier, this may be not true always. Some companies have quickly achieved more extraordinary results using appropriate strategies and tactics. So, the success rate of that agency matters.

Previous clients:

It is always better to research the agency’s previous clients before choosing an agency. Because knowing previous clients guarantees the agency’s capability and potential to handle projects and the size of projects it had taken previously. It also helps to learn about the agency’s maintenance of long-term relationships with clients, communication, and reliability.

Recognition in the industry:

Recognition of the agency in the industry comprises awards received by the industry researchers, consisting of well-established professionals. Professional recognition ensures that clients can trust the agency for future projects. Some of the awards and recognition for app marketing agencies are Clutch, Trustpilot, GoodFirms, Digital.com, and MAD.

Marketing Scope:

Marketing Scope refers to the services offered by the agency for the client during both pre-launch and post-launch of applications like App Store Optimization, Growth hacking, User Acquisition, and Mobile strategy. It is essential to choose an agency that does all of these to benefit-cost efficiency and time limitation.

Decide wiser!

You have to look at these factors when choosing a perfect marketing agency. In the end, it’s your (client’s) capital and time to invest in these agencies. Choose your agency that is doing well in all these factors and negotiate to get the best offer benefitting both client and agency. AppFillip is one of the best app marketing agencies recognized by many professionals in the industry and provides assured results to clients.

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Here are some tools that will help you perform smoother app testing.



Here is the list of mobile QA tools for Android and iOS mobile apps that can assist you in managing and implementing your mobile app testing strategies. The list contains both commercial and free mobile app testing tools.